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Who ran up a €1,600 bill ringing a single mobile number in Pakistan from the Oireachtas?

This story is by Ken Foxe and based on a recent story in the Mail on Sunday: Documents obtained under FOI are below.

A politican is suspected to have run up a bill of more than €1,600 calling a single mobile phone number in Pakistan, an unpublished Oireachtas memo has claimed.

Officials in Leinster House’s telecoms unit estimated that calls to a ‘very small number’ of foreign numbers were costing the taxpayer at least €14,000 per year.

Other costs included an estimated €1,249 bill for calling a mobile in Australia, €581 to a mobile in Lithuania, €381 to a Maltese mobile, €370 to a UK mobile, €366 to a South African landline and €331 to a landline in Cyprus. The officials admitted they were powerless to establish whether the expensive calls – made in 2010 – were legitimate as they don’t track who TDs and Senators call on their taxpayer-funded phones.

But the memo stated it was ‘difficult to imagine’ how they could be genuine. ‘It is difficult to imagine what Oireachtas business would give rise to calls costing €1,621 to a single Pakistani mobile phone number, and it would be irresponsible to consider the possibility that such calls might have been an unintended/improper use of the service provided. Without availabe data it is not possible to make any judgement on the matter……………

full article at source:  http://thestory.ie/2013/01/23/who-ran-up-a-e1600-bill-ringing-a-single-mobile-number-in-pakistan-from-the-oireachtas/

Mr. Rabbitte and his sellouts collaborators in the Dail should be hounded everywhere they go!

An overpaid stuffed up face of a puppet labour politician get to hear what the people of Ireland want to say. Mr. Rabbitte and his sellouts collaborators in the Dail should be hounded everywhere they go until they get out of the Dail and their lottery pensions taken away from them !

People of Ireland get up off your knees

By Thomás O Cléirigh

Ireland Jul-Aug2012 105

I am so frustrated by the absolute incompetence of our gombeen politicians. On east coast radio this morning I had to endure the utter tripe and garbage, coming from a 25 year old TD from Fin Gael who hasn’t worked a single day in a real job and yet this Gob***t has the gall to preach to us the downtrodden taxpayers ,why we should continue to pay these new poll taxes and stealth taxes , as we see local services disappear from our local communities .This self centred leach, is just an example of the latest batch of Liars, and puppets who are been groomed to take the helm on the good ship “Austerity Ireland” as she sails into “Financial oblivion”. whilst at the same time topping up on his expenses and pension entitlements.

Our country is been raped and pillaged and gangsters who are running the government .The Banker autocracy is well entrenched into the very fabric of our society .The same bankers are now more powerful and are dictating policy .We will never be able to remove these criminals as they do not come up for election and no matter what current political party gets into the Dail these crooks will still have enough power to force their interests to be placed about that of the ordinary people of Ireland  . The latest budget was dictated to the current puppet government and any new revenues collected will only go to paying off the “Odious debts” of gamblers and downright gangsters. Our local TD’s are only out for themselves and have proven to gutless liars who are well able to come on to the local media and waffle on about the “Greater good” .This is of course as long as they continue to enjoy lottery salaries and perks Obama would be embarrassed  to take .

Our natural resources are been sold off to crooks and murderers and I for one do not and will not recognize the legal right, or moral right of the current government to continue in office. I believe  our constitutional rights are being eroded and stolen from us by the collaborators who infest  Lenster house .People of Ireland get up off your knees and do something to-day, join the many new citizens groupings such as Direct democracy

God Bless and have a Merry Christmas

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The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer!

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer – it’s official, says Richard Boyd Barrett

PBPA TD lashes gross unfairness and inequality in the distribution of austerity burden and calls for radical shift in tax policy

Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance/ULA challenged Taoiseach Enda Kenny today during leaders questions over the “gross inequality and unfairness” in the manner in which “the pain of austerity policies has been imposed on the least well-off and most vulnerable sections of Irish society, while the wealthiest people in the country have been protected and in some cases have actually increased their incomes.

Deputy Boyd Barrett’s challenge to the Taoiseach comes in the aftermath of Social Justice Ireland’s recent report showing that the poorest households in Irish society have seen their disposable incomes decline by 18% whereas the wealthiest households have seen their incomes actually rise by 4%.

Deputy Boyd Barrett also referred to answers he received recently from the Minister for Finance in response to Parliamentary Questions on the annual incomes of the highest earners in the country and the levels of effective tax paid.

The answers provided by the Minister to questions submitted by Deputy Boyd Barrett detailed the earnings the top 10,000, top 1%, top 10%, top 20% of earners and showed that these very high earners are only paying effective income tax rates of between 29% and 21%. For example, the top 10,000 earners with total earnings of €5.959 billion and average earnings of €595,905 per year paid only €1.715 billion in income tax, an effective tax rate of 29%. The top 10% of earners with total earnings of €29.6 billion and average earnings of €136,710 per year only paid €7.08 billion in income tax, an effective rate of 24%.

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “It’s official – what ordinary people knew all along, what we have been saying in the Dail for the last year – the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

These facts and figures from social justice Ireland and the answer to my own Parliamentary questions demonstrate, in the most dramatic fashion, that working people and the poor are getting it in the neck with cuts and austerity while the very wealthiest in our society are being protected.

All the promises in the programme for government about “protecting the vulnerable and to burden sharing on an equitable basis” have now been fully exposed as hollow.

There is no equity. There is no burden-sharing. Rather, this government like the last government are using the atmosphere of recession and crisis to facilitate a further transfer of wealth from those who have virtually nothing to those who have virtually everything.

