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Stock Market Cyclical Trend Forecast 2013

By: Jim_Curry

As we forge ahead into the year 2013, I wanted to post an article going over   the complete yearly forecast path, as suggested by the various time cycles that   I track – and also with other indicators such as seasonal patterns, the Bradley   indicator, and also the post-election ‘presidential cycle’ pattern in   stocks.

With the above said and noted, the projected path for 2013 looks somewhat   similar to that seen in 2012, though with a larger percentage correction being   expected in the second-half of the year – primarily due to the position of the   larger 180-day, 360-day (18-month) and four-year cycles. In- between, there   should the normal up-and-down gyrations along the way, ideally with a peak in   here in January ideally giving way to a low in February, prior to returning to   strength again into late-Spring or early-Summer, setting up for that important   top with the 360-day wave.

As for the various time cycles that I track, the 45-day cycle is seen as 10   days along and is currently labeled as bullish. The 90-day cycle is seen as 40   days along and is also labeled as bullish, while the larger 180-day wave is seen   as 40 days along and is regarded as bullish. The 360-day cycle is 322 days along   and is currently labeled as neutral, while the four-year cycle is 972 days along   and is also regarded as neutral at the present time.

full article at source: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article38534.html

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