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Classic diversion tacits in progress

I see that the The Seanad Committee on Members’ Interests is meeting to consider whether to proceed with a fresh inquiry into mobile phone expense claims by Senator Ivor Callely.full article at http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/0809/callelyi.html

comment :
Please note they the Irish house of unelected would be lords have taken the time to discuss one of th…eir own member’s alleged abuses of expenses cases while at the same time the country is heading down the swannie and all you can do is pontificate and grand stand why the hell are you not doing the same for the real crimes that are been carried out by your own colleagues in the Dail A plague on all your houses is the message you will get from the down trodden taxpayers of this country
Why are they not meeting to discuss the blatant exploitation of the Banks of their own customers?
Making there mortgage payers pay for the banks fraudulent practices and activities
the people of this country will only take so much !

John Drennan of the sunday independant on Calley

No amount of houses, yachts or portraits would ever fill Callely’s desire to be noticed,
writes John Drennan

He may now be more famous than Brian Cowen, but the strangest thing about the summer phenomenon of 2010 is that we know so little about the secret soul of Senator Ivor Callely.
We know Callely is a one-man poster boy for the venal cupidity of a political system, but what was it within Ivor that led to his current desolate state where he is poised to experience the rare ignominy of being expelled from the eternally forgiving Fianna Fail family?
It was a little bubble world in which Callely once could dream of full cabinet ranking and, if the fortune-teller in his childhood was right, maybe even the Presidency.
Sean Haughey may have taken Haughey peer’s seat in Dublin North Central, but, as the old dears squawked approvingly about that “young Ivan (sic) Callely”, Ivor believed he was the constituency boss and the real spiritual heir to Haughey. The dreaded days when a braying posse of supporters would crowd into the Dail bar in a fug of cheap cologne and dear suits are gone, for Ivor is no longer a political thug in a pink shirt knocking at the doors of the Cabinet.
One of the unwritten rules of Irish politics is that if you remain within the sanctuary of the Dail club even if you get into trouble nothing too bad can happen to you. But, if you sin sufficiently to be cast adrift, then you are in a world of trouble.
It is no wonder, therefore, that Ivor is not looking so chipper these days, for even his own are praying that this grotesque drama can quickly be brought to conclusion.
When other black sheep have arrived back to the Dail bar after their travails, they have been greeted with a great throaty roar that could be heard in the corridors.
In contrast, Callely has no one to advocate for him, or to even smile when this political ghost returns to Leinster House.
Some would say that Ivor is where he is now because he is simply stupid.
It certainly takes a special sort of idiot to be sacked as a junior minister, but his tragic flaw is deeper.
It would be excessively cruel to claim Ivor does not have a soul, but he does suffer from the toxic combination of a monstrous ego and a complete lack of emotional intelligence.
The most intriguing feature of the life of Ivor Callely is that there is no record in the secret oral histories that all TDs and senators have about their colleagues of a single act of generosity or kindness.
Though he was a political Rain Man who was only interested in Ivor, Mr Callely had his political role models. Bertie, in one of his incarnations as a municipal socialist, spoke famously about how he never wanted islands or yachts or any of that stuff.
But, while Ivor wanted the lot, there was a critical difference between him and Haughey.
With Haughey the yachts and the rest were trappings, for what really drove the former Taoiseach was a complex series of desires incorporating genuine patriotism and, of course, his own personal aggrandisement.
Ivor, however, had no real reason for being in politics beyond the desire for personal glory.
In that respect, he really was, in political terms, a boy without a soul.
The problem with the monstrous ego which fuelled the career of Callely wasn’t just that no amount of statues, houses, yachts or portraits would ever fill his desire to be noticed. The consequent absence of emotional intelligence meant that when the inevitable great fall arrived he was without a single friend.
We should be careful not to turn Ivor into a mythological figure, for Ivor Callely is a greedy, self-centred fool. Rather like his suits, he was one of the more lurid examples of how Fianna Fail betrayed the principles of the Republic, and itself, out of greed.
Even in the good times, his self-obsession meant that even in this most clubbable of places Ivor was always alone.
But now, at this nadir, Fianna Fail’s new Guy Fawkes is most assuredly on his own. And though he is an unlovely creature it is still a cruel, if deserved, place in which he now finds himself.
– John Drennan
Sunday Independent

