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Renault scenic hell!

My Renault hell continues!

Last week my wife’s car needed to be repaired, the air fan in within the front counsel would not work and so it had to be repaired .Cost 365 Euro for the repairs

then to-day my own Renault had to be brought to the garage ,the front wheels were squeaking, the strange noise coming from the engine when starting the motor and then the LED lighting in the central council was going on and off during the drive (same problem ,my wife’s car had last year then cost to repair was 375 euro)

Now, I here from the garage that I need a timing belt change, can you here the cash register clinging?

I say again do not under any circumstances do not buy a Renault Scenic.

I have two of them bought brand new (No finance) , and I have never stopped paying for them for the last 5 years .I recon I must have now paid about 10,000 Euros in repairs over the same period !

the car cosmetics are great but the electronics are a disaster ,the service are enormously expensive ,the tyres had to be changed before the first service (18,000 km’s) after the first service then every 9,000klm’s and yeh! You have to have a timing belt change every 40,000 klm’s (the reason I was told was it’s the Irish weather!)

What a rip off!

How to change the wiper arm on the renault scenic 2004 +

Renault Ireland is well able to overcharge for the slightest thing that goes wrong with their crappie cars

As a service to other consumers I have posted this self help video for all to see and help,

And hopefully stop Renault Ireland from fleecing their unfortunate customers.  

And I’m sure Bill Cullen is squeezing as much as he can out of the hard presses Renault owners of Ireland to pay his apprentice his 100,000:00 Euros

So if like me you don’t want to contribute to Bill’s already over laden pockets then you might like to view this video.

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