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“Evil prospers when good men do nothing.”


                               Fine Gael and Labour looking after business!

Goes  to show the markets are not jumping for joy(see  “Ireland’s credit rating grouped with Botswana “ ) with the prospect of Fine Gael or Labour taking office soon .They are only offering more of the same gombeenisem  and stroke politics.

Looking after themselves is their number one priority. Here we have ten people who have been telling us the citizens of Ireland that we are livening beyond our means and have justified imposing sever austerity measures never before see in this country .I see the results of these measures every day in all estates around the county of Wicklow below you see their pension payments that they will receive for the rest of their lives and none of the established political parties have come out and promised to cut back on these lottery pensions .These payments are immoral and cannot be justified.

I see evil and I am standing up against it are you with me?

They show how bankrupt the political system and how corrupt it is!  

By voting for the established political parties you are voting for a continuing of this type of behaviour. I am ashamed to go to the doors of people and just stand there and not be able to do anything about this, when you see people who can’t pay for the heating or their car tax or are dreading the next ESB bill or the next VHI notice of payments due.

Wicklow Friday 25th February 2011, 22:00  

                                                       Constituency Betting  

    Singles Only. 5 Seats. To win a seat for the constituency at the next general election. All in, run or not. **Not all candidates are confirmed. Bets will stand regardless.** Others on request.

Billy Timmins (FG) 1/6

Tom Fortune (Lab) 11/8

Pat Kavanagh (Ind) 25/1

Anne Ferris (Lab) 1/3

Pat Fitzgerald (FF) 11/8

Gerry Kinsella (Ind) 25/1

Andrew Doyle (FG) 4/9

Joe Behan (Ind) 11/8

Niall Byrne (Green) 28/1

Conal Kavanagh (Lab) 4/9

John Brady (SF) 7/4

Peter Dempsey 33/1

Dick Roche (FF) 4/6

Stephen Donnelly (Ind) 14/1

Robert Kearns (Ind) 33/1

Simon Harris (FG) 4/6



Judging from the paddy power betting I haven’t got a hope so why do I continue to put myself to the expense of standing when I can’t reach all 130,000 voters in the county when I can only speak to 20 people every hour and only commit to 5 hours every day until the Election Day

Because I want to be able to show my Children I did something to try and stop this outright robbery and I stood up to this corrupt system.

                        Evil prospers when good men do nothing.”

Brian Cowen   310,000:00 Euro FF       Noel Dempsey  313,000:00 Euro FF

Mary Harney  310,000:00 Euro NP       Willie O Dee   270,000:00 Euro  FF

Noel Ahern    310,000:00 Euro FF       Ned o Keeffe 250,000:00 Euro FF

Martin Cullen  265,000:00 Euro FF       Bat O Keeffe   258.000:00 Euro FF

John Gormley  229.000.00 Euro GP       Eamon Ryian  229.000:00 Euro GP

                           Good Men and Woman help stop this now

Liz McManus on Job Seekers Allowance

Wicklow Labour TD Liz McManus has expressed her deep concern at the numbers of
Irish people who are being refused Job Seekers Allowance because of the
Government’s rule on Habitual Residence.
“A number of people from Co. Wicklow who had been living and working abroad
have contacted me in the recent past to say that the Government is refusing
to allow them sign on for Job Seekers Allowance because they don’t comply
with the Habitual Residence Condition”, said Deputy Liz McManus.
“A lot of these people were forced to emigrate in the 70s and 80s when they
couldn’t find work here at home. Many of them are now returning to Ireland
for various reasons and find that they are being turned down for basic
social welfare assistance. This is causing great hardship and indeed some
people are now homeless as a result of this rule.
“The people affected are all Irish citizens and feel they are being let
down by this uncaring Fianna Fail/Green government. No recognition of
their Irish status is being taken into account. Many of these newly
returned social welfare applicants sent home large amounts of money to
their families when times were tough all round. Many of them have come
back home to care for elderly and sick relatives and yet cannot get any
assistance from the Government.
“I am calling on the Minister for Social Protection to examine this
Habitual Residence Condition and to ensure that no Irish person is
penalised because of it”, concluded Deputy McManus.
… ends …
Liz McManus 087-2357369

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