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Debt deal is jiggery pokery dressed up as a game changer

By David Mc Williams

The news that the State has secured a deal to push out Ireland’s debt repayments represents a victory for the Government’s – or more accurately the EU’s – giant “delay and pray” strategy. The deal would see the repayment of a significant chunk of the €40bn troika loan pushed out for another 15 years. What we have executed is in effect a “gentleman’s default”. We won’t pay what we said we’d pay and the creditors won’t get what they expected to get and we’ll see how we are all fixed after a dozen or so years. Let’s look at the details to see what this means.

It appears that €10.5bn of EFSF/EFSM debts, which were due to be repaid in 2016, will now be kicked out to some future date. This will ease repayments. There was going to be a dramatic spike in the amount of money due in the next few years. With the economy fragile at best, there was no guarantee that the Irish State would manage to squeeze more cash out of us. From the EU’s perspective, a fresh Irish bond crisis must be avoided at all costs. Yet a bond crisis may have been the most sensible outcome. Debts that can’t be paid won’t be paid……

full article at source: http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2013/03/07/debt-deal-is-jiggery-pokery-dressed-up-as-a-game-changer?utm_source=Website+Subscribers&utm_campaign=41ac1cc0e8-22112012&utm_medium=email

We must not pay the Anglo Irish Bonds!

By Thomás O Cléirigh

2nd week in Lubeck 2013 009

This Zombie house( Anglo Irish Bank)  should have been burned down 5 years ago! The people of Ireland have been rightly screwed and the top directors are still living a lifestyle very few people in Ireland can now have .The Gangsters who brought our country to its knees and have effectively made financial slaves out of the rest of us have long gotten, their ill gotten gains safely away and the puppets in Lenster house are quietly supporting the other gangsters from the other corrupt banks. An Ex Attorney general was amongst them. The financial landscape in Ireland is littered with X politicians who are supposedly looking after the” public interests” on the various bank boards.(If you believe in the tooth fairy that is) These traitors, in the current government are no better that the Fianna Fail gangsters who sold us out to the hidden moneymen and now we are subject to this Muppet  Anglo Bond show. Kenny and Noonan will go down in Irish History as nothing more than an Irish version of the collaborating Vichy Government in France in the last war!

Our country is been stripped of its entire means to deliver a proper health service to its people and our people are been forced to pay new penal poll taxes to pay interests on debts that are private debts from privately owned Banks.

We are not libel for these debts and our politicians are themselves mouthpieces for our new masters who have emerged from the shadows of corruption! They have abandoned our people to these faceless slave traders and as long as they receive their annual 30 pieces of silver they will continue to deliver us up to these financial slave traders .We must rid ourselves of this” Odious Debt “and the puppets that call themselves our government. The republic of Ireland in no more and the self-serving leaches that dance around Lenster House are nothing more than puppets and enforcers of the dictates coming from our unelected masters in Europe!

The ever increasing tax load on the shoulders of ordinary people of Ireland is only paying the interest of the private debts of fraudulent Bankers and their pals the incompetent politicians who continue to force our people to bail their gangster buddies out.

We the people of Ireland must now refuse to pay another cent to these champions and cheer leaders of the financial slavery they have imposed on all of us! We must now refuse to lie down and comply .Debt is a excellent form of control and the fear of not being able to pay your bills is now a dally cause of great concern to every household in the country .People are been forced to comply with the dictates of the faceless unelected autocrats in Europe. We must rid ourselves of these leaches that are sucking our country dry.We must not pay the Anglo Irish Bonds!

Stand up and take back our country from the gangsters in Lenster house and their banker buddies.

Roll on the 2nd Irish republic!

These figures are not telling the real story!

Central Bank figures published today show 55,763 home loans, or 7.2 per cent of all mortgages, were in arrears for more than 90 days at the end of June.

Central Bank figures published today show 55,763 home loans, or 7.2 per cent of all mortgages, were in arrears for more than 90 days at the end of June.

This compares to an arrears level of 6.3 per cent three months ago, and 5.7 per cent at the end of last year.

At the end of June there were 777,321 private residential mortgage accounts held in the Republic of Ireland to a value of €115 billion.

