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Protest tomorrow from 6pm, outside Leinster House

Sent into us to-day

Promissory Notes :

The technical group in the Dail  has tabled a motion calling on the Government to lobby the ECB to allow us to destroy the €25 billion in bonds that replaced the Anglo Irish Bank promissory note. You can read the motion here. It will be discussed tonight and tomorrow in the Dáil, and there will be a public protest tomorrow from 6pm, outside Leinster House. Details of the protest are here.
The Finance Bill This week the finance bill will be discussed in forensic detail in the Joint Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and reform. I have tabled a number of amendments to issues such as:

  • Increased support for the young and unemployed
  • Increasing tax relief  for medical insurance premiums for adults and children
  • Opposing the proposed changes to life assurance policies and investment funds
  • Opposing the proposed 0.75% levy on pension schemes and changes to retirement benefits

The committee will be sitting today, tomorrow and Thursday and can be watched online here.
Legislating for Assisted Suicide? Last week the Tánaiste and I discussed assisted suicide. We were both in agreement that this is something that should be talked by legislation. I have suggested an expert report that weighs the need to protect those near the end of their lives and cases. You can see the debate here.

BUDGET: Gilmore has hung ordinary workers out to dry

Eamon Gilmore, leader of the Irish Labour Part...

Eamon Gilmore, leader of the Irish Labour Party, at the party’s 2010 conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“LABOUR is the party of work.” That was one of Eamon Gilmore’s mantras in last year’s General Election as he tried to convince voters that he was the man to fix our unemployment crisis.

Today the Tanaiste might want to consider giving his organisation a change of name — because this is a Budget that savages the ordinary worker and will leave more people in danger of getting ensnared in a poverty trap.

Labour’s proudest boast is that it managed to protect the core weekly pay rates for social welfare recipients.

When you look at what they had to sacrifice instead, however, this looks like a pretty hollow victory. The junior coalition partners apparently had no great problem with the PRSI increases that will cost every single worker above the minimum wage an extra €264 — no matter whether they are earning €20,000 or €20m a year………………………………

full article at source:  http://www.herald.ie/news/budget-gilmore-has-hung-ordinary-workers-out-to-dry-3317734.html

Feeble defense for tax arbitrage

“Ireland’s corporation tax rate was in the sights of the man most likely to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor when he met Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore in Berlin. Peer Steinbruck, the Socialists’ candidate to lead the party in next year’s election, also said he doesn’t personally believe in using EU funds to pay down bank debt.”

Now, here’s the problem: Steinbruck has been “deeply critical of Ireland’s generous corporation tax, blaming it for Germany losing income from German companies, when he was finance minister in the previous coalition government with Ms Merkel.”

Per report, “the Tánaiste tried to reassure him that Ireland’s tax rate of 12.5% — the second lowest in the EU — posed no threat to Germany… …

full article at source:  http://trueeconomics.blogspot.de/

Oh Eamon, how power changed you…

Oh Eamon, how power changed you…

By Shaun Connolly 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How many U-turns does it take to make a hypocrite?

That is the awkward  question tormenting Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore after a  thundering leaflet from his Democratic Left days emerged denouncing those twin  evils — water charges and property taxes.
“How Many Councillors Does It  Take To Turn Off The Water Tax?” the 1994 missive demanded to know before  helpfully providing the answer that it just took Outraged Eamon and 14 others to  sink the tap tax.
And who could argue with Gilmore’s logic that “water  charges are another tax on workers on top of PAYE, PRSI and levies”.

Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/oh-eamon-how-power-changed-you-190933.html#ixzz1sUCSUaqf


This is another champagne socialist, who has gotten fat and blubbered around the face and waste line .A life where Eamon will never have to put his hand into his own pocket, the taxpayers obliges everytime, Gone are the daft ideas that the state should be there for its citizens and in are the Austerity champions and new labour leads the way.

Gilmore another P**** on the gravy train in the Dail!

Response from The Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore T.D on Syria

Received to-day From The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Eamon Gilmore T.D

25th  October 2011

Dear Mr. O Cleirigh,

The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Eamon Gilmore T.D, has asked me to thank you for your letter concerning Syria. The Tánaiste replied to a parliamentary question on Syria in the Dáil on 4 October, which I have attached for your information.

Full responce in PDF doc here:Eamon Gilmore on Syria


Yours sincerely,

Mary Connery

Private Secretary

Government set to retain 20 Garda drivers despite shift to private cars

15/03/2011 – 16:32:50

These were the headlines in March

Cabinet Ministers are to lose their garda drivers under radical changes to official Government transport announced today.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, President Mary McAleese, Tánaiste and Foreign Affairs Minister Eamon Gilmore and Justice and Defence Minister Alan Shatter will retain the facility for security reasons.

But from May 1 the other 12 ministers and Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett will be forced to supply their own vehicles and have civilian drivers hired, as has been the case with junior ministers.

From June, former Taoisigh and presidents will also lose the trappings of power except for important state occasions after the Cabinet signed-off on the cost-cutting plans.

Both Fine Gael and Labour pledged in the Programme for Government to halve the cost of the transport fleet and free up garda drivers to return to front-line duty.

The cost of running state cars for the last two years has totalled €11m.

The Chief Justice John L Murray and the Director of Public Prosecutions Director James Hamilton will also retain their State vehicle.

