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Ref:Seanad referendum


Well if you are in Ireland reading this you may well want to congratulate yourself seeing that we the people have thwarted the attempts by the established political elite to take a big chunk out of our constitution. Yes my friends we can indeed feel we have achieved something special but don’t go overboard as the politicians will now have to come up with an alternative plan! Mr Kenny refused to consider a major overall of the upper house and I fear he and his vested interests will now continue to stuff the house with their cronies’ .What we now need to do is to pile on the pressure for a major overall of this house and enable access for the ordinary Joe!

No more special places for our top University props and the other elitist vested interests in our society we need access for all and one way would be for a national lottery of all the citizens, where all PPS numbers will be put into a lottery and the first 64 or so numbers will be the new members of the upper house! Once served you do not get a second term no matter who you are and all the previous members must be disqualified. A payment of the equivalent of the dole payment should be sufficient for the privilege of serving your own people and a drastic cut in the existing politician’s salaries to say the average industrial wage should also be implemented ASAP. No state pensions should exceed that of the average wage earner period!

Now we are talking meaningful change and a true presentation of democracy for and by the people.

Have a pleasant Sunday

Mise le mass

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

“We need to shake the barley all over again”

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


This latest article from the slog depicts a carbon copy of my own frustration with the blogging world.Only last week a number of Irish bloggers effectively threw in the towel as it were. Because of the lack of any meaningful progress against the political and financial dictator sell outs running our small country! The slogs descriptions of the wider control of the control of the internet may well be a major factor but I am not prepared to excuse our own people’s couldn’t care less attitude. The fighting spirit of the Irish has been neutralized and I am beginning to suspect that this is not just people being lazy! I believe we are the victims of a massive brainwashing campaign.With the help of chemical poisoning, the fluoridation of our drinking water and the seeding of the very air we breathe! Is it any wonder we have the highest levels of cancer deaths in the top 9 categories in all of Europe. Al this is a country that has no heavy industry. Something is terribly wrong as our people are dying off like flies. Everybody in Ireland knows somebody who has cancer!

The tripe being spewed out by our national TV station RTE and the unfettered access to our nation by the SKY Corporation is enormously damaging .RTE is stuffed to the gills with political puppets and the party line is rigorously enforced. The National radio is also used to great effect, especially the Live Line program .Yep Paddy is kept satisfied by giving him his two minutes of fame on the national airwaves, and so our treacherous political collaborators can continue to dismantle our republic as they successfully divide all of our people into various segments that can easily be marginalized.

This Friday we are witnessing  an  attempt to take another chunk of constitution away, as the established political gangsters tell us we have too many politicians in the upper house and we need to get rid of them ,by getting rid of the upper house altogether! Well the house is stuffed to the gills with political appointees and their pals and it was by no measure a true representation of the people of Ireland, but getting rid of a body put there by our founding fathers is more than a little concerning. I don’t trust these puppets and politicians who are in the pay of Brussels .We need more checks and we the people need to be more involved in the processes of running our country! Leaving it up to the musical chairs politicians has be a disaster for our country and the crimes committed by the current lot of gangsters in the Dial will go unpunished as has the previous shower of gangsters who were in before them and are about to get hold of power again!

My faith in the written word and in the current totally corrupt political system is now gone!

I am actively looking at alternatives to bring the fight to the people of Ireland.

We are now financial slaves being dictated to by faceless unelected money men who‘s power stretches all the way to Berlin and paddy is happy to eat the crumbs that he is allowed to scoop off their boots!

Turkeys been asked not to vote for Christmas indeed!


 By Thomás O Cléirigh


Turkeys been asked not to vote for Christmas indeed!

Just look around and see all those empty seats why do we the people pay these Turkeys in the first place .I am only sorry that we are not voting away the Dail as there are enough “public servants” sucking us the ordinary people dry as they stuff themselves with lottery salaries and pensions .

Norris and the rest of these elite political dinosaurs have been dining and wining at the people’s expense, thanks to his lottery salarie from that cursed Seanad. Let them all come down to the real world of the hopeless unemployed and try and live on the crumbs the political elite throw us!

Why should we vote for cronies who don’t even show up for work???

Mr Norris if we got this kind of performance from all the rest of these turkeys who sometimes call to the Seanad just to be able to collect their lottery salaries we might consider saving your job but you would then only be able to collect the equivalent of the Dole and no more: It should be a privilege to serve the people of Ireland and we should not have to pay through the nose either!The Seanad is a resting place of the privilege and the political élite waiting to enhance their profiles as they learn to use the political tools that someday will propel them to higher public office and lottery pensions .Peroid !

Focus Ireland

Dear Machholz,

I want to bring you up to date with our campaign to ensure that children who are in state care have a legal right to aftercare when they reach 18 years of age.