According to the Central Bank, 69,837 residential mortgages were categorised as restructured at the end of June. This compares with 62,936 restructured accounts at the end of March. Of this total 39,395 are not in arrears.

Between April and June mortgage lenders applied to commence proceedings to enforce the debt/security on a mortgage in 209 cases comprising arrears totalling €7.2 million built up on loans equating to €60.2 million.

Chief executive of the Irish Brokers Association Ciaran Phelan said banks are starting to understand that restructuring was the “only real solution”.

“According to these numbers, over 4,000 mortgages in arrears were restructured during the quarter; this number needs to rise significantly if we’re to slow the growing level of arrears – there were 6,000 new households in arrears in the quarter,” he said.

The Government is considering establishing a new agency with legal powers to enforce debt restructuring agreements between banks and struggling home owners. The Cabinet is awaiting a report from an expert group due by the end of next month.

One measure now under consideration is converting the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (Mabs) into a personal debt management agency, which would be given “quasi-judicial status” to enable it to “support families who make an honest effort to deal with their debts, including non-mortgage debt”.

These new legal powers would enable such an agency to require banks to achieve a resolution in these cases. Mabs spokesman Michael Culloty said today that about half of its clients came seeking mortgage advice.

Mr Culloty said that distressed mortgages remained a “growing problem”.




Mortgage arrears will remain a problem and I expect it to be endemic by the end of the first quarter of next year. With Christmas out of the way and new debts added to the old ones, I believe people will have had enough! While our gutless politicians tinker around with the very real problems of homeowners debts it will be impossible to sell the concept that citizens must continue to bail out developers in NAMA and continue to pay them 200,000 Euros ,while at the same the ordinary Joe have to endure a lifetime of debt .The Banks were just as much responsible for pumping up prices of shoeboxes  and they must have known that the chickenswould come home to roust some time !

The Financial regulator abandoned his Responsibility to regulate the financial industry allowing them to become gambling hubs, accountability was nonexistent and political interference in the property market allowed and felicitated the exploitation of gullible citizens .The printed press heavyweights  all enjoyed hefty profits advertising these overpriced future slums to the masses. Now they are supporting the gutless politicians in keeping the masses in financial slavery.

People of Ireland stand up and cast off this yoke from around our collative neck!

State will not longer tolerate ‘delinquency and arrogance’ of church, says Kenny


State will not longer tolerate ‘delinquency and arrogance’ of church, says  Kenny

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 – 07:13 PM

Taoiseach Enda Kenny today launched an unprecedented attack on the Vatican,  accusing Catholic hierarchy of putting the preservation of the church’s  reputation ahead of child rape victims.

In a damning assessment of Rome’s  attitude to paedophile priests, Mr Kenny claimed the latest inquiry into  clerical abuse cover-ups has exposed a dysfunctional, elite hierarchy determined  to frustrate investigations.

The Holy See was also warned that religion  does not rule Ireland.

“For the first time in Ireland, a report into  child sexual abuse exposes an attempt by the Holy See to frustrate an inquiry in  a sovereign, democratic republic as little as three years ago, not three decades  ago,” he said.

“And in doing so, the Cloyne report excavates the  dysfunction, disconnection, elitism, the narcissism that dominate the culture of  the Vatican to this day.

“The rape and torture of children were  downplayed or ‘managed’ to uphold instead, the primacy of the institution, its  power, standing and ‘reputation’.”

The Taoiseach’s attack, which opened a  special Dáil debate, followed the publication last week of the fourth major  report in six years into the Church’s cover-ups of clerical abuse.

Cloyne  Diocese in Co Cork is the latest part of the Church to be exposed with former  bishop John Magee – a Vatican aide to three Popes – singled out for misleading  investigators and “dangerous” failures on child protection. His resignation was  accepted by Pope Benedict last year.

On one occasion he was found to have  written two different reports on an abuse allegation – one for Rome and one for  diocesan records.

The Taoiseach went on to describe the Vatican of having  a “calculated withering position” on clerical abuse, which he said was “the  polar opposite of the radicalism, the humility and the compassion upon which the  Roman Church was founded”.

Mr Kenny said the Vatican’s reaction to  evidence from victims of abuse was to have it parsed and analysed by a canon  lawyer.

