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The Mystic Celt Restaurant in Wicklow Tow

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Here we present another gem of Wicklow Town The Mystic Celt

“The Mystic Celt” restaurant is the dream of Paul and Sylvia Smith. “We are trying to promote an age-old tradition that nourished not only our forefathers’ bodies, but also their spirits”. Thus we coined the phrase “Traditional Celtic Cuisine.” Ireland has an enviable reputation for good wholesome dishes, many of which offer some of the finest quality foods.

Having highlighted some of our local business over the past few weeks I am proud to present this wonderful restaurant The Mystic Celt coming from a catering background myself, I am delighted to find this heaven for Celtic Cuisine right on our own doorstep!

Chef Paul was gracious enough to allow us to take a quick glimpse of the “Holy of Holies” his Kitchen and there we saw some organic grown vegetables from local artisan producers: Chef Paul has a barter system in place for local organic vegetable growers who can trade in their extra produce for a voucher from the restaurant (at full market value)which can then be used against their bill at the restaurant: This has got to be a first in Ireland! We got in early before the rush, and you can see Chef Paul is a hands on Chep seeing to every detail making sure your every nee is anticipated!

So take a look at the video and photo gallery and do promise yourself, Friends and Family a great treat and go down to Chef Paul and he will look after you! GO ON, GO ON,GO ON!


Out and about in Wicklow ”Mickey Finn’s Pub” in the Wicklow village of Redcross!

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh .


Weekend is here and wondering where to go tonight: fed up with the usual haunts and all the well all the known places: Looking for something special? Well how about this place .”Mickey Finn’s Pub” in the Wicklow village of Redcross! Now this place is not just a pub it is also a haven for fine food and a lot of crack! A well-known haunt for Local Dubliners down for their summer holidays and they stay a short distance around the corner in a camping park! You know what they say if you want the best place for food and drink go where the locals go! This was my first time to visit this place: I had heard about it from my son Stephen but never got the time to come calling around! Well last night I got the opportunity:

The place was busy and taking the time to mosey around I got a glimpse of the fine food been served and I found out they make their own beer on site ! more details here you can even visit the brewery
On Saturday Night they are having a “Hooley in the Brewery” night and I intend to visit there to night and give a short up date back!
Meanwhile I took these photos and short video clip to wet you appetite: If you are reading this and you are thinking of coming to Ireland then don’t short change yourself and miss out on this haven of the locals in Wicklow : Make sure to visit you won’t stop talking about it when you get back home!

Saturday 23.00 Hrs UP Date! 

Just back from “Mickey Finn’s and had a ball went off with my camera but the battery went dead just as I came in the door so I had to fall back on my other phone camera: The place was busy and there was a fantastic atmosphere and the punters were in great sprites! There are so many little places to get lost in !

If your not having a good time this weekend your not in Micky Finns!


Seacrest : a picture of Ireland today!

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

On this very windy and bitter cold day the residents of Seacrest /Wicklow Town supported by Éirígí activists were again on the front line defending their homes from the thugs of Irish water as they send out their outriders looking for a gap in the defenses of this small estate ! But the women of Seacrest have being preparing their stand and they are there for the long haul !  The ladies declared these are our homes and we will not give up the fight as they erected a temporary shield against the bitter wind:

Irish Water in Glebemount Estate up date! 19.01.2015

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Early this morning the peaceful protesters in Glebemount estate (Wicklow Town) had a great victory and a good start to the week as they forced Irish Water to turn tail and leave the estate within 12 minutes of arriving with Garda escort ! Earlier an arrangement was made with some residents to allow Irish water to put in meters where residents wanted them but after less that 5 minutes one of the Irish water engineers stated they could not guarantee that they would hold to the agreement so they were then escorted back out of the estate again: Well done to all the residents and supporters who showed up to supported them from other Wicklow estates!

Zombies within our midst

Here are the Zombies that are within our midst’s :

The Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Banks are continuing to fleece their own customers as they try to prop up their balance sheets .We have here gangsters who are “legally” stealing from us every day with hidden charge and extortionate interest charges on customers who are trapped into worthless mortgages and business loans. I highlighted the blatant ageism practiced by Bank of Ireland with their like insurance products in a previous posting.

Marlton road works ! Up-date

Progress along the Marlton road is continuing to-day a new
retaining wall is been put in place and i am told it will be completed by
to-morrow evening .that’s fast work! The prefabricated wall comes in sections
that are put together on sight V- clip.

Cinima for Wicklow Town?

It’s a miserable sunday here in Wicklow and the rain and wind
is down for the day! For a Sunday afternoon a visit to the local Cinema would
be a good idea except in Wicklow Town we do not have a Cinema anymore as the
building was bought by speculators and it is now lying derelict and no doubt NAMA
has something to do with it. This building has been left idle now for the past 5
years and there appears to be no urgency to do something about it .The town
desperately needs a community centre, a place where parents, community groups
young and old could meet a hall where public meetings can be held ,this
building would be the ideal but who gives a dam?

Dental Practice opening soon!

Like so many other smaller towns in Ireland Wicklow has its share
of economic casualties. There were about 27 seven shops in the town closed the
last time I bothered to count however we are still attracting new start-ups and
this is one I spotted yesterday a new dental practice  is opening up .I wouldn’t have
thought this was exactly a growth area but hell we welcome anyone who is prepared
to invest in the town and its people. Best of Luck who ever you are .

Ref:Large pothole outside the Hopkins Toy Store (Wicklow Town)

Helen Purcell to me

Dear Wicklow Pothole Group,

Thank you for your mail, WTC are aware of this pothole. This road is due to be overlaid as part of the 2011 roads programme and it is anticipated this work will be carried out within the coming month.


Helen Purcell Town Clerk

Wicklow Town Council

———-Original Message—–
Subject: FW: Large pothole outside the Hopkins Toy Store on Mortons lane, Wicklow Town.

Wicklow Pothole action group


Shoppers in Wicklow town will who park in the towns car park
will be delighted with the extension of that car park .

But equally they will be disappointed that the workmen did not tackle the large potholes in that same car park.

The council have been informed so on their past performances
we hope these will soon be repaired.

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