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Sean FitzPatrick’s repossessed banger

By Kevin Keane

Tuesday January 18 2011

IT once belonged to a chieftain of the Celtic Tiger, and yesterday, bidding on Sean FitzPatrick‘s repossessed banger took on a frenzy that hasn’t been seen since the craziest days of the property bubble.

Bids of thousands of euro were made for the privilege to press a button that will turn the 19-year-old 3-Series BMW to scrap metal.

In keeping with the spirit of Anglo Irish Bank, of which Mr FitzPatrick is a former chief executive and chairman, a bidding war on the online auction site http://www.ebay.ie ensued. The price jumped from €1 to €2,000 in the first 10 minutes.

The price had reached €3,000 within 20 minutes and by 5.30pm it had hit €5,100.

All the proceeds from the auction, which is being organised by RTE Radio One‘s ‘Mooney Show’, will go to the Samaritans.

The car made headlines last week when it was collected from Mr FitzPatrick’s Co Wicklow home by National Recycling Ltd.

National Recycling’s sales manager Connor Hand said yesterday that they discovered the car was for sale late last year.

“We decided that we’d put in a unique bid of €1234.56 in a sealed envelope and we were told before Christmas that we had got it.”

According to the seller’s note on eBay, the highest bidder will win the opportunity to go to the National Recycling plant in Clondalkin, Dublin, to push a button and crush the car.

Bidding ends at 3.20pm on Monday, January 24.

– Kevin Keane

On that note here is a photo of our car

 The motor tax on this 04 renault for the year is Euro 445.00 (we have two such cars in our Family ) Thanks to the Greens our Family is paying Euro 582.00  more on road tax every year  just for the privilage of driving on roads that are full of potholes.

Then we have this car and you see the motor tax is just Euro 154.00 There are obviously more people driving the Renault type cars than the New Merks so the con is to make more of the ordinary families to pay more and fill up the coffers so these incompetent politicians can spend the collected funds on ill thought out projects

Roll on the general election when we hopefully will get rid of the mad Greens  and reverse some of this madness.

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