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The Story Behind Irish Water

Ireland goes bankrupt and the Troika calls for more taxes. Water meters are decided upon and a plan to build Irish Water are hatched. Siemens, a company with massive resources and know-how in this area – and also with a massive installed base in the UK – offer to install the meters for free.

Phil Hogan declines Siemens’ offer – no answer as to why he decided this was ever forthcoming – “just, no – we have an Irish solution to this” Both Siemens and industry analysts are baffled as to why a state would go for a far more expensive solution.

Denis O Brien, the man accused by a High Court Judge to have “beyond all doubt” bribed a FG government to gain control of a a state asset (Esat)- and to have subsequently made hundreds of millions by selling same – “purchases” a company called Siteserv which specialises in the installation of water meters.

This is about a year before the water meter tender.

Now, numerous European companies also wanted to buy Siteserv and offered way more money for the company (which then owed €100 million to Anglo Irish Bank and was completely insolvent).

The Irish Government (weirdly again FG) – (or actually you, Mr(s). Irish Taxpayer) gave the company to Denis O Brien with the €100 million owed to Anglo (now state owned – i.e. by you) written off. It’s not written off for you, the taxpayer – you still pay it – it’s just that Denis doesn’t, got it?

Some gamble for Denis to buy a company with €100 million written off and with no guarantee of a lucrative water meter contract.

A business in an area where he has no previous experience or competence. Siteserv subsequently bids in the EU tendering process and, lo and behold, wins. The contract is for hundreds of millions of Euros.

Now, enter Irish Water.

full artical at source:http://altirelandradio.com/wordpress/?p=105

Comments on: "The Story Behind Irish Water" (3)

  1. No denying Denis O’Brien is Ireland’s biggest parasite and he is using the Irish Independent and Irish Mirror to poison the irish public’s perception of Irish Water and its employees for his own ends. He obvoiusly wants to buy the publicly despised semi-sate at knock down prices after the next election and then sell it off to some equally parasitic hedge fund at a huge profit. But in typical irish fashion all sorts of red herrings are used to justify not paying for what is a scarce resource that costs tax payers money to collect, purify and pump to the average ungareful irish kitchen sink.

    • You are spot on 🙂

    • Water provision, as a service, which a majority of the people of Ireland already pay for. Supported through taxation. It is one true service worth paying for through taxation. Along with Roads and basic infrastructure.

      Was the Addition of Property Tax, not enough to cover the cost of water? What other services where they providing? Was the USC, not enough to assist costs of water?

      With the reduction of all other services, of the OPW and Waste Disposal, we are almost left with Taxation Services being the only service the state provides to the people of this country, and governance.Which has shown little respect to it’s people of late.

      Ombudsman, was specifically useless in recent banking failures, along with the Central Bank, that was especially inefficient in dealing with anything during the financial crisis. Except for Lauding it over campaigners out side their offices, by drinking champagne in plain view of the protesters. They were distinctly silent while the government sold peoples mortgages at 10% of their value, and Handed the Keys of the Irish treasury to KPMG, PWC, and Deloitte, who in turn opened it all up, to their clients in the financial markets.

      The Dilapidated Water systems, is in no doubt in large part to classic civil service abuse of privileges. Wasting taxpayers money, and doing little to resolve leaks and other issues ovef time, marred by bureaucratic red tap, and an eagerness to insure a nice 3 day week is achieved.

      One thing is for sure… Water should never become the private equity fund of any singular entity. Profiteering from such a basic need of all people of this country and others should not be allowed at any cost. Let alone a singular monopoly. The provision of water should remain a state entity, with proper and effective management. With a constant reminder of Water Conservation to the public.

      There is no ungratefulness, just a little financial stress for those less privileged than thou, under the weight of excessive taxation and ever increasing list of bills to pay, that have little or no Financial Watchdog to control their costs.

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