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Kenny and Ireland’s dead cat bounce

By Michael Hennigan

Enda Kenny, taoiseach, made a broadcast to the nation last night to mark the official end of the international bailout and he deserves some credit for meeting the financial terms of the bailout and winning concessions from Europe on debt. However, the crisis
provided the best opportunity for radical change since the late 1950s and now
the time has passed. The Economist in a blog post titled ‘Dead Cat Bounce‘ says that meeting the bailout terms “has done little to solve Ireland’s underlying ailment: the fact that domestic activity – – roughly equivalent to GNP – – only accounts for 80% of GDP. As the multinational firms that account for most of the rest contribute little towards
government revenue due to Ireland’s super-low tax rates, Ireland’s debt burden
will only become more sustainable when domestic firms start booming.”

full article at source: http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1026992.shtml


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Kenny and his co collaborators in the Twiddle dumb and twiddle dumber political system are effectively announcing that its back to Business as Usual for the 350 insider family’s or so elite that are running this BA-NAMA Republic .They lied to us and broke all their promises and anyone dumb enough to believe that Happy days are on the way with 65,000 citizens leaving every year is just a joke, the lower classes, the vulnerable and the old who cannot defend themselves. Our country is divided and these crooks are still parting at our expense, sucking our country dry on behalf of the big multi corporations ,who pay a pittance in tax  so the PAYE taxpayers will continue to carry the burden of bailing out gangsters, crooked politicians and toxic banks! We need a drastic change that includes the abolition of the current dictatorship of the 2.5 political party systems that ensures no change in politics no matter what combination of political party wins at the so called polls! Putting the likes of this puppet in charge of our lives along with Noonan, Gilmore, and M. Martin is just plain stupid!

Allowing the current totally corrupt system to continue is just putting off the day of reckoning /revolution. We cannot allow this system where these self-centred, sell-outs controlling   every aspect of our lives for 5 years after each and every election! No I want to be able to kick these crooks out of office via referendum (Direct democracy) a month after any election or any time within the 5year period, if they prove to be liars, con artists, on the make or downright puppets in the pay of foreign governments, and or proven to have deceived the people (Broken promises) No real modern democracy needs career politicians! We are a small country and we should be able to govern ourselves like the Swedes or the Swiss.

Have a great day!

Priory Hall residents ‘can move on’ (Thanks to the Taxpayers )

By Fiach Kelly

Stephanie Meehan, whose partner took his own life, was speaking after the residents of Priory Hall accepted the Government’s deal, and said: “The nightmare is over for all the residents – but it is not over for me.”

She said: “I think now from today we can start to move forward with our lives. The only difficulty here is, and what I would wish for today, would be if Fiachra was here to celebrate this moving forward with me.

“That is the downside, but the upside is that we can move on with our lives.”

The residents met Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Government Buildings, and Mr Kenny also said he hoped the families affected could now move on.

He said residents forced to leave Priory Hall’s “fire traps in horrendous circumstances” now have “new direction, new life, new hope….

Full article at source:http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/priory-hall-residents-can-move-on-thanks-to-brave-stephanie-29651499.html#_methods=onPlusOne%2C_ready%2C_close%2C_open%2C_resizeMe%2C_renderstart%2Concircled%2Cdrefresh%2Cerefresh&id=I2_1381495167283&parent=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.ie&pfname=&rpctoken=82579290


By Thomás  Aengus O Cléirigh


I am also sorry for this ladies loss but, but I fail to see why the hard-pressed taxpayers must now pay for their misfortune and their entrapment by the corrupt bankers! Surely the private commercial transactions for all citizens have to have equal standing within the law? What about the other 200 or so citizens who this year so far, have committed suicide because of their financial entrapment by the same corrupt banks? Are the families of these victims going to get any support from these gutless politicians?

The gombeen’s in government have shown with this action that there is no law other that the law for the in crowd, the more media attention you can get the better you chances of getting funds from the taxpayers of this BA=NAMA-REPUBLIC. Will this shower in Lenster house now forgive the 180,000 citizens who cannot pay their mortgages as they too were sold overpriced shoeboxes and homes that were built in fold plains all over the country???Why are the gangsters responsible still walking around enjoying their payoff’s pensions and mansions? What about the other citizens who have been evicted out of their homes by the corrupt financial transactions of the zombie bankers ?? This is another example of the politicial coverup and protection of the banker elete in this  BA=NAMA-REPUBLIC!

The sorry fact is that the country is full of Priory Hall’s , are they going to bailout all of them???

PS :

Possible TAX implications.

Are the residents now libel for benefit in kind as they have a benefit in financial terms of the equivalent to their outstanding mortgage amount???

Remember these crooks in the Dail give with one hand and take away with the other hand!

