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Green’s still supporting the Fianna Fail mantra

The Green Party has pledged to pursue a major reform agenda over the next Dáil term in a bid to ensure there is no reoccurrence of the banking crisis.

Speaking after the party’s think-in in Co Carlow, party leader John Gormley said “restoring financial stability and reforming the banks and the planning system were a priority”.

“We must learn from the lessons of the past and make sure that the problems we are now facing, never happen again,” he said, adding that the party wanted to restore the public’s faith in politics and State institutions.

He said measures have already been taken to stabilise the banking system and the planning process was being overhauled.

The party also said it wanted to see the introduction of a ban of corporate donations and a directly-elected mayor for Dublin.

He said reform of local government and the establishment of a new electoral commission “will see the biggest shake-up in Irish politics in decades”.

Other priorities include the introduction of the Climate Change Bill and measures to improve people’s quality of life, such as a Bill on noise.



Well there you have it, the greens solution to all our countries problems

Keep dumping billions into bankrupt banks and bail out wealthy developers and keep Fianna Fail in power as long as possible.

Overhaul the planning process, with little or no building going on that should not be a problem!

500,000 citizens will be delighted that your top priorities are for a climate change bill

(Whatever that is) and making criminals out of noisy neighbours.

Sorry no jobs stimulus package, no re-training program, no new measures for mature students to get back into education, in fact absolute nothing, not even the word  job” is in the  party’s think-in, in Co Carlow.

But wait they might want to have the nations butterfly population counted, now that would keep some of the unemployed busy!

These power addicts will not get the time of day when they go knocking on peoples doors here in Wicklow .They have shown their true colours by adopting  the culture of Fianna Fail spin and cronyism and consequently  they have dumped their core values shame on them!

They have helped to rune this country by agreeing to Fianna Fail’s demand to set up NAMA.

They have helped to pour billions into the toxic Anglo Irish bank and colluded with Fianna Fail to deprived citizens of their right to political representation by holding off on local elections.

There are not the same greens that presented themselves to the Irish public.

They did not tell the voters that they would sell out to Fianna Fail if offered merks and perks and ministerial positions

They can make all the promises they like now, no one will ever trust this green shower ever again!   

Say no, I will not pay!

The sheer aragroance of this man will eventually bring him down

The latest headlines in the Irishtimes.com

“Indebted states must take tough fiscal action to satisfy markets, says Cowen”

this says it all . 

This Guy is working for the Markets and the people behind them  and not the people of Ireland!

Just because the Irish public have so far opted not to go on to the streets does that they will not do so in the future all it takes is for one case of police brutality or overreaction by the police to get the ball rolling and then Good night and good by Brian!

Ordinary people will not take any more crap from the crooks that are ruling Ireland with the people’s mandate

The current Taoiseach was not voted in to office by the people he was given the job by the corrupt elite to protect their financial interests and we the people are been forced to pay for their corruption.

We must stand firm and fight this blatant takeover of our country by this Bank led

Coup d’état

Stop this shower of Gangsters!

See what the Greeks are doing about the same attempt by the world’s largest banks to enslave them.

We in Ireland must also take to the streets and take back our country and kick out the agents of these big Bankers!

The biggest success Cowen and lenihan have had here in Ireland was to convince the ordinary people that we were all responsible for the financial crises, when in fact it was them themselves and their banker bosses.

These Banks made huge bets on Bonds that have now gone sour and Cowen and Lenihan are helping the Big Bankers to get their money back, by saddling the ordinary citizens with the banker’s debts

what action has he taken on unemployment?             None 

What action has he taken on new job creation?          None 

He has however squandered Billions on bankrupt banks and bailed out his developer buddies!

Say no, I will not pay!

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