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Saudi Arabia: House of Saud, Falling House of Cards

Flag Saudi Arabia

Flag Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: erjkprunczyk)

By: Washingtons_Blog

Saudi rulers are struggling to contain a new wave of public protests that has erupted across the Arabian kingdom as security forces open fire on unarmed civilians.

The big question: is the House of Saud finally beginning to collapse like the fragile house of cards that this creaking, ruling monarchy represents?


The irony is rich indeed. For the past year, the Saudi rulers have done their utmost to crush the slightest dissent in their country, while at the same time they have backed Western interference, aggression and regime change in Libya and Syria – under the guise, wait for it, of advocating democratic freedom and human rights.

At least two people have been reported dead from Saudi police violence against an outpouring of crowds who have taken to the streets in the kingdom – a female student and a man, described as a well-known human rights activist, are the latest victims. Many others have been injured or arrested as state security forces mobilise in what appears to be a desperate bid by the rulers to contain spreading protests.

The irony is that Saudi Arabia is one of the most vocal members of the Arab League to denounce Syria for alleged human rights violations against protesters in that country. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has even called on Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad to step down and give way to greater democratic reforms.

The irony comes in at least two parts: Saudi’s King Abdullah presides over an absolute monarchy that is brutally suppressing all and any peaceful dissent in his country calling for democracy; and, two, Saudi Arabia is funding and arming subversive groups in Syria who are accused of committing assassinations, kidnappings and many other terrorisms to bring down the secular Assad government.

For the past year, Saudi Arabia – the world’s biggest oil producer and a key Western ally – has witnessed persistent protests against the ruling House of Saud.

Up to now, the demonstrations calling for democratic freedoms have been mainly located in Saudi’s oil-rich Eastern Province, principally in the city of Qatif.

But, most worryingly for US-backed King Abdullah and his entourage of brothers and half-brothers, there is this week growing public dissent in all quarters of the kingdom.

Major street demonstrations are reported in the capital, Riyadh, in the Central Province. Protests are also taking off in the north, such as the city of Ar’ar, the western port of Jeddah and in the southern university city of Abha.

When other Arab countries saw mass protests last year against their dictatorial rulers, Saudi Arabia was also embroiled in the regional ferment. However, Saudi Arabia appeared peripheral to the momentous changes sweeping the Arab region with few media reports of any substantive popular uprising.

This can be explained partly by the ruthlessness of the Saudi authorities in crushing any incipient sign of protest in the kingdom. At least 10 people have been killed over the past year from Saudi state forces attacking peaceful demonstrations. Another explanation for the apparent low-key public protests in Saudi Arabia is the under-reporting of such events by the Western mainstream media.

The popular dissent in Saudi Arabia against its rulers is to be sure there; it is just not being reported by the Western corporate media. That is because Saudi Arabia is a major strategic ally of Western governments, for example in supplying oil, buying huge amounts of weapons, and advancing geopolitical agenda in support of the garrison state of Israel or facilitating the NATO conquest of Libya, hammering Syria, and trying to destabilise Iran.

The so-called free press and media in the West take tacit orders from their governments. The corporate media also take, depend on, lucrative advertising money from Saudi and Gulf Arab super rich entrepreneurs and state Sovereign Wealth Funds. Reporting on protests in Saudi Arabia and more especially reporting on state brutality is for the more accurately termed unfree media tantamount to cutting off the hand that feeds.

But, despite the suppression of protests and information, the people of Saudi Arabia are on the move against their Western-backed despotic rulers. And the grievances are as abundant as the oil in that country.

For a start, the Eastern Province has a large Shia Muslim population – perhaps 50 per cent compared with 10 per cent overall in Saudi Arabia. The Shia have been grossly discriminated against by the Wahhabi rulers of the House of Saud. Despite possessing the vast oil wealth of the Arabian Peninsula, poverty is rampant among the Eastern Province Shia.