In addition to transport cuts the staffing of ministers’ private offices will be cut from 10 to eight and from six to four in constituency offices.

Junior ministers will have staff cut from seven to five in private offices and five to three in constituency offices.

“The combination of these measures will make a significant impact on the cost of Government and reflects the determination of the Government to establish a momentum for political reform,” a government statement said.

The outgoing Fianna Fáil-Green government revealed it was scaling back the trappings of power when Budget 2011 was unveiled last December.

The then Government faced a backlash from the public after ministers were seen driving into a Budget Cabinet meeting at the lush Farmleigh estate in separate sleek cars last October.

Read more: http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/no-more-garda-drivers-for-ministers-497398.html#ixzz1LCa2ZrKw

But Today May 2nd

these are the headlines

Government set to retain 20 Garda drivers despite shift to private cars
01 May 2011 By Niamh Connolly Political Correspondent

At least 20 of the current 54 ministerial drivers are likely to be retained from the ranks of the Garda despite today’s shift to private cars and civilian drivers, say Garda sources.

Some 12 cabinet ministers will return their ministerial Mercs and supply their own cars with civilian drivers as a result of the first decision to be announced by the new government on taking office.

Former taoisigh will lose their ministerial cars and drivers from next month, except when they attend official functions. State cars and drivers will still be retained for the President, Taoiseach, Tánaiste, Minister for Justice, Director of Public Prosecution and Chief Justice, who will each require two Garda drivers on shift duty, totalling 12 gardaí.

Sources said a further ten drivers would be needed to ‘‘substitute’’ for those drivers when they were unavailable for duty, and to be available to former taoisigh attending official functions.

The move to civilian drivers is expected to save about €4 million of the current €11 million cost for the service over a two-year period.

Meanwhile, negotiations are to take place on behalf of retiring Garda drivers for the payment of outstanding overtime in pensions, and the matter may yet go to conciliation


This is yet another broken promise from the new government when will the people wake up I suspect we will be facing a lot more broken promises for example higher taxes on the way and more job losses .

I would be surprised if we don’t lose at least another 65,000:00 jobs this year! With the governments lofty growth expectations all but rubbished by the central Bank last week the true nature of the depression in Ireland has yet to be acknowledged. The borrowings requirement will pile on the pressure even more on the countries meagre finances so what does the Fine Gael government decide to do compensate Barristers and tribunal lawyers Well done now go to the back of the class Edna and take out the Fine Gael manifesto and see if you can find any more promises that you can renege on!

The Crimson Observer

How does one discern political reform in Ireland?

The self-serving, ‘cute-hoor’ response of the Government to the High Court decision in relation to the Donegal by-election is the latest twist in the epic tale of Ireland’s spiralling democratic deficit and outrageous contempt for the electorate by a rudderless government that is incapable of reform.

Ireland has now reached the stage where two Independent T.D.’s define our short-term political destiny. Michael Lowry is de facto Taoiseach and Jackie Healy-Rae is de facto Tánaiste. The credibility of social partnership has also imploded because this undemocratic process has been dysfunctional for at least a decade, despite the hundreds of millions of euro spent directly, and without due accountability, propping it up.

It has been seamlessly replaced by a plethora of consultants who believe the can charge the State what they want for services rendered because they control the market for these services. But these people, like the social partners, carry no risk and bear no burden. Why has the Government never reformed these markets? Is it a case that there are simply too many vested interests to appease?

Most believe the cost of the bank bailout at €45 billion to be utterly obscene but when citizens realise that is cost no less than €6.43 billion to actually acquire the next-to-worthless shares in these wretched banks they will be aghast – and not a single person is held accountable for this appalling debacle. This is what happens in a State with no bargaining power and no backbone.

This state of affairs is further compounded by an implosion of leadership, sound judgement and moral authority on the part of a number of key top-level civil servants and supine advisors whose own decisions, or tolerance of the decisions of others, are having a devastating impact on the wellbeing and reputation of our country – not just in relation to public spending but also in relation to the low calibre and doubtful qualifications of certain public sector appointments

It is impossible for the electorate to discern what game the Government are playing with respect to the decision to appeal the High Court decision concerning the Donegal South West by-election. But is certainly is not motivated by their consideration of the people and they are about to face very scorned voters.

Those who intend to be in government speak loquaciously about reform. They would need to extend their horizons in this regard beyond the trivia of 27 ministerial cars to removing the deadbeats whose incumbency of top-level positions in the civil service and connected advisors has this country in a state of paralyzing ambivalence and economic decay.

If a general election is to take place sooner, rather than later, those aspiring to power will need to have explicit, credible and compelling explanation of what exactly reform means in their universe – if they too are not to be greeted with scorn and derision. No more generic waffling please!

source http://crimson-observer.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-does-one-discern-political-reform.html



An excellent article of what state the country is in and gives me all the more reasons to continue  my personal crusade to wake up the Irish nation and get them to stand up and fight against this “‘cute-hoorisem “that has taken control of our country .The Jackie Healy Rays and the Lowry’s of this country are responsible for the disastrous financial position of the country and all for a few bread crumbs that fall from the Fianna Fail table

What a shame when these two people could have done their country proud and stood up in favor of Ireland’s

National interest  instead of their own back yards and personal interests 

with people like this holding the rains of power we are well and truly  *******

Now more than ever we need change for Ireland’s sake! 



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