Taxi Driver Norwegian Prime Minister

Enda Kenny is an Irish Gombeen – politician, and has been the Taoiseach since 2011.He wouldn’t last 5 minutes in any public place without the cops protecting him.

He has lied through his teeth and the other gangsters in government would also piss in their pants ,if they found themselves among the ordinary people .They have sold us off to become financial slaves to faceless bondholders who themselves are gangsters, who blackmail small countries into paying their gambling debts! Kenny is just a puppet and a collaborator just like the “Vichy” government in France during the 2nd world war.

This is the Irish version of a Government Minster (Minister B Howlin) as he meets up with the Irish Public!   see the difference????

This video shows the stark difference of what a real democracy should be as it clearly demonstrates the accessibility of ordinary people to the leaders in Government! If you have money and are famous you have access to our Irish government but the ordinary Joe soap is frozen out!



The photo ,taken in Dublin sums it up for most people 2/3rds of the citizens .The other 1/3 are in the pay of the state and are the cheerleaders of the current corrupt political élite!


THE fight against the property tax is heading to the High Court — after campaigners served legal papers on the State


The Attack The Tax group is claiming the new levy is UNLAWFUL.

It says the charge is in breach of the Constitution and has likened its  challenge to a “people’s class action” which is being brought over the  controversial charge.

The group has lodged legal papers against Taoiseach Enda Kenny, his  ministers, the Revenue, Ireland and the Attorney General, along with all the  local councils in the country. It claims thousands have already signed up as  shareholders, and are appealing for everyone angry with the tax to join.

All shareholders enjoy “legal privilege” so Revenue will not be able to get  them to pay up, the group says.

They claim the tax is “unlawful and is contrary to the provisions of the  Constitution of Ireland and international law”.

The legal papers further claim that “coercion, economic duress, deception and  fraud” were used to get consent for the property charge.

A spokeswoman for Revenue said: “The case will be vigorously defended. The  Local Property Tax is provided for in legislation and people are required by law  to pay the charge.”

Just over half of the 1.6million households liable have paid with two weeks  left to pay

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/feeds/smartphone/ireland/4931184/Court-action-Tax-is-against-consitution.html#ixzz2TdRdE465

Market Brief 21st. October 2012

A US election too close to call causing uncertainty:

The charts below clearly show that the Dow Transport and the Dow Industrial indices continue to exhibit divergent modalities. Since November 2009 the charts indicate that the Industrials have reached higher highs but the Transports have failed this test and have been range bound for nearly all of 2012. The direction and the momentum with which the Trannies break from this range will be most significant. I believe the market is awaiting with trepidation the results of the November presidential election. As we speak the polls are indicating that either candidate can win and this is bringing a fair degree of uncertainty into price action.

The major concern is the position of Mr. Romney with regard to Iran given his predisposition to quickly consider war as a policy option. A new Middle Eastern conflagration is the last thing the world economy needs right now but unfortunately he has been boxed in by powerful interests. It is hard to see how he can march himself down the hill of imminent warfare, formal or covert, should the hand of destiny finally fall upon him.

The forward looking indications from Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, UPS and FedEx are negative. I think this is due to the contraction in world demand caused by European austerity. However the results from financials, banks, brokers and real estate are more positive. This is due to the low interest and quantitative easing policies being imposed by the FED. Short term earnings disappointments aside, should the issue of the war with Iran be taken off the table quickly and if American real estate and banks continue to gain strength then the scenario could be set for solid future American economic growth. Such a recovery would help Europe stabilise its sovereign debt problem and allow national economies to end austerity and invest again in expansion initiatives.

This action would save the Euro from a catastrophic demise and allow another uncertainty to be cancelled from market calculation. Such a situation would consolidate the grounds for a sustainable US recovery over the next decade.

Thus I reckon a lot will be decided in the next few months, not least of which what type of administration will be entrusted to attempt to finally end the greatest structural recession since the great depression. The stakes could not be higher.

European déjà vu:

Irish Times, Saturday 20th. October 2012:

“GERMAN CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel has upended a carefully crafted plan to resolve Europe’s banking crisis, delivering a sharp setback to Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Enda Kenny as he battles for a debt relief deal.

Moments after Mr. Kenny declared in Brussels that he had achieved solid progress overnight at a tense EU summit, Dr Merkel moved abruptly to curtail the scope of the effort to break the link between bank and sovereign debt.

The chancellor’s intervention, which took high-level EU figures by surprise, has cast a new cloud of uncertainty over the feasibility of Mr. Kenny’s demands.

For the first time in public, she backed her finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble in his assertion that national bodies must remain responsible for most banking debts.

This is markedly at odds with the push from Mr. Kenny and the leaders of France, Italy and Spain for the European Stability Mechanism bailout fund to pay for historic banking losses”.


