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HSBC Laundering Billions?

by Staff Report

A former employee of one of the world’s largest international banks has provided WND with more than 1,000 pages of documents, including customer account ledgers for dozens of companies through which the financial institution was laundering money each month, according to the whistleblower. “I found many accounts through which hundreds of thousands of dollars were being flowed as a conduit on a monthly basis,” John Cruz, an account relationship manager who worked in the HSBC southern New York region, told WND. − WorldNetDaily

Dominant Social Theme: What a shock! This is perhaps the biggest bank in the world! Where were the regulators? What’s going on? How could this happen? It’s really impossible to believe …

Free-Market Analysis: Jerome Corsi better hire pretty good security. In Georgia, a lawsuit that Corsi has helped promote seems close to knocking US President Barack Obama off the ballot due to questions about his parents and whether he is US “natural born” – and thus eligible to be president.

And now Corsi has apparently helped reveal the underbelly of the Western world’s banking system by exposing “thousands of pages” of documents that, according to Corsi, seem to prove fairly conclusively that HSBC was involved in a massive money laundering scheme that involved people at the very top of the bank.

As of 2011, according to Wikipedia, British-based HSBC was the world’s second-largest banking and financial services group and second-largest public company per a composite measure by Forbes magazine … “In February 2008, HSBC was named the world’s most valuable banking brand by The Banker magazine.”

Given that HSBC is the most valuable banking brand in the world, systemic corruption at the top of HSBC is big news. What’s funny in a sad way is that this probably has been going on for decades. It is only now, however − thanks to the Internet − that these sorts of things can be publicized. It seems like there is fairly significant

full report at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/3580/HSBC-Laundering-Billions

Financial Times Changes Article Headline on EU Three Times!

Can someone at your illustrious newspaper explain why the headline  changed from “EU fails to reach an agreement” to “Eurozone signs up to  closer ties” in the space of 10 minutes? Presumably because senior FT  management regarded the former as a nationalist distortion of the truth.  There was an agreement and a good one….it just did not include the  UK. No doubt various eminent commentators on the FT will now rant on  about how the agreement is incomplete, because, just like your failed  writer of headlines, they would rather see a glass half empty than half  full….especially when it comes to decisions which undermine the  economic theories of the nation state. With all the respect that I  believe the UK coalition government is due, what has happened here is  entirely due to the continuing rift in the Conservative Party, which,  logically, should be resolved by its break up….not the break up of the  Eurozone! – Financial Times feedback/Danny Barrs

see article at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/3334/Financial-Times-Changes-Article-Headline-on-EU-Three-Times

Is the Sovereign Debt Crisis a Replay of the Versailles Treaty?

Here at The Daily Bell we track dominant social themes of the Anglosphere power elite (the only elite that matters) and recently we’ve been pointing out that much of what is going on in the (Western) world is a repeat of the early 20th century

In an article entitled “Parallels Between Early 20th Century and Present Are Scary,” we pointed out that history is indeed seemingly repeating itself.  You can see the link here, and some previously created charts below.

We’ve pointed out these parallels in order to make the argument that much of what’s going on now is intended to speed up the process of creating one-world government. We regularly try to explain that there is likely a power elite behind this state of affairs – a small group wielding enormous Money Power via its control of central banking.


full article at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/3290/Anthony-Wile

And Then There Was “Thrive

We have written about “Thrive,” the movie, which just made its debut. Sure enough, our skepticism seems warranted. In fact, we’ll be very blunt. The power elite (that wants to take over the world in our opinion) fights back against alternative media memes with exceptional fierceness. They do so by using three methodologies.

1) They create false websites that discredit free-market thinking and ridicule market-based solutions to current problems, including Austrian Economics.

2) Many faux websites (not all, by the way) place free-market solutions side-by-side with articles about space aliens, UFOs and other unproven phenomenon. Some of this may have be newsworthy and thought-provoking, but for the middle-class “intelligentsia” it is likely to prove a turnoff.

3) Other faux websites practice the “limited hangout” approach – wherein they present the world’s reality in such detail and in such gruesome terms that it only inspires hopelessness, which turns into lack of social or personal “human action.”

full article at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/3262/VIDEO-And-Then-There-Was-Thrive


Latest EU Bailout Deal Not Meant to Work?

by Staff Report at the daily Bell

Free-Market Analysis: The latest Eurocrat deal to salvage the euro (and perhaps the Union itself) is already falling apart and, as a result, the entire process is ever more publicly suspect. Is the idea to make the West so desperate that global governance becomes an attractive solution?

The dominant social theme is, of course, one of hope. The EU’s wise leaders have once again Saved the World. But we have expressed the idea previously that the disaster is being stage-managed to ensure that when Europe does fall apart, no one shall be to blame. The Eurocrats will be able to spread their hands, palms up, and say in unison, “Don’t blame us.”

Then, you see, the conversation shall turn to the IMF‘s SDR currency-in-waiting and how the IMF should serve as global central bank, dishing out its incomprehensible basket-fiat currency to all and sundry. This is perhaps the REAL plan – or one of several plans, as it looks more and more as if the euro is going the way of the Dodo.

It is nonetheless an emphatic defeat for the Anglosphere elites who are determined to create a one-world currency as part of a new world order. Regional agglomerations of nation-states are supposed to be stepping stones to this structure and they are in place around the world – from South America to Asia to Africa. But the main ones that count the most are (1) the European Union that is falling apart before our eyes and (2) the North American Union, which is in such bad odor that even Bilderberg Boy Rick Perry has to deny its evident and obvious reality.

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/3163/Latest-EU-Bailout-Deal-Not-Meant-to-Work

China Faces Hard Landing

by Staff Report at the Daily Bell

China risks hard landing as global woes spread … China’s carefully-managed soft landing is turning harder by the day, threatening to deflate the torrid credit bubble of the past three years. Beijing is alarmed by inflation above 6pc and price-to-income ratios for property in the rich coastal cities … “There is a large potential risk,” said Zhu Min, the deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund and a former Chinese official. Mr Zhu said China had doubled the loan ratio from below 100pc of GDP before the Lehman crisis to roughly 200pc today. The danger is that this excess could start to unwind just as the West goes into a sharp downturn, and possibly a double-dip recession. China and emerging Asia are fundamentally in weaker shape this time, having used up their “fiscal cushions”, leaving them with little leeway to cope with a fresh global shock. – UK Telegraph:

full report at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/2940/Biggest-Story-in-the-World-China-Faces-Hard-Landing

Swiss Government Ruins Franc

by Staff Report at the Daily bell

The Swiss franc tumbled against the euro and dollar on Tuesday after the Swiss National Bank   set a minimum exchange rate target of 1.20 francs per euro to combat the strength of the   currency, which it says poses a risk to the economy.  – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The Swiss, gallantly, will do whatever they need to in order to defend the euro, even if it means debasing their own currency.

Free-Market Analysis: Switzerland is one of those rare European countries that are doing relatively well in a time of international economic crisis. But doing well is not something that can be tolerated in the “new” Europe. The Swiss have come under enormous pressure on a variety of fronts to make their sociopolitical environment conform to the larger dysfunction of the EU – and now they’re ruining their currency at the behest of Brussels.

full article at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/2888/Swiss-Government-Ruins-Franc

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