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Yesterday evening again the ordinary people of Ireland used their democratic right to protest outside the Toxic and Bankrupt Anglo Irish Bank and The Dail and again at the gates of Dublin Castle

With the scale of incompetence that is now apparent coming from the Dail it is no wonder that the vast majority of the working masses have tended to stay away and just look on

Still I suspect that the numbers that did come and support the Right to Work campaign were about the same as last week

I also noticed that there were children at this march and I will be bringing my own two children to the next march on the first of June .I believe that it is right and proper to bring the as it is their future and the future of all the children of Ireland we are on the streets for !

If you are able to come along do so, as this is the last opportunity to let the crooks in the Dail know what it is like to be dumped on to the scrap heap

The Boys and Girls of the Dail are off on 3 months holidays so give them a good send off!

I do also acknowledge that there are a few good TD’s and their hard work they do for constituencies is a testimony to their success in getting elected every time ,however it is now time for these TD’s to show their faces and stand with the people of these marches.

This campaign is not just a grouping of the far left it is a campaign for all the people of Ireland, every community should now muster their resources and show you support by attending the next march!   

Join the right to work campaign

Please note : inguries not real injuries were painted on

Join the right to work campaign

I attended the “Join the right to work campaign “peaceful demonstration the Dail tonight

Again I was mystified as to why the main trade unions were not present nor were any of the main opposition political parties there! Talk about sitting on the fence!

This says a lot; maybe they do not want the changes I now believe we as a nation must have in Ireland.

We the ordinary people must now bring together a peoples movement that will once and for all get rid of the Gombeen men and woman that infest the political process of our country.

I am not saying, that I fully support the extreme left but I am asking the question why are they, the only ones on the street? Surely all concerned citizens should be on the streets!

Where is the middle ground? They should be on the street as well.

We all want to see the back of the gangsters in the Dail don’t we?

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