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Syrian State sponsored murder of innocence must be stopped

I implore all decent people of Ireland to immediately write to
the local TD’s and the Minster of foreign Affairs to immediately call on the
entire world to demand UN military action against the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad. This monster must be brought to justice nothing else is acceptable. In this so called modern civilized society the state sanctioned murder of children is repugnant to all decent people the world over and we must demand that the brutal murders be brought before the
international courts of justice or the people’s justice the type dealt out to Gaddafi’s and
his henchmen! The kid gloves are off this murdering madman must be dealt with.
Sooner or later the people will rise in their masses and rid themselves of these murders of innocence .

Richard Boyd Barrett speaks outside the Dail

The citizens of Ireland came out to-day to remind the politicians to expect a more vocal and if necessary more militant  public .The public appetite is at an end and they have had enough of their shoulders to the wheel crap coming from the pampered politicians. Richard Boyd Barrett caught the mood of the crowd and expressed what most of us were thinking !


The public want answers !

Earlier on today I met these citizens outside the Dail,
demonstrating against the cut in the bus service in their area of the city the
removal of the bus number 19has seriously curtailed their ability to get around.A Fine Gael TD’ tries to justify the salary of200,000 Euros for  Edna Kenny after the short interaction I asked the lady if she was satisfied with the answers she got from the TD

Have a look below (Video)


The Irish democratic system

This article was sent into me  this morning

by Donal Buckley.

My theory is that we have the means , the Irish democratic system,  has been hijacked by the current power elites. These elites have become corrupted ( absolute power over decades etc). We have been educated away from doffing the cap etc.‘Problem I identify is that there are so many groups and individuals who desperately want to act but cannot see viable options.Therefore they opt to go it alone. But to where? How?

The mechanism for democracy is there we must claim it by using it .This democratic machine has been lying idle for decades.No one has ever tried to restore it. There is little or no local democracy .County councillors are over- paid and afraid of county officials who control by how much and when.These E 68,000 per annum bods will not represent your views to the council unless it is harmless, non confrontational.The elected TDs ditto, just Party cannon fodder, moved like chess pieces by the Party hierarchy. Dumb, blind and deaf to the needs of the electorate who put them there to represent the people.

The answer is local agitation, correspondence and civil demonstrations, confront these idiots and coerce them into democratic representation. Check up on any claims they make of representation, activity etc.‘Same at national level, a recent example is Denis Naughton and local interest groups and Roscommon Hospital demonstrations.The Dail whip system and the Ceann Comhairle are obstacles to representation by TDs and democracy  within the Dail.Are TDs elected to serve the electorate or to serve the Party?There are examples of this interest group representation working. To-day Phil Hogan has climbed down in the face of IFA representations on septic tank charges.Legal profession, Medical profession, teachers and academics, vets and accountants etc are all adept at using the lobby system which is democracy at work.Of course the public service and trade unions are experts … having direct access to decision makers.

It goes on,and on .

Grass roots of Fianna Fail: “They were a bunch of useless good-for-nothings,”

If things weren’t bad enough I found this list of expenses
for our TD’s and Senators for last year 2010.These ladies and gents are well
and truly sitting on a gravy train.

PDF DOC Here:td_expenses2010  and here: senator_expenses2010

“They were a bunch of useless good-for-nothings,”

Imagine how the Grass roots of Fianna Fail must be feeling now that Berti Ahern has express his true feelings about them! This is his thanks to them, for having braved the elements and knocked on doors and supported him in getting elected for 3 terms as leader of this country . I hope you all feel gutted! Well the good news is that you are not alone, as an x PD member we the ordinary members were also shafted by Harney as soon as she did not need the party anymore to hold on to her top job in Government she ditched the party,
and showed her true love which was of course the limelight and the perks of
Office and it didn’t matter who it was with. She helped  the last Government to destroy our countries independence .She was by no means alone ,the Green leadership  did the very same thing they sold their souls for hefty pensions and perks while abandoning their  party faithful  when they were out of government  by betraying every one of their core  principals. So Ahern is not alone he is the only one of this group of self-serving politicians to come out and frankly say what he thinks of the sheep who were following him!

The current political system is outdated and totally corrupt. It is designed to place
a few people on top of a premade style structure thus enabling these few to control the politicial movement  without accountability to the ordinary members. who are eventually used and then discarded at will!

Now just got hold of this


what can I say, how stupid does this gob****e  think we really are?

Save Loughlinstown A+E

A committee has been established to fight against the proposed down grading of the A&E in Loughlinstown. It will campaign across Wicklow and bring the fight to the 5 Wicklow TD’s and Eamon Gilmore. The group will work with other groups in
Dun Laoghaire on the campaign. The next meeting will be held on Friday 26th @7pm upstairs in the Ardmore Bar Bray.

The toughest Budget ever in December?

By Namawinelake

This Thursday 21st July, the 165* men and women who comprise our main democratic organ, Dail Eireann, will take off for their summer holidays and return again eight weeks later on 14th September. Nothing unusual about that – last year they took off on 8th July and returned 12 weeks later on 29th September, and we now know that in August 2010 the distinct possibility of an IMF bailout was known in government circles. And the year before, 2009, they took off on 15th July and returned nine weeks later on 16th September, during the period of the bank guarantee, after the fiscal shock which saw our deficit needing €500m per week in borrowing, on the eve of the creation of NAMA. So the 165 men and women might say that there is ALWAYS thepolitical equivalent threat of a Korilian death ray, but politicians are workers like anyone else and are entitled to time off, from what can be 24/7 jobs. And further, they might ask, is the present crisis in the EuroZone and major questions over domestic banking policy, bailouts and the likelihood of the most austere budget ever in December 2011 really good enough reasons to keep politicians away from the beach for eight weeks (there will be some work in committees during the period and there may be some constituency or extra-curricular work, but the statement broadly holds true)

read full article at source here : http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/the-eurozone-in-crisis-the-toughest-budget-ever-in-december-a-dail-mostly-ignorant-of-the-economic-crisis-time-to-head-off-to-the-beach-with-the-bucket-and-spade-for-eight-weeks/


As far as I am concerned these so called public repesntives
are vastly overpaid, and totally out of touch with the ordinary people .They
should not be heading out on holidays as the country is in the hands of the IMF
and the international moneymen .The country needs to take drastic action and rid
itself of these leaches who are now serving the very gangsters who caused the
loss of our independence in the first place. They have a cheek to even try and
justify their absence from the wheel house as the good ship Eireannn heads
towards another iceberg  that will sink
her for sure!

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