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Warning “Flash Crash” of May 6th.

One of my viewers has sent me a warning note to be passed on to all traders and investors please be aware that the “Flash Crash” of May 6th. was not an isolated incident.
I attach two recent examples of similar “events”. The forces that worked in May last are still alive and well see PDF Doc ” Dark Pool

Latest Market brief from Chris

Thanks to our friends at http://www.wealthbuilder.ie     who have sent us their latest market brief and those of you that are following them must be doing great!

In our last communication in July to clients we pointed out that there was a possible significant bullish trend change approaching in the market. The key Dow Theory technical levels we identified were 4400 on the Transports and 10500 on the Industrials. As is by magic the market has remained “stuck” around these levels over the last 10 days. Full report in PDF HereMarket Brief 7th. August 2010[1]

Market Brief
7th. August 2010

Wealthbuilders market-update (April2010)

Many thanks to www.wealthbuilder.ie  for their stock-market up-date

The upward pulse of the bull trend that commenced in March of 2009 continues to forge ahead with considerable power. Both the Dow Transports and the Dow Industrials gave new buy confirmation

signals last week. That this happened in the middle of an earnings season is most encouraging. Thus it would appear that the probability of the Industrials hitting the 14,000 level without significant difficulty is high, allowing for the odd pullback.

for full report PDF doc here Wealthbuilder_Market_Brief 

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