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Out Camping in Wicklow with Jessie






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Spanish town mails dog poo back to owners

Officials in Brunete, a small town of 10,100 inhabitants on the outskirts of Madrid, came up with the idea for a social awareness campaign last year in a bid to stamp out its dog excrement problem.

  “We contacted top advertising agency McCann about the doggy matter,” a spokesperson for Brunete Town Hall told The Local.

  “We told them we didn’t have a penny to spend, but they found the idea so novel and exciting that they decided to work with us anyway.”

  The first campaign saw offending pet owners chased by a remote-controlled turd on wheels with the message “Don’t leave me, pick me up!” written on it.


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

After an enormous investment in cleaning up the waterfront in the town of Wicklow It now appears we have a select few who think they do not need to clean up after their dogs have attended to the call of nature in spite of the council putting special poo collection bins in place: Perhaps this is one possible solution!

Beware you might get it back in the post soon!

Warning Fake Gardaí notice Virus doing the rounds




GARDAÍ ARE WARNING the public to be wary of a computer virus which locks computers displaying a police logo and asks users to pay a fine.
The scam has been in operation in other countries and Gardaí say that the virus detects the country in which the computer is located and downloads the appropriate police logo and locks down the user’s screen.
A pop up claims that the computer has been used to carry out illegal activities and demands payment of a fine in order to unlock the computer.

A Garda spokesperson has said that members of the public would never be contacted in this way and that users should not share their bank details or pay out any money. If a computer user is deceived into paying a fine they should contact their local Garda station as soon as possible.

Be careful folks and spread the word…

If you are in the Wicklow town region I can help restore your PC without any need to download any new antivirus software and the retention of all your data.

For all other Wicklow based victims a contribution to petrol costs will suffice!

Can be reached at 1machholz@gmail.com

local wicklow news

sent into us

Éirígí Activists joined fishermen and walkers from Wicklow and Dublin for a successful fish-in protest. The protest was organised to highlight an illegal land grab by the owner of the European Golf Club on Wicklow’s Mizen Head coastline. The owner of the European Golf Club, Pat Ruddy, has caused widespread anger among local fishermen and walkers by erecting an illegal steel fence at the site. The illegal fence denies the public access to the coastline path around Mizen Head. The protestors arrived on the stolen land at 6.30am on a beautiful Sunday morning and immediately began setting up an anti-land grabbing camp. Sunday’s protest action took the form of a fishing competition, which the angling enthusiasts took great sport from.

Following the lighting of the barbecues, the protestors took a break from the fish-in to have breakfast. The fishermen were shocked to uncover a man with a camera hiding in the bushes that separated the golf club perimeter from the coastline path way. The man, who identified himself as a European Golf Club representative, demanded that the protestors leave the strip of land. Despite having his cover blown the golf club worker continued taking pictures of the activists. The protestors quickly pointed out that his claim of ownership over part of Wicklow’s coast is a sham and that the illegal steel fence with barbed wire should be removed, as directed by both Wicklow County Council and An Bord Pleanála.

The golf club representative was left in no doubt that the protest was continuing regardless of his ongoing harassment. As predicted, the Gardaí were next to arrive and like the previous fish-in protest, they immediately took the side of private business over public grievances. The Gardaí questioned and cautioned all the protestors and informed the activists that they were occupying private land and believed to be trespassing. As the Gardaí began taking the details of those present, they were asked what legalisation the protestors were being questioned under. Initially the Gardaí seemed unwilling or unable to answer the question.

When told they would not be getting names until protestors were told what law they where in breach of, or indeed what legislation covered this attack on our right to engage in sporting past times and to access stolen public coast line, a member of the Gardaí responded by asking protesters, “What do you want me to do, Google it on my phone?”Eventually the Garda in question quoted his interpretation of trespass legislation which of course took the side of the land grabber over the rights of the citizens. The Gardaí, like the golf club official who kept on peeping on the protestors from his vantage point in the scrub, were told that the protest was peaceful and the fishing competition, which was won by a fisherman from North Wicklow, would continue. Left in no doubt the protestors would not be leaving until the competition was over, the Gardaí then left the scene to converse with the golf club owner.

Speaking after the protest, éirígí activist Adrian O’Raghallaigh said, “Once again, it was great to be part of another successful protest against this despicable land grabber. This stretch of coast line in Wicklow is a natural resource which has one of the best bass fishing points in Ireland. I commend all the protestors and fishermen who turned out today and who took part in the fish-in action. “I call on the European Golf Club to come to their senses and release the stolen land, which can then be properly enjoyed by local people and tourists alike.” Adrian concluded, “éirígí and anti-land grab activists have agreed to continue highlighting this issue and are planning to increasing the pressure on the golf club owner. Again I would like to send out an invitation to walkers and anglers to take part in the next protest to force an end to the barricade of Wicklow’s shoreline, the details of which will be made known in the near future.”