“This is not Rome,” he said. “Nor is it industrial school or  Magdalene Ireland, where the swish of a soutane-smothered conscience and  humanity and the swing of a thurible ruled the Irish Catholic  world.

“This is the Republic of Ireland 2011.

“A republic of laws,  of rights and responsibilities, of proper civic order, where the delinquency and  arrogance of a particular version of a particular kind of morality will no  longer be tolerated or ignored.”

The Taoiseach’s condemnation came on the  back of the first official comment from a Holy See spokesman to the Cloyne  report.

On Vatican radio, Fr Federico Lombardi dismissed criticism and  denied that Irish bishops were encouraged or advised to cover up clerical abuse  or evade laws designed to protect children.

Fr Lombardi said he was not  speaking on behalf of Pope Benedict and claimed the severity of criticisms  against the Holy See was curious.

The Cloyne scandal goes as high as the  Vatican after the inquiry criticised a 1997 letter from the Papal Nuncio, Rome’s  ambassador to Ireland, to Irish bishops.

The Cloyne report described the  response to the clerics’ plans to improve child protection policy as “entirely  unhelpful”.

“There is no reason to interpret that letter as being  intended to cover up cases of abuse,” Fr Lombardi said.

“Moreover, there  is absolutely nothing in the letter that is an invitation to disregard the laws  of the country.”

The Government is awaiting an official response to the  Cloyne scandal from the current Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Giuseppe  Leanza.

The Catholic Church has been left reeling from four reports into  clerical child abuse in the last six years – the Dublin Archdiocese and the Ryan  inquiry into industrial schools and homes in 2009, the Ferns Diocese in 2005 and  just last week, Cloyne, which relates to abuse complaints and investigations as  recent as 2008.

Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin has called for  internal reports on all Irish dioceses by the Church’s own watchdog, the  National Board for the Safeguarding of Children in the Catholic Church, to be  published as soon as possible. Mr Kenny backed his call.

Mr Kenny said  clericalism had rendered some of Ireland’s brightest and most privileged and  powerful men either unwilling or unable to address the horrors in the Ryan and  Murphy reports. He said this Roman clericalism must be devastating for “good  priests”.

The Government has committed to tough new child protection in  the wake of Cloyne, including making it an offence to withhold information about  crimes against children and introduce new vetting to allow “soft information”  transfers.

Mr Kenny said: “As the Holy See prepares its considered  response to the Cloyne report, as Taoiseach I am making it absolutely clear that  when it comes to the protection of the children of this state, the standards of  conduct which the church deems appropriate to itself cannot and will not be  applied to the workings of democracy and civil society in this republic.”

Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/state-will-not-longer-tolerate-delinquency-and-arrogance-of-church-says-kenny-513526.html#ixzz1SgG0lBw5


If you believe even one word you are saying MR. Kenny then
instruct the Gardaí to arrest these same clergy starting with Cardinal Sean
Brady and Bishop John Magee

There is enough evidence in the report to send a good many people
to jail. Now is the time to bring in new laws that completely detaches the
catholic religion

from the State .The State should now go after the funds and property

of the roman church sell it off and distribute the proceeds to all victims of

the church still living in Ireland.

Michael Noonan Spin and more spin !

Finance Minster, Michael Noonan before he got into
government said that the bail bailout was a bad deal for Ireland.”It’s been
priced too high”. The money that was been borrowed was been borrowed at 2.8%
and we’re paying 5.8%.

“3% of an add-on handling charge is extravagant and the
previous government should not have agreed to those conditions”. Mr Noonan they and you should not have
agreed to this obvious rip-off of the Irish taxpayers .The fact remains that
these debts are private debts that the private banks operating in this state
are fully responsible for these debts, you and the previous government did not
have the right to foist this odious debt on to the shoulders of the people of
Ireland .It is not a case of the interest is too high or the conditions are too
harsh it is simply a case of fraud.

Mr. Noonan and his band of overpaid political leaches are no
better that the international bondholders he seem to be bending over backwards
to reimburse by stealing the resources of our country. Plunging the nation into
a state of permanent financial slavery of its citizens is not going to help
anybody except his pals in Europe .Burden sharing with the unguaranteed senior
bondholders is just a side show and a blatant attempt by Mr. Noonan to position
himself and his government into a better light in view that his policy seems to
be “sit and watch” and let Europe make all the decisions he and the government
will then implement on their behalf.