Secondly, the Shia of Eastern Saudi Arabia are inflamed by the House of Saud’s invasion of neighbouring Bahrain and the ongoing brutal crackdown against the mainly Shia-led pro-democracy movement on that island. Recall that before the relatively recent imposition of European colonial boundaries, the people of Bahrain had close kinship with those of Eastern Saudi Arabia. It is not uncommon for families to have members in both territories until this day.

But the issue is much bigger than that. Right across Saudi Arabia, there are deep, seething grievances in the populace against the House of Saud, grievances that unite Shia, Sunni and non-religionists alike.

Despite Saudi Arabia’s vast oil wealth and official GDP per capita, unemployment and poverty are rampant. As with the other Gulf Arab countries, Saudi Arabia’s rulers rely on a slave labour economy recruited from South Asia and Africa. This means that many young Saudis have to endure a life of unemployment.

Other grievances include no elections and negligible freedom of expression – all forms of public protest are strictly banned; the state is run on an extreme Wahhabist application of Sharia law, where limbs are amputated for petty crimes and women are forbidden from driving cars because the kingdom’s religious police view that particular activity as being “unchaste”.

Nevertheless, the winds of change that have swept the region seem now to be assailing Saudi Arabia with increasing force.

While analysts have been focusing on the implications of a weakened Syria and Iran, the other side of coin has not received much attention. The fallout from a determined pro-democracy movement succeeding to overthrow the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia could be the surprise to rock the region, akin to the seismic event of the Iranian revolution in 1979.

Such an outcome would not be hard to contemplate. After all, Saudi Arabia as a state is a very recent and fragile construct. It was only formed in 1932 when imperialist Britain shoe-horned Ibn Saud into power against the Ottoman Empire and after the violent ouster of several tribal rivals.

Ever since, the House of Saud has ruled with fragile control over a fissile territory with deep, enduring tribal animosities. The present ailing and 87-year-old King Abdullah is one of 37 reputed sons of Ibn Saud. Rifts within the House of Saud and rivalries as to the successor of King Abdullah are constantly boiling. But even more explosive than these House of Saud tensions are those of the general population who are weary of dynastic, despotic rule.

A collapse of the House of Saud would have explosive consequences. How would the US-led warmongering towards Syria and Iran be conducted/blunted? How would that especial affront to international law and human rights, Israel, continue to survive? The price of oil would hit record levels beyond $150 a barrel and that would surely spell a coup de grace to the death-gasping capitalist world economy.


Monsters like Assad will be brought to justice

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With the constant stream of brutal killings in the various Syrian cities and the absence of any of the world peace bodies capable of stopping this blatant Syrian Government murder I feel compelled once again to call on the forceful removal of this Butcher of his own people and pray to god that this creep will meet the same faith as Gaddaffi,  the once proud master of Libya  .Monsters like Assad will be brought to justice and the United Nations must now enforce the international rule of law. This is not the middle ages where the world was oblivious to the crimes of so called leaders. The Peoples of the world demand action now and the protection of the innocent.

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The last slide  is of a little girl holding a placard for help ,she was brutally murdered  just one day after this photo.All decent people must take a good look at this little girl face and ask themselves “have I done enough to stop her murder” and many more that might  come to some other child  what if she was your child??? ?????

(see article below)

This innocent little girl is Martyred by the forces of Bassar al-Asad, some days ago. She was killed just one day after she was holding that board. The board says to help the Syrian children (especially in Homs). The armed forces of Syria are targeting  children and killing them.

Innocent men, women, and children are being slaughtered by the Assad government

The Syrian regime says life in Homs is normal, but the pictures and reports tell a much different story. In an emotional interview, a Syrian activist gives voice to a reality of death and destruction.
Innocent men, women, and children are being slaughtered by the Assad government because they are asking for freedom.


Russia and China have this blood on their hands and should now be expelled from the UN. The UN is now a farce .Thousands of people are now dead and are now been killed! Why is this been allowed to continue? Any person who calls themselves human must condemn this genocide. The Syrian army leadership must be told that they will have to face the international court of justice for murder and crimes against humanity. These criminals must be brought to justice a face the hangman for this!

