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Close shaves are called for

By Shane Ross:

MINISTER for Health James Reilly has one. NTMA boss John Corrigan has one

A Mercedes?

Union boss David Begg has one. Pensions supremo Brendan Kennedy has one.

A chateau on the Loire?

Siptu chief Jack O’Connor has one.

You’ve guessed it.

Bushy beards were once the preserve of the bourgeois brethren of the revolution. Today they are sprouting in the ranks of the chief executives of the semi-states. The super quangos are beginning to demand that no one worthy of the top job reveals the colour of his chin……………….

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/shane-ross/shane-ross-close-shaves-are-called-for-3276633.html

God forbid, chinless wonders could soon become de rigueur in the private sector.

Last week were you startled to see yet another man with a beard on the platform, presenting the results of a report into fees and charges in the pensions industry?

Gilmore criticises Govt economic policies

RTE news reports

Sunday, 16 May 2010 12:30

The Labour Party leader has strongly criticised the Government’s economic policies, accusing the Taoiseach of standing idly by while the economy was taken over by speculators.

Eamon Gilmore was speaking at Arbour Hill in Dublin at the annual James Connolly Commemoration.

He said Taoiseach Brian Cowen is now attempting to rewrite history by whitewashing the past, which he said is a ‘shameful exercise’.

Mr Gilmore also said Fianna Fáil had betrayed the people of Ireland.

He said the National Asset Management Agency is a scheme designed by the golden circle, for the golden circle and delivered in ‘shiny packaging by Fianna Fáil.’

SIPTU General President Jack O’Connor also used the occasion to criticise the Government’s handling of the economy.

Mr O’Connor said the economic crisis has meant sacrifices have to be made by all sections of society, but that no-one should confuse social responsibility with a lack of will to fight.

He said such a fight must be well-informed, strategic and organised. He said public service unions are currently in discussions over what kind of strategy to employ to confront ‘the great challenge of our time’.

Mr O’Connor also described the 1997 Fianna Fáil-Progressive Democrat coalition as a ‘swarm of locusts’ who ‘destroyed any potential for a stable economy’.

He said the ‘swashbuckling winner takes all’ economic model has run its course

Story from RTÉ News:

Hello Again !!its Live Line (1)

Hello Again
!!its Live Line (1)

Da –da Lid-dil-lis –da –da etc etc !!!

As I write this article I am listening to what in fast becoming a program I look forward to every day now

Anyway I will tape the show as best I can

You will hear this Union Boss telling reluctant electrical contractors they have to charge new higher hourly rates and the small contractors are saying that they have to live in the real world and charge what the current market will pay now

This gob-s*** spends the entire time making a complete buffoon of himself and reminds me of the loony 70s Trade unionist that went on strike for cups of tea in the English car factories then

He sounds as if he has his nose completely up is *** and is clinging on to his chairman Union Red Book Mantra

This proves to me that I was right about the trade unions here in Ireland; they are one and the same with the current government

They have lost their roots and are complexity out of touch with the ordinary working people

Time and Time again ordinary working electricians were ringing in to the show to say they did not want to charge these new charges because the current economic conditions do not support them! People just cannot pay these ridiculous hourly rates

Well none of these rates are as bad as the hourly rate I was quoted for my Renault car repair

Remember the 120Euro per Hour Bill Cullen wants to charge, He must want to buy a new Porsche and hopes that people like me will just cough up the bread

the point is there are a lot of people still out there that have not yet coped on that we are now in a depression and the good times of ripping off Joe public is over for good

So get real!!

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