The answer is simple the bondholders have given all this
money to the banks and they are now the legal owners of these banks, so these
banks should be handed over to the bondholders (All of them)

A debt for equity swap .they lent to the banks on the
strength of the banks collateral ,there was no guarantee given to these
bondholders that the Irish state would back up these loans in case of a bank
default .

The people of Ireland have been rightly screwed and they seemed
to be content with this situation if the latest polls are to be believed. It is
a s if the media are oblivious to the scale of fraud that is been perpetrated on
the Irish nation because every time a politician comes on to our TV screens
they do not get grilled on the real issues, there is no serious grilling of
these masters of spin about previous promises to the nation. The media and their
pampered talentless overpaid personalities are part of the status quo .


A pub owner in Dublin was ordered to remove a 40-foot banner barring the Queen from his premises during her State visit to the Republic of Ireland.

John Stokes said he reluctantly agreed to take down the controversial sign after a senior Garda threatened to object to his application for six late licenses at Dublin District Court. The Judge is reported to have said “I’ve no doubt there will be a planning issue with a sign that size.”

Well now Mr. Judge what about the Union bosses in liberty hall they have a banner six floors high

   and they are not the only ones I saw two other large banners in the City center today.

 .Is it a case if I don’t like the person or message I make them take the banner down??

“The Greens:They are a disgrace and no loss to the Irish Nation”(New Comment)

New comment on your post “The Greens:They are a disgrace and no loss to the Irish Nation”
Author : Diarmaid O Seigefriede (IP: ,

If you dont know the nuts and bolts you dont get it
The Greens might have been in the distant past a grass root enviormental movement. The Communists changed from red to green to use enviormental movements as a method of controling peoples.
Enter Gormless and his type sponsored by Rockerfellers and Rothchild Banks to hijack Green movements make communt governments in the  EU and spin the lies about CO2 from the club of Romes decision to find a type of pollution, that can be hijacked to control sociecty and unltimatly make all the EU a communist run empire.
Naturally Gormless doesnt care he is a puppet to his masters in the Tri lateral globalists  who we  filmed in Ireland at the Tri Lateral meeting in Four season Hotel  Ballsbridge Dublin . They were there engineering the take down of Eire and all Europe
Gormless is a traitor to the nation along with FF Mehall Martin . The then minister for forgien affairs and the then Atorney general    Paul Gallagher (Barcellona Bilderberg attendee )aided and abieted the escape from legal justice from a european  war crimes arrest warrant for the Henry Kissinger who was in Ireland on that occasion may 8th 2010( Film evidence at youtube/user/dcbourbonireland)
If you think FG blue shirts are any better forget it they are just as bad puppets and got the head globalist of the European Tri lateral Peter Sutherland and linked to globalist Bildergberg movement into high positions in Ireland which launched him into the EU empire
The real power structure in Ireland for many year up to now is the Head of state the Toichioch gets his instructions from the Governer general  who the Bilderbergs have chosen well in advance  .The Atorney general gets his instructions from the Bilderberg annual meeting and ensure the Irish state does thier bidding .
Everything we see on RTE and similar main stream mussled media is a dog and pony show to confuse us.
The Rockerfeller and Rothchild families decide in advance what laws we Irish  will have and ensure the loop holes are there for them to drive the Globalist agenda and thier communist bus projects through. Ask yoself why they can never get the child protection laws done correctly .Its manditory in the Globalists religion that they can have sex with young children and have legal  loop holes there to protect them if they ever get caught
So now do we get a new puppet Kenny who will take his instructions from the communist hijacked Labour party position wearing pinky camoflage and they ensured they now got e the Atorney General position  who up to now has always been   the true head of the Irish state( Ireland Inc.) .
If she goes to Bilderberg meeting in Switerland  29th june 2012 this year you will know the globalists and communists have taken more control for Ireland
Ask yourself why does Labour NEEEED the Irish  constitution changed . Is the present Irish constitution  blocking thier communist agenda to break up the Irish family unit so that all children will go into government dorm at birth and parent will rarely see them  ???  All the more access for the Globalist peodofiles to gain accesss to even more young unprotected children
The rest like Gormelss and kenny are muppets

Diarmaid O Seigefriede

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