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The Renault Nightmare continues

Spent most of the day in Gory as my car (Renault scenic) again on the blink .This time it’s a gasket I was losing coolant and so I need a new gasket. On top of that the car needed a service and the window on the driver side was broken (fallen out) I have been waiting 6 weeks to get it fixed as the garage promised to have it repaired on warranty I just had to wait .They said that there was surge in complaints about the regulators on the Renault scenic model and the themselves had to wait for replacements. On top of all this I was told I needed two back tyres.

Driving around Wicklow the roads are noticeable getting a lot worse and I expect to see a lot more potholes this winter .Another curse is these (Speed bumps) ramps .Jesus does anybody know how high these things are suppose to be it seems to be different everywhere you go and it seems to differ from speed ramp to speed ramp. I think I will start measuring the height of these things .I believe there are the cause of so many car repair bills .Now don’t get smart and say I am speeding around like a mad dog . My car is a family car and I do need it so I am not driving around like a crazed madman. This is another product of parish pump politics .would be TD and local codgers looking for re-election to the local county councils are mostly to blame for this carnage on citizen’s cars.

The local garage says business is booming as people are forced to fix their shocks and suspension and tyres. This is not good news because this money is going into car repairs when it should be going into local shops and consumer products. .

Some of you might think just get rid of this Renault, but I fear I have been sucked into a trap! Just like the Finance Minster Michael Noonan,let me explain!

Firstly I put a lot of money into this car when it was brand new and over the last 6 years I must have replaced everything that could be replaced in that car and the wife’s car (also a Renault scenic) so my thinking is why get rid of it now its really now a new car and nothing else can go wrong??? With all of the parts replaced you would think so!

This situation is a bit like the situation the country is in

We have gone down the road of bailing out the banks and they are still bleeding us dry, do we now sell off the banks for what we can get and buy a new bank or do we keep them and keep putting our hands into our pockets every time something goes wrong? An interesting comparison of the situation!  But with one major difference I cannot go next door and force my neighbours to pay my car repair bills and keep on doing so .I cannot continue to make bad financial decisions and get the rest of our estate to pay for them. I am responsible for my decisions and the pain on me will be so great sometime in the future if things continue to go wrong , I will be forced to change those decisions and make an alternative one. But it will always be me that will have to pay for my mistakes.

But for the government they can continue to make the wrong decisions and expect everybody else to pay for those disastrous mistakes. Politicians do not admit that they have made mistakes even when they are dead their pals gloss over their calamitous decisions and try and convince us that they gave great service to the nation.  Right!     

The Glebe Motor Centre Wicklow Town

 My car (a Renault scenic 04) was due a service and as we are in a depression I was looking around to get the best deal in Wicklow Town, I came across this garage on the Dublin Road (Glebe Motor Centre)

I got a full service for a Renault scenic 04 ,two new tires and they even fixed  the crackling door noise and to top it all they washed the car , all for 229 euro.

So if you’re looking for a service for your car gives them a try!

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Renault scenic hell!

My Renault hell continues!

Last week my wife’s car needed to be repaired, the air fan in within the front counsel would not work and so it had to be repaired .Cost 365 Euro for the repairs

then to-day my own Renault had to be brought to the garage ,the front wheels were squeaking, the strange noise coming from the engine when starting the motor and then the LED lighting in the central council was going on and off during the drive (same problem ,my wife’s car had last year then cost to repair was 375 euro)

Now, I here from the garage that I need a timing belt change, can you here the cash register clinging?

I say again do not under any circumstances do not buy a Renault Scenic.

I have two of them bought brand new (No finance) , and I have never stopped paying for them for the last 5 years .I recon I must have now paid about 10,000 Euros in repairs over the same period !

the car cosmetics are great but the electronics are a disaster ,the service are enormously expensive ,the tyres had to be changed before the first service (18,000 km’s) after the first service then every 9,000klm’s and yeh! You have to have a timing belt change every 40,000 klm’s (the reason I was told was it’s the Irish weather!)

What a rip off!

Faulty window mechanism on “Renault scenic”

Back to Renault rip off

Here is the Part that I have had to purchase as you can see in the video clip

this piece is what you will find inside your door the moving parts are all plastic apart from the motor so in practice, it is built in that you will have a problem a couple of years after you purchase you car

The spear part costs 375 euro and if you have to get the mechanic to put it in you are talking about an hour labour (that is what they will charge) 120 + Vat so all told you would be looking at 500euro +

What a rip off

For those of you who would like to put this in themselves I will make a video clip to show you how to open the door panels and take out the “Faulty window mechanism” and replace it with the new one

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