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NCT rip off (Another stealth tax on the motorists )

Well Lads I’m just back from the dreaded NCR rip off merchants
with the Wife’s Renault Scenic, having just paid 2000 euro in repairs I was confident the
car would pass. No such luck the damn thing failed because of the front light
was not in focus. Now did you ever hear of such nonsense. This is clearly a rip off.

On arriving back home I check all lights and all are working fine.(See photos) . I am going to have to go the Renault again and have the front light focus looked at and or repaired?????????????????????????????? .

This is a complete con job just another way of jacking up the profits of this cartel that runs this obvious rip off system. This NCT testing system should have an independent alternative instead of hapless citizen been ripped off by a company who are enjoying a monopoly they got from a corrupt government in the first place. For the foreseeable future
I can only see more and more motorists been forced off the roads because of
these con artistes.  So called health risks are been increasingly used as an excuse to fleece the citizens of this country!

PS: I just found out all cars over ten years have to have an annual
test from the 1st June 2011

See here http://www.ncts.ie/faq.html#3

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