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A small step for our Irish Language

In view of what is happening in the Ireland of today. As our Independence has been sold off to faceless German bondholders, I was thinking what could individuals could do, particularly businesses owners ( shop owners) and the thought occurred to me ,why don’t we ask all our shops to display their business names in Irish. With this is mind I took a stroll down the town to see how many of our shop fronts actually had their name in Irish and the sad fact it just one.

Yep that is correct just one business has gone to the bother to put its name in Irish! I call upon all the followers of this blog in Wicklow town to ask the various shops in the town to consider in putting their names in Irish .Lets have something different and something to show the tourists when they come visiting .lets reminded them they are in a  Proud Irish town. This action could be done in every Irish town!

What do you think this small step would do for our Irish language?

As a thank you to this business owner I intend to pay a visit and spend some money there! If you are in Wicklow Town do call in to this business and spend a few bob as a thank you for his support of the Irish language .

Thomás O Cléirigh

Wicklow Harbour visit by German ship

By Thomas Clarke

This wonderful Old two mast sailing ship sailed into Wicklow harbour this morning and is after coming all the way from Hamburg. It is a ship from a museum and this time it has a crew of 8 men.

One of which is a wandering carpenter (see photo)

who is looking for any work that might be going and also a place to stay for the night if possible .He is wearing the distinctive clothing of a wandering trainee tradesman. He told me he is not allowed to carry a mobile phone and is also expected to travel around by hitchhiking and so he hitched a ride on this ship. The ship sails for Scotland tomorrow morning and he is expecting to find some work there ! Well the best of luck to him and the merry crew of this great ship!

Back in Wicklow

Back in Wicklow

No sooner I get back to Wicklow the rain comes down in torrents and I had to get out the heavy weather gear to cope .It rained all day and there is a big difference in temperatures of Lubeck and Wicklow .Following up on our efforts to support local Wicklow business enterprise we have the opening of a new fresh fish shop on the South Quay (see photo)

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A local fisherman turned shopkeeper has decided to take the plunge and set up shop. So all you local folk please do come down and support this new local enterprise .I was informed that there are special offers every week! I love fresh fish and no doubt I will be a regular customer, what about you??

News from Wicklow Town

By Michael Murphy

Wicklow Arts Festival was in full swing on Sunday. The reopening of the Bridge Tavern also coincided with the festival launch. The weather was superb and there was a great buzz about the place. I thought there would be a lot more Art on display though! I was particularly drawn to the stand of Sandra Knitwear .I bought two Jumpers and I will be looking to get two more when the budget allows .At 59 Euros for hand knitted jumpers you can’t go wrong!

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The New Bridge Tavern is an absolute godsend to the town and I had the chance to taste their excellent venison burger for 5 euro .There was hog from the spit as well on offer but that would have been too much for me although I am looking forward to trying it out when they open their Bistro on Thursday evening. The bar is well proportioned and the outside courtyard is just stunning and will see heavy use as long as the sun keeps beating down like it has for the past week .I understand they have rooms upstairs to rent and they will be offering excellent B&B rates . More on that when I get to have a chat with the new owners and their manager .But for now “Sláinte & see you soon in the Bar! PS .I’ll have a Baileys!

Just in !

Hi Thomas,

As if things aren’t bad enough here , we now have Twisters in Bray !! he he 

Take Care !

Post-Christmas spinning classes start early for NAMA

By Namawinelake

You would have thought this would be a quiet week for news reporting at NAMA, but it seems the Irish Independent has discovered a few nuggets which seem to cast NAMA in an uncharacteristically benign light. But stick the nuggets under a microscope and they start to look just a leeettle suspicious.

Yesterday the Independent reported that NAMA had “tipped-off” the Revenue Commissioners (Irish tax authorities) about “possible tax evasion” by “dozens” of the 850-odd developers whose loans NAMA is managing. Dig a little deeper and you will see that NAMA was doing no more than its duty in notifying suspicious transactions or assets to the Revenue; some or indeed many, of these suspicions might previously have been notified to the Revenue by the original banks – NAMA is not saying and the Independent doesn’t include such detail.

full article at source:http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/post-christmas-spinning-classes-start-early-for-nama/


This state agency is nothing more than a gravy train for the insiders and political fixers who are milking this cow for all its worth and the taxpayers of the country are been sucked dry!We the citizens are been screwed and the government are fanning the flames  of revolt!

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