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Lenihan to defend pay cuts U-turn

02/02/2010 – 07:45:15

Minister, Dr Goebbels Brian Lenihan will defend the U-turn on pay cuts for higher level civil servants to party members this evening.

Minister Lenihan will explain the reasoning behind the controversial decision to a Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting.

It emerged before Christmas that Budget pay cuts to particular levels in the public service would be less severe than originally planned.

It is appalling, that this man would even have the neck to go in front of the media and try and justify this outrageous u turn

It goes to show that we the public, cannot believe a single word that this incompetent person utters /stutters

He like the vested interests s he represents, have lost all credibility

At the same time he changed the funding rules that FAS had to pay the unemployed whilst taking up the new “work placement program”

So in other words it’s all right for the fat cat senior civil servants to suck the taxpayers dry and the unemployed can go and take a hike preferably out of the country

Where are the Jobs that were promised to us during the Lisbourn 2 referendum?

source http://breakingnews.iol.ie/news/ireland/lenihan-to-defend-pay-cuts-uturn-444476.html


get a grip lads!

Unions planning second day of action

Monday, 16 November 2009 19:32

Speaking on RTE’s 6.1 News, Dave Thomas, Secretary General of the AHCPS, said members have lost up to 17% of their salaries as a result of the introduction of the various levies.

He conceded that his group’s members, who are paid between €60,000 and €100,000 a year, are on significant wages.

But Mr Thomas said they should be treated in a similar way to those who are on comparable wages in the private sector and recent surveys had found that 70%of companies in the private sector had not reduced wages at all.

He conceded that none of his members had lost their jobs, but added that higher civil and public servants are not indifferent to the job losses in the private sector and know the pain some people are going through.


All I can say is get a grip on yourselves I would work for half of what any of you get in take home pay lads !

No stimulus plan!


THE Government is going to sit on the C report for the next five months — while it continues to borrow €400m a week to run the country.

Ministers will also have a report on reform of the tax system to mull over in the coming weeks, along with the spending cuts report published on Thursday 

 Taoiseach Brian Cowen indicated yesterday none of the recommendations in the Bord Snip report would be implemented until December’s Budget.
Colm McCarthy.


What is wrong with this man? He is still sleep walking around the Dail

So this Taoiseach is happy to squander
another 8,000,000,000;00
Euro and then try to save less than half in five months time by which time we will have a hundred thousand more at least on the dole am I hearing right?

Where is there an emergency Job creation retraining job retention stimulus plan a Marshal plan??

Answer there is none !

He is so far removed from the ordinary people to see the effect this collapsing economy is having on them!

We need deceive action now this new report from An board snip neua is laughable it is proposing to cut all together 3.7 billion to 5billon

The ESRI has come out saying that we can expect to have 500,000 plus unemployed by the end of the year (another 100,000 more than the current figures) This means that the savings that are hoped to be made by these cuts, are already gone in unemployment benefits for these new members of the dole club.

This government is trying to do what all previous governments have done in financial crises and that is to clobber the poor, the sick, the pensioners and the unemployed!

Has everybody forgotten that it is this government’s incompetence and support of the major Banking corruption that has got us into this mess? Particularly Mr. Brian Cowen who was finance Minister that presided over the regularity body’s of the state that allowed the Developers and the Bankers to fleece the Irish public

The same public is now being forced to bail out the developers and bankers

This is sick the people that caused all of this destruction are now telling the People that they have all the answers and that we have no choice but to keep them in their high flying jobs and huge salaries and basically do what we are told to do, and that is to

Vote yes for Lisbon 2 treaty

That is what
Taoiseach Brian Cowen desperately needs now


The best way to get this shower out is to vote NO to Lisbon 2


We have seen that there in not an ounce of honor in any of the top political masters of this country its every man jack for himself and get what you can for yourself

This is the same in the Banking sector and in the Building sector as well

We the people must take action ourselves and don’t wait for the union bosses to tell us what to do, they are part of the same clique as they enjoy salaries that president Obama would dream of they enjoy access to the top ministers on a Daly bases ! They have overlooked the current corruption in the Banks and civil service (remember Fas junkets)

They are well able to take care of themselves

We the people are on our own we must make a clean sweep of all vested interests

And start by making the corrupt politicians pay for this mess and sending them to jail

Along with their Banker friends and developer buddies!

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