You will remember that we were lobbying hard under the last Government to get a legal right to aftercare included in the Childcare Amendment Bill. At the beginning of July, the new Government voted through the Childcare Amendment Bill – but without the change that would have made aftercare a legal right. Given the way that both Fine Gael and Labour supported this campaign while in opposition, this is very disappointing.

On the positive side the new Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald, made a commitment to the Dáil and Seanad that she would consider whether legislation to guarantee the right to aftercare is necessary. It is depressing to see her repeat the same tired words of former Minister Barry Andrews that la ws that say the HSE ‘may’ provide aftercare actually mean that they ‘shall’. But Minister Fitzgerald’s progessive action in bringing forward legislation in many other areas of child protection must give us hope that this area will not be neglected. She promised to consider this issue in the context of legislation establishing her own Department and we will be working to ensure the case is strongly put to her.

If you want to read more about the Aftercare issue click here and follow the link at the end of the text, or to go straight to our analysis of the Oireacthas debate and its implications here.

In co-operation with ‘Action on Aftercare’, we are now looking at the wider range of legislation on this issue which exists in Northern Ireland and oth er countries, with a view to convincing Minister Fitzgerald that a broader range of legislation is required to ensure provision of effective aftercare to all who need it. In the meantime, it would be a good idea to let Minister Fitzgerald know that we are disappointed that the incoming Government did not live up to its promises in opposition. You can mail her here.

Finally, if you want to keep up with the broad range of Focus Ireland‘s advocacy work on homelessness and social housing, please subscribe to our new ‘Advocacy Update’ e-zine here.

Mike Allen

Director of Advocacy, Development, Communications and Research

Links: http://takeaction.focusireland.ie/takeaction?i=12761764859163801

Link 2: http://focusireland.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=f833aefd56e8a0fc1acc1ec85&id=7ab4747834

Democratic Practices in Ireland in 2011

How National Government treats political activity which is funded from outside the Irish State:
By Donal Buckley
Freelance Journalist/Writer
We The Citizens claim to have applied for and got Euros 630,000 from Atlantic Philanthropies ( Chuck Feeney’s organisation).
The attached questionnaire was submitted to We The Citizens as part of research into democratic practices.
Specifically there was a request to respond in writing.
We The Citizens organised and funded by monies from Atlantic Philanthropies to four Irish academics, refused to supply a written response.
After months of obstructing my enquiries We The citizens finally replied on 3 June 2011.
The responses were unsatisfactory and contradicted their published information.
Atlantic Philanthropies refused to explain why they funded We The Citizens.
WTCs are political activists agitating for political reform.
AP state that they do not fund political activity.
WTCs state that all seven Universities in Ireland back their activity.
Prof Morgan Kelly stated that Irish academics are paid twice the European average salary.
With that bloated income stream available to WTCs, why did the four academics apply for funding from outside the state for their political activities?
Why did the Ceann Comhairle block questions from Fine Gael TD James Bannon on the activities of an organisation funded from outside the State?
At the same time the Chairman of WTCs was appointed to the Seanad by Mr Enda Kenny , Taoiseach.
A democratic exercise by a TD of raising questions in Dail Eireann was blocked by the Ceann Comhairle to facilitate the appointment of a Senator by the Taoiseach.
Questions must not be asked , Dail rights of an elected TD are not allowed when they interfere with cronyism in motion at the same time.
Selection is prioritised over elected representation. Is this the road block in democratic practice?
Is the Ceann Comhairle obstructing democracy in Dail Eireann?
How is an appointment to the Seanad by the Taoiseach interpreted by the recipient?
Can one accept an appointment to the Seanad in good faith when the person offering the Seanad seat has determined that the Seanad is to be abolished as irrelevant and expensive waste of public money.
This may be compared with the recipient standing at the edge of a black hole ( Seanad) and being pushed into(or jumping into) that hole.
Is an appointment to the Seanad an insult or a compliment?
Is an appointment to a citizens assembly by selection from an artificially created , selected interest group, a compliment or an insult to democracy?

I am firmly in the camp for the abolition of the Seanad!


But I have received this from Michel D

Dear friends,

 My colleague and former student Donncha O’ Connell is running in the Seanad elections 2011 on the National University of Ireland Panel. This is a panel I was elected to myself in 1982 and I know that while the Seanad is in need of reform, Donncha is somebody who would have a real contribution to make not only on the issue of reform, but on so much more. He has not only been an inspiring University teacher, but he has given service of inestimable value in the public area – on human rights, disability, and constitutional and political reform. He has done this with generosity and commitment at local, national and international level. I strongly support his candidature and respectfully ask you to give him your number 1 vote. May I also ask you to help spread the word by forwarding this email with your own personal message to those on your own mailing list. Donncha would make a great Senator – one whose Seanad contributions I am certain we will all be proud of. I thank you for your time and your assistance. With warmest regards, Michael D Higgins


Whilst I am firmly in the camp for the abolition of the Seanad,

As I believe this is an elitist tool to perpetuate the notion that some citizens are more important than others and should have a right to have their own debating chamber away from the preying eyes of the likes me who never did get the chance to get to university because of my parents financial position and the negligence of the state in whose care I was placed in.

