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‘Drone strikes a terror-generating machine’ – Noam Chomsky (RT Exclusive)


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Drones are the instruments of murder used by so called democratic states (mostly western)If the people of the western nations accept this as a legitimate  use of state violence then don’t be surprised when the same states use these same instruments of death on their own citizens .You have been warned!

Max Keiser report 150

Well Max we in Ireland are paying 50 % More for Gas than we did only 1 year ago and I am willing to bet we will be paying 2Euro by the end of 2012 but I fear it will need to go to about 5 euro before the Irish get up and start shouting about the highway robbery that is taking place here on this not so emerald island.

Max Keiser at the Grand Social Pub in Dublin

Last night I went along to the Max Keiser event at the Grand Social Pub

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I had a great evening and to top it all I met up with Stacy Herbert as well .I had hoped to have some more video clips but I seemed to have misplaced my video camera at the pub and I hope they find  it and otherwise it will turn out to have been an expensive night out !

What a bummer!

But the message I brought home ringing in my ears was that there are great outside forces moulding our lives to suite their whims and their greed ,and unless we educate ourselves and stand-up to their vassals. We stand to lose more than our prosperity! We stand to lose our freedom .The freedom to choose our own destiny!  We must not allow them to win!


Max later was on the Vincent Browne late night TV show later on the same evening see here(Link)  http://www.tv3.ie/shows.php?request=tonightwithvincentbrowne&tv3_preview=&video=34707

I managed to get one of Max’s financial terrorists playing cards and the website you can get the entire pack is here: http://financialterrorists.wordpress.com/


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