Contrary to the the constant government mantra that there is “no pot of gold” and their constant dismissal of our calls for higher taxes on the very wealthy, we discover that there is a massive and growing pot of gold in the hands of the super-rich in our society.

If for example we raised the effective tax rate on the highest 20% of earners to between 40 and 50 per cent, we could raise somewhere between five and six billion in extra taxes. This would still leave this group very well-off but it would allow us to halt and reverse all the cuts imposed on low and middle income earners, on the poor and on the vulnerable.

The government have constantly claimed they have no choices, that austerity and pain for ordinary people was a tragic necessity. We can now see definitively that that has been one big lie. Rather they have chosen to cold-bloodedly to attack the poor and protect the super-rich. That’s why it is vital that ordinary people , who are the victims of these unjust policies, begin to mobilise onto the streets. Only people power, protests and strikes can challenge this obscene injustice.

source: http://richardboydbarrett.ie/2012/07/17/the-rich-are-getting-richer-and-the-poor-are-getting-poorer/

comment from Liam:


to annmphelan, Cllr







Hi Ann,

Just in case you (and the Labour Party) missed this….. I cannot believe what the ILP has come to – the party I supported for 40 years!

It’s a sad day for the party and a sad day for the country …not the whole country of course; just the bottom 25% that (used to) support the Labour Party.

I guess it’s now just the public / /civil service that supports the party; oh, hang on a minute: don’t they vote for the FF…ers?


Shane Ross calling for a No vote in the referendum.

Independent Dublin South TD Shane Ross has ended weeks of silence by declaring he will be calling for a No vote in the referendum.

Mr Ross used the pages of his former employer The Sunday Independent to announce his decision today.
In a column, he claimed that he was “passionately pro-European” but said he could not vote yes because “we are being compelled to vote in a twilight zone”.
“The full package is shrouded in uncertainty. Little light will be shed on it until long after the polls close on Thursday,” he said.
The normally outspoken Mr Ross had until today refused to state publicly his voting intentions. He had been one of six parliamentarians who had called for the referendum to be postponed and had unsuccessfully tried to introduce legislation in the Dail that would have the effect of delaying the poll.

Labour has turned its back on its election promises and have betrayed the people!

Labour chiefs were shaken by the plunge in support from 19pc six months ago to   just 13pc as it appeared the party was bearing the brunt of voter   dissatisfaction. Just 22pc of Labour supporters indicated they were happy   with the Government’s performance. Fine Gael slipped 3 points to 33pc.   Fianna Fail TD Timmy Dooley, the party’s director of elections for the   coming referendum, said the rise in Sinn Fein support showed the electorate   was “flirting” with that party’s “utopian” views

full article at source: http://www.herald.ie/news/labour-reeling-as-shinners-in-front-to-lead-opposition-3087301.html


Gombeen politicians still in charge??? up date

Gombeen politicians still in charge???

By citizenliam

James Reilly (in front of microphones). Lucind...

James Reilly (in front of microphones). Lucinda Creighton (third from right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Couldn’t agree more. The problem is that most Irish voters have a sneaking admiration for gangsters of this type (witness Michael Lowrey in Tipp North). Is it that these eejit voters think some of the ill-gotten gains will rub off on them? We know it’s not any kind of “good on ye’ mate” because that is not the Irish way (begrudgery replaces that). Is it that these peasants have a slave-like adulation of their masters (legacy of 700 years of occupation?)?. Is it plain stupidity? I defeats me anyway.
I’m 62 now and I’m mesmerized at the imbecility of the Irish voter – the idea that Fine Gael would offer a viable alternative to the FF…er party beggars belief. FG are more crooked, not less than FF! Labour have taken the soup (and smoked salmon) and are, in the words of Gilmore (referring to Frog Cowan), economic traitors to their electorate.
But who will take the pensions off the criminal TDs / MEPs? …Other TDs? …I doubt it – they know only too well that such a move may rebound if they engage in dog-eat-dog tactics. Just as Irish doctors don’t challenge their peers and Irish lawyers didn’t challenge their peers when they are proved corrupt I cannot see shister-TDs doing any different. It’ll alway be the inside-elite -v- the decent people. The only way is to remove the insider-elite from power via a ULA-led government. Next time? We can hope I suppose. Maybe the Irish will wake up and vote in their first ever left-wing government who will represent their interests (rather than the interests of tyhe insider-elite)? Currently, Ireland is the only country in Europe that never had a left-wing government!!!

Syrian State sponsored murder of innocence must be stopped

I implore all decent people of Ireland to immediately write to
the local TD’s and the Minster of foreign Affairs to immediately call on the
entire world to demand UN military action against the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad. This monster must be brought to justice nothing else is acceptable. In this so called modern civilized society the state sanctioned murder of children is repugnant to all decent people the world over and we must demand that the brutal murders be brought before the
international courts of justice or the people’s justice the type dealt out to Gaddafi’s and
his henchmen! The kid gloves are off this murdering madman must be dealt with.
Sooner or later the people will rise in their masses and rid themselves of these murders of innocence .

Richard Boyd Barrett speaks outside the Dail

The citizens of Ireland came out to-day to remind the politicians to expect a more vocal and if necessary more militant  public .The public appetite is at an end and they have had enough of their shoulders to the wheel crap coming from the pampered politicians. Richard Boyd Barrett caught the mood of the crowd and expressed what most of us were thinking !


The public want answers !

Earlier on today I met these citizens outside the Dail,
demonstrating against the cut in the bus service in their area of the city the
removal of the bus number 19has seriously curtailed their ability to get around.A Fine Gael TD’ tries to justify the salary of200,000 Euros for  Edna Kenny after the short interaction I asked the lady if she was satisfied with the answers she got from the TD

Have a look below (Video)


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