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Classic diversion tacits in progress

I see that the The Seanad Committee on Members’ Interests is meeting to consider whether to proceed with a fresh inquiry into mobile phone expense claims by Senator Ivor Callely.full article at http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/0809/callelyi.html

comment :
Please note they the Irish house of unelected would be lords have taken the time to discuss one of th…eir own member’s alleged abuses of expenses cases while at the same time the country is heading down the swannie and all you can do is pontificate and grand stand why the hell are you not doing the same for the real crimes that are been carried out by your own colleagues in the Dail A plague on all your houses is the message you will get from the down trodden taxpayers of this country
Why are they not meeting to discuss the blatant exploitation of the Banks of their own customers?
Making there mortgage payers pay for the banks fraudulent practices and activities
the people of this country will only take so much !

Ivor Callely’s expenses

Members’ Interests Committee

Watch the Seanad committee discussions as part of its investigation into Senator Ivor Callely’s expenses.

video link http://www.rte.ie/live/index.html

Looking at this character waffling on and effectively making us all out to be idiots is just pathetic!

His blatant attempt to appeal to his colleagues and reminding them that serving the public is no walk in the park with regards to prying eyes

Convientely forgetting the little matter of 80,000 Euros clamed on his “expenses” from the public purse

May I remind this Gob**** that a great many people who trusted him would be expected to live 8 years on what he claimed on questionable expenses !

I hope this is not just a show put on by Fianna Fail just to be seen to be doing something about their complete lack of honesty and moral leadership

It would not surprise me to see this clown get a wrap on the knuckles and told not to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar again

This person’s demeanour speaks volumes see how he is talking to the panel as if he was addressing a bunch of his pals in the local pub!

There is no sense of him acknowledging the damage he is causing

What a pompous Ass****!

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