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Vote No to Lisbon 2


“Principled Democracy Crap”

Green Party leader John Gormley has responded to criticism of the party made by the former Green MEP,

He said the party’s vote yesterday to campaign for a Yes vote in the second Lisbon referendum was an exercise in “principled democracy“.

In a statement, Ms McKenna accused the Green Party leadership of turning their back on their principles

Once they were part of the ‘accepted political establishment‘.

The vote on the Treaty was 214 to 107 in favour out of an electorate of 321 members.

So the Green Party’s Minsters can now clam that they have a mandate to support the Lisbon treaty 2 on the bases of these votes (214)

What they really want is to hang on to power, and their perks that they enjoy

That Merk is a lot better

Than that old bicycle

So be good green supporters and vote yes so he can keep his Merk

Because after all we (the Government) know what’s Best for you!

Get this government out !

vote No to Lisbon 2



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