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Tonight with Vincent Browne


Tonight with Vincent Browne

Vincent Browne tackles the toughest questions facing modern Ireland, debating both the main issues of the day and contemporary moral dilemma…

Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 23:10

Vincent Browne Telling It How It Is In Éire. Great Interview on RT News

These are not the actions of heroes but rather self-serving leaches

By Thomas O Cleirigh

I stayed up late last night to look at Vincent Browne there was a piece about the Quinn Insurance Group and there were two members of the Family on the panel. I just don’t know why we the ordinary citizens even have to put up with the crap and the mind-boggling excuses these two people were giving .every person in Ireland who has to take out insurance will now have to pay another 2.5% more on each policy for the next 12 years or more as a result of the miss management (at best) (I prefer to call it fraud) of the Quinn insurance with the appearance of 1,650,000,000 Euros black hole in the company’s finances. If fraud is proven then somebody must go to Jail!

But I am betting nobody will be found to be responsible and the family will just walk away leaving the rest of us pay the bills. Sean Quinn’s aspersion that he and members of his family were forced on to the Dole is just an insult to the intelligence of every Irishman and woman.

The full rigors of the law must be enforced on all those who would assume they are above the law .Yesterday I also heard that over 6000 people were sent to Jail because of non payment of fines where the justice in the Irish Law when Quinn and his pack can seemingly do as they please. If the Irish cops are not up to the task then the Government should call in the FBI or Scotland Yard fraud squad and establish where all the assets that now rightly belong to the Irish people.

By hiding their choice assets we the ordinary citizens are paying for their continued Jetsetter lifestyles. These are not the actions of heroes but rather self-serving leaches living off the backs of the taxpayers of this country .I have to pay my own debts and I cannot expect the people of Ireland to pay for a Jet set lifestyle or loss of my living standards so why are the Quinn Family any different??? Make no mistake the Quinn’s are just the tip of the iceberg.

see link to Video clip of talk show: http://www.tv3.ie/3player/show/41/51969/1/Tonight-with-Vincent-Browne

see also :  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01hr80j

Tonight with Vincent Browne and Sean Quinn

interview with Sean Quinn and among the questions we ask him are whether he was reckless in his management of the Quinn Direct Assuran…

This clip is really worth viewing so do hang in there and do look at it

see link : http://www.tv3.ie/3player/show/41/51511/1/Tonight-with-Vincent-Browne

I am just too sick to comment! Quinn is just in denial and the Irish tax payers are left as usual to foot the bill, while he and the rest of his family get paid by NAMA their “living expenses” .This guy tried to hide asses that were supposed to be collateral  for loans he used to purchase Anglo Irish Bank CFD’s.

TV3 MAD AS HELL Skit Vincent Browne

Vincent Browne & the seven candidates

Vincent Browne & the seven candidates for the presidential election.

see full debate here: http://www.tv3.ie/videos.php?date_mode=0&full_episodes=1&locID=1.2

More like snow white and the seven dwarfs’

From what I saw, I thought Dana gave me the messages she as president would not just sign any bill into law that would rob the citizens of Ireland of more of our sovereignty.
With all the really bad news still to come out, I believe we are in fact been prepared
for a Lisbon 3 Treaty where we will be asked to vote for a new amendment that
will effectively place a so called European constitution above our own Irish constitution
.This amendment has gone through the Spanish parliament already last month.
This amendment gives the right to the ECB to impose restrictions and the budgets
on national governments .Who do you think is demanding we take on more
austerity measures and who does this ultimately benefit? Why Deutsche bank of course!

So for the presidential candidates, my question is, which one of you could I trust not to just rubber-stamp any attempts by the mouthpieces of the big money men in the Dail to carry out the dictates of the Deutsche Bank through the puppets in the ECB.I think Gay Mitchell will bend over backwards to accommodate any of the dictates of his pals in Europe he is a political insider and will keep his masters in Europe happy at the expense of the Irish citizens. David Norris? Too many questions and you never know what is
going to come out next! Martin Mc Guinness, too many questions about his past IRA membership. Garda Jerry McCabe etc, but he did come across well enough to be a possible winner! Michael D was perhaps the most likeable candidate, quite, articulate
and appealing but I would like to have heard a bit more about his vision of
Ireland in the future and I would like to hear more about how he would maintain
his  independence whilst president .Sean Gallaghercame across like Michael Martin in an alter-boy smock his attempt to brush over his activities within Fianna Fall (voluntary or otherwise) put me totally off and I can’t swallow the idea of a Fianna Fail fixer
ending up as president . In my book he is the undeclared Fianna Fail candidate!
Mary Davis came across as another insider playing the two
sides off one another effectively running with the power of the day and landing all those plumb quango board jobs. Sorry, Mary could not answer some questions, and I don’t see why I should continue to pay for the next seven years the plush surroundings of this Quango Queen .The idea she could collect 156,000 euro from the special Olympics is just immoral !Her whole demeanour  was “I’m worth it”

So what are we left with ? Why  snow white and the seven dwarfs’ !

Take your pick.

Next budgets savings of 3.6billion already gone to pay back unsecure gambling debts of bondholders

On the Vincent Browne talk show last night I learned our Finance Minister agreed to pay back 3.6 billion in unsecured bonds from Anglo Irish Bank .This again is a blatant breach of promises made to the Irish public by Fine Gael and the Labour during the last election! Remember “not one cent more” well that has  completely gone by the wayside along with most of their promises. In any case we are now again paying 3.6 billion Euros to gamblers. The entire so called “savings” that these layers’ in government are hoping to take off the poorest in our society in the next budget will in fact go directly to gambling bondholders .In other words we are only go through these sever austerity measures because the labour politicians who promised not to pay unsecure bondholders “not one cent more” have lied to us.