Well, what can I an ordinary Joe soap add to this excellent summation of the current mêlées that has befallen Mr.Ivor Callely?
The most obvious omission of course is if you were to ask any person on the street without mentioning Mr.Callely, s name you will most likely hear a different TD, s name or Senators Name !The reason is amply expressed in the above article
Most of the people’s servants are perceived by the general public to be “in it for themselves “they are totally out of touch with the ordinary people on the street
Hold up in their ivory tower that the Dail has become they constantly shuffle for camera time and the babble out of their collective mouths is in stark contrast to their body language. If you don’t believe me just turn off the babble and just look at the pictures
anyone with a bit of life experience will immediately see that these people are just going through the motions and it is also plain to see that they don’t really know what they are talking about.
the Dail membership becomes the soul purpose for these addicts of power, its perks and the association of such power the promises dispensed during the election campaign are long forgotten and the new mantra is all hail to the local Gombeeen whom we are all now destined to come crawling to if we lose our jobs or need to get a bed in the local hospital or have the local river cleaned up
Make no mistake Ivor Callely is a saint when it comes to the real sliveens in the Dail

the system is totally rotten !

Foul-Mouth Gogarty looking for points?

Gardai may probe Callely expenses

(UKPA) – 2 hours ago

A Green Party TD has lodged an official complaint with the gardai about the expenses claims of controversial Senator Ivor Callely.

Paul Gogarty, who has written to the Seanad complaining about the politician’s alleged conduct, went to Dublin’s Lucan Garda Station asking for an investigation to be carried out.

Fianna Fail suspended Senator Callely from the party on Tuesday as it launched its own probe into his expenses after fresh allegations that he had used forged documents to claim from the Oireachtas.

source http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5htl4sbtWgoPvV15T6s_41I0aI5cg


This latest grandstanding by this foul-mouthed TD is laughable

If he really has an ounce of credibility he should report the con artistes in the Cabinet to the fraud squad and the CAB should be called in

These crooks have robbed the Irish taxpayers of billions of euro to bail our corrupt Banks and dodgier Developers and are still allowing the same corrupt banks to charge 300% and more on mortgage interest payments to their hard pressed and bewildered customers

This TD (Paul Gogarty) has sold out every core value he had in order to hold on to power and the perks he now enjoys at the expense of the betrayed taxpayers of this country.

In my eyes he is no better that Callely and the rest of the cronies and leaches that populate the senate and the Dail chamber

I call on all TD, s to publish in their entirety all the expanses and recipes so the general public can see for themselves who is calming for what

This should be done on the internet and Kildarestreet .com would be an excellent platform for the Ladies and Gents who  proclaim to be public servants .


Please send your TD,s  an  e-mail calling for them to publish their entire expenses now on the web

Taoiseach tells Callely What?

According to the indo
Unelected and personally nominated TAOISEACH Brian Cowen yesterday made it clear he wanted Senator Ivor Callely to repay the €80,000 he claimed in travel expenses from his holiday home in west Cork.
But he said he did not have the power to force Mr Callely, who was personally nominated to the Seanad three years ago by his predecessor Bertie Ahern, to resign.
“There is no sanction available to any Taoiseach of the day that would involve my dismissing him as a senator. That’s not possible for me to do,” he said.
source http://www.independent.ie/national-news/taoiseach-tells-callely-to-pay-back-expenses-2262701.html

no surprises here as they were both given their jobs sucking the taxpayers of this country dry by the same former dubious Taoiseach Bertie Ahern
This of course is Bullshit;
This guy has been found fiddling his expenses and this Unelected Taoiseach Cowen
So just like Callely Cowen was nominated by the former dubious Taoiseach Bertie Ahern who we all remember has his own serious questions to answer in relation to his financial affairs!
The bottom line here is that the who system is rotten to the core and the people making pronouncements on Callely are the same people claiming huge expense of their own
I.E. Milking the system for all they can get!
Not to mention the huge bailouts of billions that the taxpayers have now lost for good
Because of the gross incompetence of Cowen and his gang of misfits in government
Are they going to pay back these billions to the taxpayers of this country?
NO they are not instead they are going to hand over many more billions to their pals in the Banks and the building industry
Calley has taken 80,000 from the collective honey pot but Cowen and his cronies in government have helped their pals in the Banking world and the Nation’s top developers to steal billions from the taxpayers of this country so what is their sanction going to be?
Huge pensions and golden handshakes for the lot of them!
Just like the previous dubious Taoiseach Ahern!

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