As the above quote clearly indicates the Euro crisis is far from over. In fact all I see is a political civil war breaking out. In addition to the problems being experienced by Mr. Kenny David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, announced at his recent party conference that he wished to totally renegotiate the terms of Britain’s membership of the European Union. Should he not get want he wants he has indicated that he may consider withdrawing Britain completely from Euroland. Such an outcome would be a disaster for Europe in general and Ireland in particular. Where England goes Ireland may be forced to follow given the close relationship between the Dublin Financial Services Centre and the City of London.

What is at stake here is the future of the “City” itself. Frankfurt wants to be the pre-eminent financial centre in Europe. However London refuses to give up its pole position. This is why Cameron is against the imposition of greater banking regulation based in Europe and is totally opposed to the financial transaction tax proposed by the European Commission. London quite rightly fears that if it starts applying this imposition business will flee from the “City” to more liberal destinations like New York and Hong Kong.

No job no money, no money no life:”

This statement made by a youth in Greece last week sums up the general frustration of young European graduates living not only in Athens but in Dublin, Madrid, Lisbon and Rome. Nearly 50% of youths under the age of 25 are unemployed in these capitals. For this abandoned generation the European Stability Mechanism offers no solution. This is because the central issue is not banking recapitalization and sovereign debt support but jobs and growth and hope. To achieve real growth Europe needs to become more competitive. It requires debt write off. It demands investment not draconian austerity. It needs real leadership.

For many observers the 500 billion Euro ESM is a diversion that is mis-guided and conceptually flawed. It will not achieve the objectives of banking recapitalization and sovereign debt stabilization for two main reasons. Firstly it is being partly funded by those countries needing funding, which is going to play havoc with its S & P ratings down the road. Secondly it is too small for the task at hand. The task will require in the region of 4-5 trillion Euro to adequately do the job, yet the federal courts in Germany have put a limit on Germany’s contribution. This renders the fund’s potentiality suspect from the get-go. Even though the ESM is inadequate and problematic all political energy is currently going into its gestation.

There is no other political game in town even though national economies and concomitant institutions are collapsing due to rapidly falling money circulation. This situation cannot continue indefinitely without serious consequences. That which cannot continue, won’t.

Currently, as we speak, the main fascist party in Greece “Golden Dawn” is growing at an alarming rate. This development is due to the fact that people are desperate for solutions to their social and economic problems. However, solutions are not forthcoming from mainstream political parties. This is worrying. Peter Drucker in his 1939 classic: “The End of Economic Man the Origins of Totalitarianism” spelt out the consequences of such failure. The end result was the horror of the Second World War. Unfortunately Angela Merkel is ignoring the lessons of history and is making the same mistakes again. I think Dr. Merkel will go down in history as the worst chancellor of Germany since you know who.

To alter this perception she must strive to lead her nation in a new direction. She must help her people understand that Germany is the main beneficiary of the Euro currency in that it allows cheap German goods flood into France, Portugal Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, Poland, Russia and Turkey. Should the Euro fail, any new Deutschmark would be so over valued that German exports would quickly collapse, contracting its economy to the level of its austerity bound neighbours. Thus the type of political leadership desperately needed in Germany now is not the style that focuses on narrow national party politics but one that values a shared European vision for the future, a vision that is creative not destructive.  What is sorely needed now more than ever is statesmanship not political cunning. Let us hope that Dr. Merkel will have such an epiphany soon, very soon.

 (C) Christopher M. Quigley 21st. October 2012. Wealthbuilder.ie

Charts Courtesy of StockCharts.Comhttp:



Enda praying that walking on eggshells will do trick

By David Mc Williams

THIS is Enda’s eggshell referendum. For the Taoiseach knows all too well that there are few political minefields more lethal to the longevity of a government than a constitutional referendum and anything to do with children or family.

And so there was never any doubt that the wording of the Children’s Referendum would be meticulously picked over by legal-eagles for loopholes or for any hint of hubris before being unveiled — there couldn’t be the slightest suggestion that this was a charter for social-worker shock-troops to be able to snatch howling infants from their anguished mothers.

Lord knows, there are enough citizens cheesed off with the Government already, what with health cuts and household charges, without enraging a whole new swathe of voters by portraying themselves as something akin to the Child Catcher from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.

Finally the wording was ready for release yesterday (though its moniker 42A sounds more like a bus than an amendment).

