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Did you make the big switch?

Did you make the big switch?

Over 400,000 of us apparently did, but  not  that glitters is gold as most of us found out with the Eircom con job and now some of those that did the big switch are having second thoughts

Listen to Live line for more here

Live Line on Brian Cowen

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In case you missed it to-day the live line radio show was takeover with the topic of Brian Cowen morning Ireland interview this morning 

Here is a link to the live line afternoon show with Joe Duffy

Link  http://www.rte.ie/radio1/player_av.html?0,null,200,http://dynamic.rte.ie/quickaxs/209-r1-liveline.smil

presidential candidates race on Live line

Listening to-day to live line I was astonished to hear that they were conducting a poll on possible presidential candidates for the presidential race next year when the current Fianna Fail backed office holder packs up and leaves
I only realized that Mary was in fact in office because the boys in Fianna Fail backed her with the Fianna Fail political machinery at the last election
This explains why I got a frosty response when I wrote to the Áras and asked Mary not to singe the NAMA Bill into law and to give the people of Ireland a chance to vote on it themselves Unfortunately Mary was having none of it and was evidently towing the party line.
It was ok to let 400 odd green turncoats vote on it (a vote that could easily be fixed) but the ordinary people of Ireland were destined not to have a say, too bad Mary you failed the people miserably!

Unlike the Icelandic president that sided with the people and helped bring down the corrupt government
Back to the live line presidential candidates,

(Listen here) pod-v-2308101h09m10slivelinepresident.mp3 

no surprises, the usual suspects and cancers were well represented in the list, politicians looking for a cosy pasture to retire to, along with the fantastic perks of the job having sucked the taxpayers of this country for most of their lives they now presumably thought that we the people would do as we have always done and that was to vote the way we were told to do.
You had the usual organized proposers who told us how wonderful their candidates were and that they were well respected and knowledgeable and listed off the positions they had held up until now
Berti Ahern, Richard Brutal and Mary o Rourke, were all booted out in the first few rounds, and out of 12 candidates Mr. Fergus Finlay was the people’s choice (10,000 people took part)
The big lesson here was delivered to the hopeful politicians looking for a lush green pasture to retire to and to continue to suck the taxpayers of this country dry, the message was loud and clear
”Get Lost” we’ve had enough of gombenisem and you not going out to pasture in the Áras
The established political parties have in the past handed out this plumb job to X politicians
who have come to the end of their political careers, and as a reward for services rendered this job was even seen as an entitlement by some
Please do not give the same worn out, clapped out so called servants of the people a comfortable pasture to lay down on at the expense of the taxpayers after having screwed us the people all their lives
vote for somebody that has not been a political leach sucking the blood of the taxpayers for the last 20 odd years or more .

There is no going back to the 70, s in this house

We as a people have come a long way from the dole queue’s of the 70,s and a dismal time it was too!
with this music of the 70,s ringing in my ears I am reminded of the time I hunkered down under a table on the cattle boat leaving Dun laoghaire, heading the that fearful land of the Brits heading off on the start of a life’s journey
The land I had heard was responsible for all of our troubles down through the century’s (according the our Christian Brother teacher)
Feeling sick as a dog I though it can’t be all that bad because they couldn’t create such great music like the Beatles were able to do and the rolling stones, and with that thought in my head I fell asleep to wake up the next morning in Holyhead and follow my destiny as hundreds of thousands of Irish before me did
I am too old now to be taking that boat again, (Age 55) there is a better way, we are masters of our own destiny and we are obliged to give our own children a chance, a better chance to live in their own country and a government that abdicates this duty is no longer a government of the people or by the people and clearly doesn’t deserve the support of its people
This current government has lost all creditability and such has lost the right to govern us.
The so called opposition have failed us equally miserably and only contributes to the sham!
We do not have to wait until we are all on our knees and impoverished by their incompetence (at best) and by their treason at worst.
We are a truly a great people and in the modern age we are a lot better off that we were in the early 70,s but this prosperity is now been lost through a political system that is no longer an instrument of the citizens of Ireland but an instrument of the gombeen elite that have framed its purpose for their own self interest and family dynasties .
we the people have become its servants and the established political parties are all drinking from the same infected source!
We have a carrousel system that ensures the established parties get a sprinkling of the available perks and top jobs between themselves and their cronies, whilst we the people watch with amazement the staged drama of the Dail on our TV screens
The country is heading down the road to financial ruin
I am mad and mad as hell and I don’t exactly what I am going to do about it, I resent been forced into this state of mind by pompous arrogant incompetent economic terrorists that have sold out the Irish people to the golden circles and insiders
I am determent to bring about a change and I am quite prepared to put my life on the line to achieve it
There is no going back to the 70, s in this house

Live Line to-day 11.08.2010

Today we again here from the ordinary people of Ireland as they expressed their anger at the latest Demand from the Banks for more money and the governments total denial of what is obvious to every citizen in the state that the banks are in fact dancing merry go round the incompetent bunch

(listen Here )

the people time after time expressed their complete opposition to the continue bail out of Anglo Irish Bank and their frustration of the lack of leadership coming from the very gangsters that have helped cause this massive financial meltdown within the government
With no credible opposition in the country we the people are charged with the task to bail ourselves out of this mess
The so called opposition have fail us miserably they have allowed Cowen and Lenihan bail out their buddies and have sat in the Dail gravy train and let events happen
With no real difference in their solutions we the people must take upon ourselves to make the changes we so desperately need to make
The current political system it totally corrupt and any attempt to make the necessary changes to the way things are done within that system will only lead to dismal failure
We don’t need more political parties based on the same current political parties because of the strangle hold the current big boys have
It is a kind of mutual assured power and perks system and it bestows a lifelong membership to an élite group of people that shares out plumb jobs and perks with enormous pensions to their lucky members
Just take a look at Allen Dukes he knows no more about running Banks that I do but he is running the most Toxic bankrupt Bank in the world
This political dinosaur is not alone take a look at Allied Irish Bank there we have another dinosaur Sticky Dick Spring
In most of the over bloated state guanos we have a severe infestation problem self serving X politicians who are extracting perks that ordinary citizens would never even dream of
The system is rotten to the core and it has to be completely destroyed in favour a more direct democratic system that takes into account the modern world using technology as its back bone
we need to revamp the constitution in favour of a direct democracy similar to the system used in Switzerland where by the citizens can fire any and all politicians at anytime by way of a local referendum this is a must if we are to have a real democracy
I suspect most politicians will not want the have this change because it will be the end of the career politician and that is a good start !

I call hear and now for the establishment of the second Irish republic

Hello Again !!its Live Line (2)

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Audio clip from Live Line .

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