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River pollution (Part 2)


Dear Mr. John Gormley
I am writing to you again to let you know that nothing has happened with the problem we have with the river in our estate and as you can see with the latest video the pollution is still ongoing
I sent this e- mail to the local council again
Dear Sir or Madam
Please follow the link below and take a look at the environmental damage that is been done to the river in our estate
This pollution is now going on for the last 16 years and in spite of complaining so many times nothing has happened to stop this pollution
This is again to remind you of the constant damage we have to put up with
Please find the source of this pollution and prosecuted those responsible
Thank You
Thomas Clarke
For the Residents of Heatherbrook
Marlton Road
Wicklow Town
tel  040466232
Video Link  https://machholz.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=2942

Final results Wicklow elections 2009

These are the final results of the Wicklow county council elections

Let’s hope these people don’t forget who put them there !


Seats Filled

Electoral Area    Name Party
Arklow  Blake, Vincent Fine Gael
    Kelly, Nicky The Labour Party
    Doran, Pat Fianna Fail
    Burke, Sylvester Fine Gael
    Fitzgerald, Pat Fianna Fail
Baltinglass  Cullen, Tommy Non Party 
    Ruttle, James Non Party
    Timmins, Edward Fine Gael
Bray    Brady, John  Sinn Fein
      Byrne, John  The Labour Party
      Fox, Christopher  Non-Party
      Vance, Pat  Fianna Fail
      Ryan, John  Fine Gael
      Glynn, Mick  Fine Gael
      Nevin, Barry  The Labour Party
Greystones    Simon, Harris  Fine Gael
      Fortune, Tom  The Labour Party
      Jones, George  Fine Gael
      Mitchell, Derek  Fine Gael
Wicklow    O’Shaughnessy, James  The Labour Party
      Winters, Irene  Fine Gael
      Casey, Pat  Fianna Fail
      Snell, John  Sinn Fein
      Kavanagh, Conal  The Labour Party

The Elections are over!

12.06.2009 The Elections are over!


Just when I thought the local elections were over I came across these election posters

Somebody should tell these gents that the elections are over.

One of these posters was in Dublin and the other was here in Wicklow Town!

Wicklow elections 2009 (Up-date)

Wicklow County Council

Wicklow County Council is divided into five local electoral areas and an election is held in respect of each local electoral area for the number of council members assigned to that area. Details of the 5 local electoral areas are set out below:-

5 local electoral areas of County Wicklow

Below are the names of the new county councillors who will represent us here in Wicklow

For the next 5 years, there are only 18 names so we should have another 6 later on to-day to add to this list

We at Machholz’s Blog will endeavour to bring any news on the performance for these ladies and gents

Area Number of Seats   
Arklow 5   
Baltinglass 3   
Bray 7   
Greystones 4   
Wicklow 5   


Seats Filled


Electoral Area Name Party
Arklow  Blake, Vincent  F.G.
    Kelly, Nicky  Lab
    Doran, Pat  F.F.
    Burke, Sylvester  F.G.
Baltinglass  Cullen, Tommy Non Party 
    Ruttle, James  Non Party
    Timmins, Edward  F.G.
Bray  Brady, John  S.F.
    Byrne, John  Lab
    Fox, Christopher  Non Party
    Vance, Pat  F.F.
    Ryan, John  F.G.
Greystones  Simon, Harris  F.G.
Wicklow  O’Shaughnessy, James  Lab
    Winters, Irene  F.G.
    Casey, Pat  F.F.
    Snell, John  S.F.
    Kavanagh, Conal  Lab

And the winner is !


Just a short not to announce the winner of the poster removal competition For this years local elections

 I declare Mr. Pat Casey of Fianna Fail the winner Having walked the entire length of the town

 I came across no Pat Casey posters So well done Mr. Casey!

Your prize is the gratitude of the eco friendly public of Wicklow Town!

Wicklow elections 2009 up-date !

Wicklow elections  2009  up-date !

There are 5  local electoral areas of County Wicklow and the new  County Council members for the wicklow electoral area are .

Wicklow  O’Shaughnessy, James  Lab
   Winters, Irene  F.G.
   Casey, Pat  F.F.
   Snell, John  S.F.
   Kavanagh, Conal  Lab

 will these boys and girls deliver on their promises ???

Irish Taliban head office how can we help you?

This video doesn’t exist

Local elections News for Wicklow town


New Wicklow Town council for 2009

Name Party
 Irene Winters  Fine Gael – Elected
 Long, Eamonn  Sinn Fein – Elected
 Byrne, Pat  Fine Gael – Elected
 Morrison, Mervyn John  Elected
 Dunne, Gail  Fianna Fail
 Earls, Malcolm  Fine Gael
 Kavanagh, Pat  Green Party
 Kavanagh, Conal  Labour
 Smullen, Sean ‘Smokey’  Non Party

Fianna Fail the New Landlords

Fianna Fail the New Landlords

Will try to hang on in government buildings for as long as they can there is no other way for them

Their banker buddies and developers need them to hang on for another two years in the vain hope that the Irish people will have forgotten most of the corruption by then and hopefully the world economy will have by the gotten better by then

What is surprising is that they still have a 20% showing in the polls

This is a sad reflection on those who have yet again invested their thrust in this corrupt organisation

Maybe we Irish have not yet shaken off the inferiority complex we have inherited over the centuries

We are used to bowing down to the local Landlord,

Have Fianna Fail taken his place via the local councils??

Wicklow elections 2009

Wicklow elections 2009

17.23 Saturday June 6th

Just like the invasion 65 years ago, we here in Wicklow are waiting with anticipation to find out who is going to invade this building.

Will they live to their promises to do a better job? God only knows.

But I will try to hold these public office holders to account, by publishing from time to time their deeds in office!

One such good deed would be to support and fund a self help group for the unemployed of Wicklow.

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