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Cowen says Sorry

7 billion “correction”for next budget.???

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Irish prime minister Brian Cowen has refused to rule out a projected 7 billion euro package of spending cuts and tax rises in the forthcoming budget.

Emergency measures could very well reach that scale, despite the fact that it overshadows every previous prediction. The potential figure also comes after an Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) warning that the Government’s top-heavy fiscal agenda threatens to keep the nation bogged down in recession. 

The Irish cabinet are scheduled to meet on Monday and Tuesday to tackle the deteriorating economic situation. Opposition party Fine Gael finance spokesman Michael Noonan told the press that the 7 billion “correction” option was being considered after his top level civil service briefing this week.

Noonan also indicated that the figure was so huge because 15 billion worth of cuts and tax rises may be needed to get the deficit down to the 3 percent of GDP by the 2014 target, not the previous estimate of €7.5bn. 

Meanwhile Cowen insisted that nothing had been finalised, but he added that “significant adjustments” would be needed over the next four years.

“There are two different set of numbers now. The difference between 4 billion and 7 billion on a correction in the first budget,” Noonan told the press. “It is hard to see how two respected organisations could arrive at such diametrically different figures.”

Noonan’s comments prompted an immediate response from the finance department, which insisted that opposition spokespeople had been informed a range of fiscal models of 3 billion, 4.5 billion and 7 billion, but “at no point was any specific target given,” they said.

Cowen added the Irish government was consulting with the European Union and waiting to study further growth projections before outlining its plans. 


No surprises here! but Fine Gael and labour should have known that Last week’s invitation to the Department of Finance was a con job to get them into a position where the government could do exactly do what they are now doing and that is maintaining that the opposition knew all the figures and are afraid to bring in a compatible budget and of course they could now share the blame for the hard measures they must now dish out .

With all this going on everybody is forgetting that the same people in government are now trying to legitimize themselves are being part of the solution for our problems when they should all be in jail

Make no mistake these people should all be in jail!

We the people must not allow these crooks steal our democratic right to have a say in our own nations destiny .

Place you’r bets on Bank Of Ireland


A few months ago, I said that  Bank of Ireland share price would fall  to 55 cent  and even lower down to the 20’s . Any of my followers that took heed of my advice will now be nursing huge profits

Bank in April I warned that the rights issue was a complete rip off and the Government went ahead and purchased 575.6 million shares at €1.80 each. So at this mornings prices we the taxpayers have sustained loss again of 70 % = 402.92 million Euros in 5 months

In any other business these incompetent baboons Lenihan and Cowen  would be kicked out of office  ,Truly monkeys wouldn’t do any worse!

As for the distressed shareholders I afraid there is more bad news on the way .Bank of Ireland I believe ,Is harboring derivatives, and the news  cannot be  good . Anglo and Allied Irish Bank are also in the dog house and nothing will change the direction of the shares until the full facts are known and I don’t mean the banks telling us fibs we need to have an independent audit done on their derivatives trades of which I believe we are looking at 150billion at least in losses

In other words all the banks are insolvent and we are on course for a final showdown with the IMF having to step in and save the day

Shareholders get rid of the toilet paper you are holding.





Celebrating again Mr.Cowen?

With headlines like this in the papers is it any wonder the markets don’t believe a word the two Brian’s say??

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Cowen continuing to waffle “That morning radio interview”

Listen to the apologizers for Fianna Fail and at the end Brian Clown telling the reporter not to engage in defeatism as a way of deflecting the hard questions
“There is nobody else “says another Fianna Fail supporter as if that was enough to secure their further tenure in the Dail.
This behaviour from Cowen is an affront to the public’s intelligence!
Notice how he brushes aside the concerns of a young person
Apologists for Cowen are currently on the live line show and the just is at a certain age men have a difficulty with their voice early in the morning: What Bull!
I am 4 years older than him and I don’t have any problems with my voice
Jesus how stupid do they thing the general public is? Listen Here

Cowen and his Lies exposed again!

They say that a picture paints a thousand words so I gusset this picture will help shut off the lies that the government and their spin doctors are churning out to the Irish public
Turning corners what corners?

An Open Letter to Mr. Brian Cowen T.D.

Last February I posted an open letter from a friend of mine to the Taoiseach Brian Cowen of the Republic of Ireland

I believe it’s time to again bring this open letter  to the attention to Mr.Cowen

full pdf An_Open_Letter_To_Mr._Brian_Cowan_T.D._-_Copy[1]

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