We are paying all the gambling debts that have gone in the wrong direction for these bondholders   in spite of the fact these same bondholders could have taken out an insurance policy known as a hedging! I have 15 years experience in the financial markets and I can assure you every investor at this level is aware that they can insure themselves against such potential losses.
These Anglo Bondholders were too greedy, they did not want to go to the expense
of insuring themselves and they are now going to get all of their losses paid back to them by the gullible people of Ireland who believed in the twiddle dumb and twiddle Dee politicians of the labour party and in Fine Gael. I am incensed at this prospect of handing over 3.6 billion and not getting back anything.

Just imagine what a 3.6 billion euro in an emergency jobs stimulus program would do for the country or what about the up-skilling and re-education of the 465,000 unemployed or an injection of these billions into the health service and lifelong education of all our citizens. What an impact this would have in every community .Here in Wicklow Town we have 3000 unemployed and there is nothing been done for them ,nobody expect’s to get a job anytime soon. The local FAS is a joke and the prospects of employment in the area is akin to looking to win the national lottery .

Labour and Fine Gael have betrayed the people as I said they would .No surprises there!

link to Vincent Browne show: http://www.tv3.ie/shows.php?request=tonightwithvincentbrowne&tv3_preview=&video=40286

750 Billion Euors worth of oil off the Irish coast?

10 Billion Barrels of oil off the Irish coast?

Irelands oil and Gas resources of the west coast of Ireland are
been discussed by a panel on the Vincent Browne show last night. Listen to what
our politicians have to say and how they justify why we are giving these “potential”
resources away!

Question who is really in charge of our natural resources now and is it too late for us to keep control over them?

Link to TV program here : http://www.tv3.ie/shows.php?request=tonightwithvincentbrowne&tv3_preview=&video=39640


Governor of Central Bank of Ireland claims Lenihan was “crestfallen” by EU stance on bondholders

By namawinelake 

This subject has been covered on the irisheconomy.ie website. This entry adds the transcript of the programme to highlight the precise words spoken by the governor. Also part 2 of “Burning the bondholders” will now be published tomorrow]
The under-rated Vincent Browne broadcast a special edition of his week-night programme on Friday night last as a memoriam to former Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan who died earlier on Friday after a 2-year battle with cancer. In the “pole” seat, that is the one nearest Vincent was Patrick Honohan, the governor of the Central Bank ofIreland. Other guests included Minister Joan Burton and journalist Fionnan Sheahan. Vincent started off gently discussing Brian Lenihan with the guests in the stall seats. And then about 17 minutes in he got to Governor Honohan. And Vincent gently probed the governor for his memories of his dealings with the-Minister Lenihan. And for about four minutes, Vincent tenderised the governor. And having covered the tittle-tattle about how nice Governor Honohan’s office was, we had the following:
read full article at Source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/author/namawinelake/


Here in Ireland we are reluctant to speak ill of the dead .and so with reluctance I say this.

Mr.Lenihan RIP, has for the last few day been canonized by his well placed pals in Irish society .Of course politicians from all sides are falling over themselves in praising this man presumably expecting to gain some brownie points .The airwaves are stuffed with praise for this man and it is becoming nauseating to say the least .I became sick last Friday when the Live line went into overdrive and one would have thought they were talking about Mahatma Gandhi or mother Theresa

Speaking of Gandhi may I take this opportunity in reminding everybody of one of his quotes?

“There is no God higher that truth” Now this been the case I am compelled to try and bring the truth back into the light of day.

Our country is the poorer because of the incompetence of Mr. Brian Lenihan. This man is responsible for the many, many years of austerity that is now been forced on to the shoulders of ordinary decent people because this man sold his country out the international bondholders, gangsters and gamblers. Mr .Lenihan chose to save his pals in the building industry and the corrupt bankers rather that stand up to them and make them responsible for their own gambling debts. Mr.Lenihan became dethatched from the ordinary people of Ireland and he became aloof and drunk with the effect of absolute power, His membership of a very select group of individuals (The Golden Circle) caused him to turn his back on the people of Ireland as he chased applause and honours from forging shores. His mind-boggling incompetence along with his former crew members has cost this nation, our independence and sovereignty and in other times he along with the other members of the previous government would have faced charges of treason and would have been shot!

Ironically he was accused of economic treason not so long ago by members of the current government and these same people are now enthusiastly  carrying out the same measures as Lenihan and his band of misfits came up with 

So I guess Lenihan wasn’t the only economic terrorist we had or have now. The central bank governor hasn’t exactly been the sharpest tool in the drawer  either!

Max Keiser at the Grand Social Pub in Dublin

Last night I went along to the Max Keiser event at the Grand Social Pub

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had a great evening and to top it all I met up with Stacy Herbert as well .I had hoped to have some more video clips but I seemed to have misplaced my video camera at the pub and I hope they find  it and otherwise it will turn out to have been an expensive night out !

What a bummer!

But the message I brought home ringing in my ears was that there are great outside forces moulding our lives to suite their whims and their greed ,and unless we educate ourselves and stand-up to their vassals. We stand to lose more than our prosperity! We stand to lose our freedom .The freedom to choose our own destiny!  We must not allow them to win!


Max later was on the Vincent Browne late night TV show later on the same evening see here(Link)  http://www.tv3.ie/shows.php?request=tonightwithvincentbrowne&tv3_preview=&video=34707

I managed to get one of Max’s financial terrorists playing cards and the website you can get the entire pack is here: http://financialterrorists.wordpress.com/


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