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Potholes in Bray

In the last few days I have had to go to bray and I have had
to endure driving over these potholes on each occasion, today I got a puncture
and I was really pissed off .I might also need a new set of shocks but I can’t
be sure I am hearing a strange noise coming from the front left side of the car
when I turn left .Jesus another bill in the making??? I am sending a report to
the Bray town council and Wicklow County Council.

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Community activity !

some of the marlton residents spent an hour  cutting back heavy thorn bush’s,and picking up litter along the marlton road this morning.
The footpath is tiny and on the occasions you meet some other pedestrians coming
the other way you have to step out on to the road as the footpath is not big
enough to accommodate two pedestrians walking side by side. In the last few
weeks the thorns  have grown to such an extent they are now a danger to pedestrians
and especially children. The council do not seem to be bothered and it has come
down to the residents along the Marlton road to take this  action ourselves once again!

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Water pipes broken under the marlton Road

Water pipes seem to be broken under this streach of the Marlton Road


We have tested this water and there is no chlorine present so it must be surface water coming up through the road.

This often happens where the land is higher than the road.

Thanks again for letting us know as it is always worth checking.


Declan Marnane,

Wicklow Area Engineer,

0404 20173

—–Original Message—–

Sent: 25 January 2010 21:43

To: County Secretary – Group

Subject: water pipe breakages

Dear sir or Madam

I wish to draw your attention to the water pipe breakages on the Marlton road

Please inform the relevant department,

Hoping this will bring about the speedy repair and help conserve this precious resource!

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