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RTE peacocks to have their elaborate feathers severely cut

In a speech at Dublin City University, the Director General of the national broadcaster Noel Curran admitted that economic realities will force huge pay-cuts on some of its biggest names.

And if they don’t like it, he added – we’re paraphrasing here – then they can feck off somewhere else for work.

His actual words were, “We may, during this process of renegotiation lose some of our most talented and loved presenters to our competitors. That would be very regrettable, but if some choose to leave, we will adjust, find new voices and new ways to deliver services and programmes.”

full article at source: http://www.joe.ie/entertainment/entertainment-news/poor-mouths-rtes-highest-earners-to-swallow-massive-pay-cuts-0016831-1


About time these peacocks have their elaborate feathers severely cut and I mean “Severely”

The mystery of the €7bn deposit into Irish banks by Minister Lenihan on the eve of the general election

By namawinelake http://wp.me/pNlCf-1ff

Last Thursday 31st March, 2011 can’t have been a pleasant day for our new Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan. With the weight of the commitments contained in the Programme for Government, it cannot have been easy to tell the Dail late last Thursday afternoon that the State would need inject a further €24bn into the banks, that there would be no burning of senior bondholders and perhaps most disappointingly, he wasn’t even able to offer us the consolation that the ECB was at least committing to the medium-term funding of our beleaguered banks. Perhaps he might have taken some comfort from the fact that the mess that he is confronting is not of his making, but regardless it was a speech no Irish finance minister would have wanted to make. Fast-forward two hours to when the newly-created Economic Management Council gave a news conference, the first five minutes of which are available here. During the news conference, Minister Noonan stated that in February, 2011 former Minister Lenihan put €7bn into the banks and slightly smirked as he observed to the media that “ye didn’t pick that up”.
I would like to bring you the transcript of precisely what Minister Noonan said but the 45-minute press conference which was shown in full on RTE Online doesn’t appear to be available, certainly not from RTE’s website or the government information service merrionstreet.ie but the €7bn was alluded to again today during RTE’s This Week radio programme when Tanaiste and one of the four members of the Economic Management Council, Eamon Gilmore again mentioned it in passing.
You will recall that in February, 2011 we were supposed to have injected €10bn into the banks as part of the EU/IMF bailout but that Minister Lenihan decided on 9th February, 2011 that he didn’t have a mandate, the general election having been called on 1st February2011. He invited the finance spokespeople for Fine Gael and Labour to write to him if they disagreed with his position, which neither did. So you might have thought therefore that no money was put into the banks in February, 2011? Not so, it seems according to Minister Noonan and Tanaiste Gilmore – €7bn was put in.
And where did the Department of Finance magic this €7bn from? In what must make the financial accountability of our government a travesty, we don’t know. If you consult the Exchequer Statement for the month of February, 2011 there is no mention of it there. There was obviously no press release at the time. So how did the banks get €7bn? My guess is that it comes from NTMA reserves or from National Pension Reserve Fund liquidations of position but neither made a statement on the matter in February 2011. But it might also come from the Central Bank of Ireland who doggedly refuse to disclose information on the €70bn Emergency Liquidity Assistance programme.
What significance does this €7bn have? Arguably none because we now seem resigned to injecting €24bn of which this €7bn is part. The significance I draw from it is that there is no presumption of accountability on behalf of government. A Minister can claim on one hand that he doesn’t have the mandate to inject €7bn+ into the banks but on the other can engineer €7bn of deposits. And when Minister Noonan said, “ye didn’t pick up on that”, how was the media supposed to have picked up on that when neither the national accounts, the Exchequer Statement nor other state agencies including the NTMA and Department of Finance didn’t make any statement on the matter.



Brian Lenihan said in February, 2011 that he didn’t have a mandate to put another 10 billion into the banks but now we hear that he put 7 billion in to the banks on the eve of the general election???

This is a perfect example of lies and dam lies, Lenihan should be brought before the Dail and asked to resign his seat, in my eyes he is as big a layer as Lowry if the Moriarty report is to be believed. Minsters seem to think that it is acceptable to lie to the public and we the public seem to accept it because we vote these creeps back into Dail every time .What can we do about this corruption now?how much more can we the people of Ireland take?

(Unelected) Taoiseach Brian Cowen has rejected an assertion

Cowen denies unemployment a ‘low priority’

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 11:39

(Unelected) Taoiseach Brian Cowen has rejected an assertion by Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore that unemployment is a low priority for the Government.
Brian Cowen said the Government had increased the number of training places for the unemployed.

He said jobs were created on the basis of a more competitive economy and predicted net employment creation next year on the basis of current Government strategy.

Eamon Gilmore said the situation was hopelessly depressing for people out of work.

He described as ‘socially unsustainable’ the situation in which one in three young men was on the dole.

Mr Gilmore criticised what he referred to as the Government’s residual theory of employment and encouraged the Taoiseach to come up with a strategy to get the unemployed back to work.

source http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/0616/politics.html

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