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TD’s unite to give themselves a pay rise

in case you missed this

By John Drennan

Sunday November 07 2010

As the country faces economic meltdown, TDs and senators are planning to improve their already plush terms and conditions.

An official estimate of the money required to run the Dail in 2011 ‘sneaked’ through the Dail last Thursday reveals that the recession stops at the gates of Leinster House.

Did you Know?

In a touching scene, deputies across all parties suspended hostilities and agreed to the estimates without a single objection.

The estimates reveal that the cost of a Dail which serves fewer people than the population of cities such as greater Manchester, will in 2011 come to €112,983,000 — which represents a drop of just €1.2m (or 1 per cent) on last year’s spending.

But expenditure on the perks and services enjoyed by our TDs and senators will actually increase in certain areas next year.

The cost of salaries for TDs, senators and secretarial assistants will increase, while salaries of staff like those in catering and behind the Dail bar will decrease.

The estimates for 2011 reveal that there will be an increase in the postal and telecommunications service, which allows TDs and senators to send out promotional literature to their constituents.

The budget for delegates to ‘other parliamentary assemblies‘ has increased by 50 per cent and the ‘grant in aid’ for ‘inter-parliamentary activities’ has also increased by a whopping 40 per cent.

Even this, however, is dwarfed by the increase in the budget for allowances in respect of former members of the houses of the Oireachtas, which has been increased from €49,000 to €149,000.

At a time when pensioners fear losing entitlements such as free travel, the estimates also contain an increase of the ‘grant in aid’ to parliamentary pensioners from from €10,084,000 to €10,562,000, indicating that Dail and Seanad pension recipients will be unique within the country in actually securing an increase next year. The estimates also reveal that there will be a substantial increase in the Budget for televising Dail and Seanad proceedings, which provides TDs and Senators with much-desired coverage.

Though some minimalistic cuts are revealed in the anticipated expenses of TDs and senators, one source noted that “when the increases are taken in the round, TDs and senators will not be losing a penny in salaries and expenses next year”.

– John Drennan

Sunday Independent


Here we have a perfect example of our public representatives sucking us dry  these blood suckers will still have a neck to come calling in the next few months to our doors our homes and tell us how hard things are going to get and they are the people to make the hard choices on our behalf  and we should vote them back into the Dail .

 Do not vote in any of the existing TD’s ever again  give them their P45 ASAP

Ceann Comhairle John O’Donoghue

Ceann Comhairle John O’Donoghue on a junket to discuss poverty last year cost the taxpayer over €3,000.Just image how many people could feed themselves ?

The embattled Kerry TD managed to run up a hotel bill in South Africa almost three times that of the seven other Irish politicians on the same junket

Ironically, he and the cross-party delegation of senators and TDs were all attending a five-day conference in Cape Town with poverty as its core theme.

It is the latest revelation of a of the lavish expense claims clocked up by Mr O’Donoghue

Today I also heard on the Pat Kenny radio show George lee and another politician from the Government side discuss the NAMA Toxic Bank

You must just look at this situation

Here we have a radio talk show master earning 850.000,00 Euro almost 5 times the salary of the most powerful man in the world and a political system set up to help themselves get rich while the ordinary people that they represent get fleeced no matter who they vote for !

Mr O donoghue is not alone in having airs and graces above his station .there is no political parity advocating a radical shake up of the Merks and Perks and screw them for all I can get mentality .This is quite easily seen from the lists published yesterday in the Irish independent newspaper of the TD’s and Senators expenses

The facts are simple 90% of the TD’s in the Dail are there for themselves and if you think any different you deserve to have them suck you dry along with their social elite buddies!

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