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Deutsche Welle TV looking for help

Received today

can anybody in Wicklow Town help this man??  I have phone number!

e-mail 1machholz@gmail.com 

Dear Thomas,

I work for Deutsche Welle TV, Germany’s international broadcaster, similar to BBC World or CNN International.

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsche_Welle#DW-TV_programmes )

I’m in Dublin at the moment, filming a story about the cuts in public spending in Ireland and I am looking for people who have been at the receiving end of these cuts, especially in the healthcare-sector. Would you be able to put me in touch with a former member of staff at Wicklow Hospital or anybody else previously in healthcare who has lost his or her job as a result of the recent cuts and would be willing to talk to us today, Wednesday Nov 24?

Many thanks for considering my query,

best regards,

Gerhard Elfers


Deutsche Welle TV



Save wicklow Hospital 2

Residential section of Wicklow District Hospital to close

The Health Service Executive has confirmed that it is to close the residential section of Wicklow District Hospital. The facility currently accommodates 20 long-stay elderly patients. A spokeswoman said the decision was communicated to patients, their families and to staff today, but the closure would not happen immediately. She said a period of consultation would now get under way with patients and their relatives, during which alternative accommodation arrangements would be put in place if required. Beds were available at alternative facilities in the locality, she added. The spokeswoman said the decision to close the unit had been prompted by a range of significant infrastructural concerns, particularly regarding fire safety, in what is an old building. She added that other services offered at the hospital, including the daycare centre and other clinics, would continue to operate as normal. The spokeswoman denied that the decision was in any way connected to cutbacks or a reconfiguration of services in the region. The future of the hospital has been the subject of significant local speculation recently. Last weekend, several thousand local people took to the streets of Wicklow to voice their concerns about the possibility of the facility being downgraded.

source http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/1014/wicklow.html

Comment :

The HSE and some local politicians have allowed this local service to be taken away from us,

A very disappointing example of the lack of local political input to local services and a question now hangs over the extent of real power the Wicklow politicians have over such services!



Save Wicklow Hospital demonstration

Save Wicklow Hospital organised this demonstration in the town on Saturday to show the HSE and the politicians they will have a fight on their hands if they want to close the town’s hospital and they were willing to take to the streets to prove it
2500 people showed up and this was easily the largest public demonstration that town has for 30 years

Wicklow hospital demonstration

To-day Wicklow Town saw its largest demonstration against health cuts in 30 Years

There was a notable absents of one politician from this public outcry give a guess who that is

A message was sent loud and clear to the Green supported Fianna Fail Government. Health cuts are going to be one of the top items in the next general election .

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