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UnitedUnemployed Unite!

The OECD forecasts that the Irish economy will shrink by almost 10% this year, one of the most pessimistic predictions so far.

The OECD says substantial spending cuts and increases in tax will be needed in the coming years because of the severe pressure on the public finances.

‘Problems in the banking sector must be resolved at a reasonable cost,’ it adds. The OECD says competitiveness would be restored by lower wages and stronger competition.

Eurozone will shrink 4.8% this year, with zero growth next year.

All this is a damming

Outlook for Ireland and frankly frightens the be japers out of me!

With the calibre of politicians we have in the Dail this good ship Eire, has already struck the iceberg, and a hull breach has occurred.

It’s time to abandon ship but there are no more life rafts or life boats available.

The Banks and developers have taken them and we the taxpayers are still getting assurances from some green jackets that this is not as bad as it looks as they dip their hands into our pockets again and lift 200 euro out , knowing full well that they themselves have their own life boat ready for a quick getaway .

To –day I heard on live line various people complaining that they have lost their jobs and lots of small business that were owed huge sums of money from a developer and that they will now have to let their staff go as are result of these losses>

Another gent said that he was not getting any support from the social because he was in full time education and it goes on and on every day more and more jobs going and the dole queues getting bigger and bigger every day.

What surprises me is why are there no street demonstrations why are we not camped outside the Dail and why are we not storming this den of leaches

The TD’s inside are a world apart from the ordinary people and are enjoying complete security for their own futures whilst some people have already taken their own lives as a result of the incompetence of the current government and their Buddies in the Banks and Developers

Stop calling the live line, as nothing will come of it, the TD’s are heading off on holidays and couldn’t give a hut about us the ordinary people it’s time to take assertive action we must get out on to the streets and make our grievances heard where it will be noticed .

As I have asked on this blog before where the F*** are the Union Bosses and why are they not out on the streets??

We need a good dose of People Power!

We must go it alone and bypass these vested interests it would seem!

We will only get the people responsible for this disaster by taking action ourselves as we see already the corrupt politicians will continue to protect their friends

Let’s get together and take action now!

Or just shut up and put up with what’s going on the choice is yours!



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