Enda, Eamon Gilmore and Children’s Minister Frances Fitzgerald all trooped into the press centre in Government Buildings before noon. The trio were at pains to emphasise the importance of the referendum……………………….

full article at source:http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2012/09/20/enda-praying-that-walking-on-eggshells-will-do-trick

By Thomás O Cléirigh




Thank you for sharing your inspiring article! As I write this from Ireland ,I am hearing Emanon Gilmore (the vice prime minister of Ireland ) waffle about the Irish labour partiers resolve to stay the course and do the necessary to help get jobs and save the health services .Since He and his other liars in Government got into office we have witnessed disastrous cuts to every single public service not to mention the hundreds of thousands of job losses. This puppet has broken every promise he and his party made to the Irish electorate .

Mr Gilmore is an out and out Troikaroite -freak .The Irish labour party has ditched their loyalty to the ordinary working man in favour of the secure pensions and perks of high office and they are now diligently carrying out the disastrous policies of the Troika dictatorship that is placing an unsustainable burden on the shoulders of the Irish taxpayers who are now expected to pay in full the gambling debts of toxic and corrupt bankers without question.

Gilmore has swallowed in full the notion that it doesn’t matter that these debts placed on the shoulders of the Irish people are private Bank debts, no, what matters is that a corrupt politician agreed with the equally corrupt ECB that no European bank should go belly up and that all banks debts should be socialized and thus the responsibility of the ordinary people. So the champion of the working man is now the cheerleader for the Bankers. His declaration that the Croak Park agreement will continue to be supported is just Nuts!

This political waffler and self-serving leach is protecting a cost to the nation we cannot afforded Gilmore is protecting his own voter base and to hell with the rest of the country .Gilmore and his party are nothing more that puppets in the hands of the Troika .The labour party has abandoned the ordinary people of Ireland to the financial slave traders of Europe.

The Slog

The Troika is still hard at work breeding extremism via barmy wish-lists and unpayable taxes

Like some State-sponsored IVF treatment for enabling the birth of hard Left and Right Parties, the Troika continues its triumphant tour through the ClubMed region.

I pointed out last week how the Greek neo-nazi Party Golden Dawn has gone from under 0.3% of the vote to being bigger than Pasok. Yesterday it was the Greek Communist Party’s turn to express their admiration for the neocon hit-squad

Waving the standard banners and anti-austerity slogans,  Greek Communist Party (KKE) trade unionists took over the Labour Ministry’s facade in Athens, effectively locking the Troika out from a meeting between Yiannis Vroutsis and the Troika scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

But the conference did eventually take place, and this is what emerged as the Troikanaut wish-list:

  •  possible rise in the retirement age from 65 to 67 years old.
  • a decreased notice…

View original post 227 more words

Irish bank debt negotiations going nowhere

Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have become used to broken promises in this financial crisis. Remember Enda Kenny in December 2010 after the Greens had pulled the plug on the previous administration and political parties were on an election footing. Remember “Mr Kenny said there is no question of defaulting on sovereign debt or on senior bank bonds that are covered by the Guarantee but he believes that the taxpayer can save between €12-17bn by negotiating a sharing of losses with the unguaranteed senior bondholders”. Of course that promise became more nuanced in the subsequent manifesto a month later but no-one ever disabused us of the notion that this government would pursue to success a significant write-down on the remaining senior bondholder debt. And in June this year, Enda emerged from the all-nighter of the EU summit to tell us that some people had just found out he was not someone to be tangled……………………

full article at source:http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/irish-bank-debt-negotiations-going-nowhere/

NAMA funds work on shopping centre in Taoiseach’s back yard

The people of Claremorris in Mayo are happy today with news that a shopping centre in their town is set to be benefit from NAMA funding. The Silverbridge Shopping Centre is anchored by Tesco with a 50,000 sq ft store, and NAMA is reported to be funding clean-up works on the site including landscaping and laying new footpaths. Mayo is of course An Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s constituency.

The amount of funding from NAMA is not known but it looks modest. It may create a disproportionately large number of winners though….

fullarticle at source:http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/nama-funds-work-on-shopping-centre-in-taoiseachs-back-yard/

Angry father accuses Enda Kenny of forcing his children to emigrate from Ireland

An angry father of three has personally accused Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny of forcing his children and their generation to emigrate in search of work.

Westmeath native Peadar Doyle confronted the government leader as he campaigned in Athlone for a Yes vote in the EU Fiscal Treaty referendum.

Doyle went head to head with Kenny as the Fine Gael leader arrived at the Golden Island shopping centre.

He was one of a number of protesters who clashed with the Prime Minister on the campaign trail.
“Back in 1958, I was forced out of this country. You are now forcing my children and my grandchildren out of this country,” Doyle told Kenny.

He later revealed that one son is already working in Wales, another is to emigrate when he finishes college in Waterford while his daughter, currently studying for her final school exams, is also resigned to emigration.

Read more: http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Angry-father-accuses-Enda-Kenny-of-forcing-his-children-to-emigrate-from-Ireland-151504385.html#ixzz1v1rA4zxU

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