Syrian army pursues deserters as western powers sharpen rhetoric


The Syrian army is continuing to hunt down deserters near the northern city of Idlib after troops on Tuesday killed close to 150 men who had fled their base. The toll marked the deadliest day of the nine-month uprising and has rekindled fears of an imminent civil war.

The news of the high numbers of dead and ongoing battles in the north came as an advance party of Arab League observers arrived in Damascus in a bid to implement an agreement signed by Syrian officials to stand down its troops and enter into talks.

As the observers touched down, western officials again ratcheted up their rhetoric against President Bashar al-Assad, demanding that he leave office immediately and warning that more measures will follow if the agreement is not implemented.

Washington on Wednesday night issued its most strident statement yet, prompting speculation that it may be considering new ways of trying to stop the bloodshed, which some regional observers say has already changed from an anti-government uprising to full-blown civil war

full article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/dec/21/syrian-army-pursues-idlib-deserters


No normal person who calls themselves civilized can stand by and watch this butchery take place.We now see people been openly murdered by the Assad regime and the UN are doing nothing!What kind of world are we living in  when the Syrian Government can just murder whomever they choose and in full view of the world .These gangsters and thugs must be stopped and if the UN will not step up then is  ordinary people that must be prepared to make a stand against this evil!

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’


As we in the west are about to celebrate Christmas the people of Syria are facing another Christmas at the hands of murderers .Children are been shot dead and people are been rounded up just because they aspire to have the same basic freedoms we take for granted . I have called our political leaders leaches, gangsters and traitors and I can expect to go about my daily life without fear of been murdered, but in Syria that is another thing. Please support the people of Syria in their heroic effort in obtaining their democratic freedom. The people of the world are watching you and support you in your struggle against the repressive regime in Damascus.

I call on the Government of Ireland to be the the first to openly send support to the free Syrian Army .

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

Syrian army masses outside Homs amid reports of imminent assault


Homs has been a centre of unrest since the onset of protests against President   Bashar al-Assad in February. The Free Syrian Army, a nascent rebel movement   comprised largely of defectors from the security forces, has units operating   inside the city.

A pipeline leading to a vital oil refinery in Homs was destroyed on Thursday.   The Syrian National Council (SNC), an alliance of parties opposed to Mr   Assad, accused the regime of using this incident as a pretext for an   offensive.

“The regime is paving the way to commit a massacre in order to extinguish   the revolution in Homs,” said a statement from the SNC. With 1.6m   people, Homs is divided between Syria’s   main religious groups.

The authorities have “tried hard to ignite the sectarian conflict using   many dirty methods, which have included bombing and burning mosques,   torturing and killing young men, and kidnapping women and children,”   added the SNC statement.

source and full article :http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/8945650/Syrian-army-masses-outside-Homs-amid-reports-of-imminent-assault.html


Its time for all decent people of the world to stand up with the people of Syria we in the west must now demand of our political leaders to take action and stop this blood thirsty tyrant murdering his own people .Democracy is a human right and not something that some despot dictator can withdraw whenever he feels like it.

If you don’t do something to day you are allowing this despot to continue to butcher his own people .write to your local TD and demand that the Irish government call on the UN to intervene  military if necessary  people are dying.This mass murderer must be brought to justice one way or another!

Freedom fro the peoples of Syria



Response from The Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore T.D on Syria

Received to-day From The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Eamon Gilmore T.D

25th  October 2011

Dear Mr. O Cleirigh,

The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Eamon Gilmore T.D, has asked me to thank you for your letter concerning Syria. The Tánaiste replied to a parliamentary question on Syria in the Dáil on 4 October, which I have attached for your information.

Full responce in PDF doc here:Eamon Gilmore on Syria


Yours sincerely,

Mary Connery

Private Secretary

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