Out of respect for “Michael D” I have forwarded his appeal for support for Donncha O’ Connell in Seanad elections 2011

I have also received this other appeal from Diarmaid O Cadhla having gone through my own attempt to collect votes I do feel for anybody putting themselves up for election and so I show my support to all candidates except thoes  from Fianna Fail and the Greens who I view as trators to our country !

Dear friend,

 Attached is a .PDF copy  ( Seanad_Election_Letter)   of the letter I have used in canvasing for the Seanad NUI election, it is focused on the need to defend Bunreacht na hÉireann from the promised “major constitutional changes” of FG/Labour.

 If you can pass this to any NUI graduates that you know it will both help the election effort but it should also help in highlighting a very important question for our sovereignty and democracy.

 I have created some web pages explaining the approach during this election campaign, you might like to review them.

 Very best wishes,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla

National Spokesperson

Website: An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention

Follow CPPC_IE on Twitter

Ivor Callely’s legal bill of more than €100,000

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By Dearbhail McDonald and Tim Healy

Tuesday February 01 2011

THE taxpayer is picking up Ivor Callely‘s legal bill of more than €100,000 — dwarfing the €81,000 travel expenses claim that led to his suspension from the Seanad.

Mr Callely, who mounted a successful High Court challenge to his 20-day suspension from the Seanad last year, has also been awarded almost €17,000 for loss of earnings.

The Seanad committee on members’ interests is preparing to appeal the High Court ruling to the Supreme Court.

But it agreed yesterday to compensate Mr Callely for his loss of earnings and to pay his legal costs, estimated at more than €100,000, for the five-day hearing. This figure does not include the State’s legal costs.

The High Court heard that snakes had been placed on the porch of the north Dublin politician’s home, such was the level of vitriol that descended on him in the wake of his expenses scandal.

His senior counsel Michael O’Higgins told the court that at his son’s graduation from Trinity College Dublin, Mr Callely had to leave early “such was the level of snide comments” to which he was subjected.

After securing the payout for docked wages, the senator claimed he had suffered an abuse of power.

“I don’t think we’ll ever see the likes of it happening again,” Mr Callely said. “I’m always supportive of people who have been unfairly treated by people in a position of power, who feel they can abuse that.

“I had to take extraordinary steps to deal with an extraordinary situation and I have been cleared 100pc and it’s brilliant.”

The High Court heard that Mr Callely suffered catastrophic consequences to his reputation as a result of a senate committee’s incorrect finding about his expenses claims.

The judge who found in his favour earlier this month also said yesterday there had been a “grievous and egregious” breach of his constitutional rights which did “untold damage” to him.

Mr O’Higgins told High Court judge Mr Justice Iarflaith O’Neill that Mr Callely’s reputation had further suffered at the hands of media outlets which felt “emboldened” by the finding of a Seanad committee that Mr Callely had misrepresented his place of residence as west Cork.

That finding was overturned on January 14 by Mr Justice O’Neill, who ruled Mr Callely was in compliance with the applicable definition of “normal place of residence” when he made his expenses claim. The committee and the Seanad had misdirected themselves, in law, on this definition, the judge said.

They had also breached fair procedures in failing to afford the senator a reasonable opportunity to defend himself on a charge of breach of political ethics, the judge found.

The case was back before Judge O’Neill yesterday to deal with costs and ancillary orders arising out of his judgment.

However, the court heard there was a dispute between lawyers for Mr Callely and the Seanad over whether he was entitled to damages.


Conleth Bradley, for the Seanad, said he was “gobsmacked” that such a claim was made now.

Mr O’Higgins said while his side was seeking payment for the 20 days Mr Callely had been suspended — totalling €16,948 — he was also asking the court to take into account the damage caused to his good name. Mr Justice O’Neill said the judicial review proceedings had not included a claim for damages and it was rare that they would.

Following talks, Mr Justice O’Neill was told an agreed order had been drawn up between the parties that the committee’s findings should be quashed and that he was entitled to be paid for the 20 days he had been suspended.

The judge agreed to put a stay on his order in relation to costs in the event of an appeal.

– Dearbhail McDonald and Tim Healy

Irish Independent


This is one of the reasons I am standing as an independent in the coming  General Election the current political system seems no to be able to cope with the obvious in built failures in the overly corrupt system. There seems to be one law for the political elite and one for the citizens.

This award is outrageous and the glee in this man’s face is a slap in the face to the ordinary citizens of Ireland. Unless we collective decide now that we want real change this kind of thing will only continue and we the taxpayers will only get squeezed still further.Its about time this house of elitists be shut down

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