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The Great Irish State Assets Sell-offs 2012 (the ones that you haven’t heard anything about)

Last week’s surprise offer from Ryanair for all the shares in Aer Lingus generated many column inches in newspapers and much national discourse. The €694m valuation of Aer Lingus derived from the €1.30 a share offer, would have valued the State’s 25% stake at about €175m. And because the State’s stake in Aer Lingus is slated for disposal anyway, there has been much talk about the price. Last week, Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Brendan Howlin, when asked about the value of the State’s stake, referred reporters at a press conference to a reply given by his colleague Minister Noonan the previous week, when he said you don’t show your negotiating hand in advance, and have you never sold a calf at the Fair of Glen. Alongside our stake in Aer Lingus, you can also expect much discussion over the coming months with the disposal of stakes in Bord Gais Energy and parts of the ESB. All told, the plan is to raise €2-3bn in the disposal of stakes in State companies.

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/the-great-irish-state-assets-sell-offs-2012-the-ones-that-you-havent-heard-anything-about/

Ryanair and actor Gérard Depardieu’s recent mess

Ryanair has been quick to rub Air France’s nose in actor Gérard  Depardieu’s recent mess –  its latest website sales banner suggests that now  even the passengers “pisse” on its competition.

priceless !

Ryanair is clearly grateful  to Depardieu for an  unmissable moment (Screen capture:  Le Post)

(Read more online  French News here)

Known for its brash marketing approach –  it refers to  its aircraft as flying buses and once suggested offering standing-room-only  tickets —  the aggressive Irish-based, low-cost airline was clearly flushed with  delight at reports that an apparently inebriated and overloaded Depardieu had  flooded the galley floor of a City Jet Paris-Dublin flight.

The incident occurred because, in line with flight safety regulations, staff  on the AF 5010 which was carrying 127 passengers, declined to let him use the  toilets in the minutes before takeoff. Bursting to go, Depardieu was said by one  account, to have headed into the galley with a plastic bottle, where he  proceeded to miss his target.

The Air France low-cost subsidiary made light of the matter   in this tweet even though the incident meant the plane which aborted takeoff  and returned to the terminal was delayed two hours for a mop-up.

Read more: http://french-news-online.com/wordpress/?p=6992#ixzz1WWW34VFg

Ronan Lyons on Michael O’Leary’s suggestions to quit Ireland

Ronan Lyons has posted a new item, ‘Should we let Michael O’Leary run our income
tax system?’

This post examines Michael O’Leary’s suggestions in relation to Ireland’s
income tax system,
in particular making it simpler and ensuring everyone
contributes but not too much! It uses recently published Revenue Commissioners
figures for income in 2008 to estimate who would like the proposal and who would
hate it, Government included. It concludes with a few tweaks to the proposal,
including in relation to income earned through social welfare.

full article at source:http://www.ronanlyons.com/2011/08/23/should-we-let-michael-oleary-run-our-income-tax-system/

The Laffer Curve

The current government’s policy of taxing workers and business up to the gills is only going to bring about less revenue I can see this already happening .I called a plumber two days ago to give me a quote on some pipe work I was thinking of getting done he quoted me two prices one cash price and one with a receipt needleless to say the cash price quote was a good 28 % cheaper now extrapolate that throughout the country. Taxing people so much doesn’t make sense ask Michael O Leary everybody knows he wants as much profit for Ryan air as possible but does he increases the prices he charges for flights no, he continues cutting his prices. That is why his company is one of the  largest airlines in the world.  

I rest my case on Taxes , this budget is a disaster for Ireland

Exposing the golden circle


A network of 39 individuals held powerful positions in 33 of 40 top public organisations and

Private Irish businesses in three of the critical Celtic Tiger years (2005-2007), and held more

Than 93 directorships between them in these companies during this period; as well as an

Average of ten directorships each in other companies.

Focused on the years 2005-2007, the research shows that each of the 39 members of this

‘Director Network’ held multiple directorships on at least two boards across 33 of the 40

companies concerned.

More than a quarter (eleven) of the 39 members of the Director Network were particularly

well-connected. They had ten or more links, via these multiple directorships, to other

members of this Network and/or sat on three, four or even five boards of the top 40 companies


In addition to holding multiple directorships, a significant proportion of the Director Network

held very senior full-time positions, either as CEOs or executive directors or equivalent


Over half of the members of the Director Network held board positions in at least one of

Ireland’s four largest financial institutions: Anglo Irish Bank, AIB, Bank of Ireland and Irish

Life and Permanent. The three most tightly-interwoven of all 40 boards were all financial


Full PFD report a must read! Map of Golden Circle


Paula Clancy, Nat O’Connor & Kevin Dillon




300 jobs *****

Who are they? (Mary)

Why them there are former SR Technicians in the dole queue
(civil servant)

Mary, I can give 300 of them a job, I just need Hanger 6

So how about it?

Get lost you weirdo, I’m a Minster and you don’t tell me what to do!


Well up yours then, I’m off to Scotland!


Well done Mary ,we have to show we’re in charge !



500 jobs lost because of incompetence!


Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary has offered to meet Tánaiste Mary Coughlan, who has been defending her handling of the airline’s offer to create 500 jobs on the former SR Technics site in North Dublin.

Ryanair had claimed she did not adequately deal with the matter. 200 of the proposed jobs are now going to Glasgow.

Ryanair claimed over the weekend that it had offered to create 500 jobs on the SR Technics site after it closed last year with the loss of 1,000 jobs. But the airline said it did not want to deal directly with the Dublin Airport Authority.

This world class airliner wanted to create 500 new jobs and what did the Tanaiste do about it nothing!

What do we need to do to get this government to create jobs?



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