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Enda Kenny to meet property tax hunger striker

by  Fiach Kelly, Political Correspondent


Tony Rochford took his hunger strike to the gates of Leinster House last week but is understood to have since been taken home by his family.

Mr Rochford (45) is from Trim, Co Meath, and has been on hunger strike since Monday June 17. His case was raised with Mr Kenny in the Dail today by Independent Waterford TD John Halligan.

While Mr Halligan says he does not agree with Mr Rochford’s approach, he was raising the issue because he was asked to do so by the 45-year-old’s family.

Mr Halligan also raised the difficulty self-employed people had in accessing the dole. Mr Rochford ran a business doing marble installations in houses.

full article at source:http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/enda-kenny-to-meet-property-tax-hunger-striker-29407631.html

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