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“We need to shake the barley all over again”

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


This latest article from the slog depicts a carbon copy of my own frustration with the blogging world.Only last week a number of Irish bloggers effectively threw in the towel as it were. Because of the lack of any meaningful progress against the political and financial dictator sell outs running our small country! The slogs descriptions of the wider control of the control of the internet may well be a major factor but I am not prepared to excuse our own people’s couldn’t care less attitude. The fighting spirit of the Irish has been neutralized and I am beginning to suspect that this is not just people being lazy! I believe we are the victims of a massive brainwashing campaign.With the help of chemical poisoning, the fluoridation of our drinking water and the seeding of the very air we breathe! Is it any wonder we have the highest levels of cancer deaths in the top 9 categories in all of Europe. Al this is a country that has no heavy industry. Something is terribly wrong as our people are dying off like flies. Everybody in Ireland knows somebody who has cancer!

The tripe being spewed out by our national TV station RTE and the unfettered access to our nation by the SKY Corporation is enormously damaging .RTE is stuffed to the gills with political puppets and the party line is rigorously enforced. The National radio is also used to great effect, especially the Live Line program .Yep Paddy is kept satisfied by giving him his two minutes of fame on the national airwaves, and so our treacherous political collaborators can continue to dismantle our republic as they successfully divide all of our people into various segments that can easily be marginalized.

This Friday we are witnessing  an  attempt to take another chunk of constitution away, as the established political gangsters tell us we have too many politicians in the upper house and we need to get rid of them ,by getting rid of the upper house altogether! Well the house is stuffed to the gills with political appointees and their pals and it was by no measure a true representation of the people of Ireland, but getting rid of a body put there by our founding fathers is more than a little concerning. I don’t trust these puppets and politicians who are in the pay of Brussels .We need more checks and we the people need to be more involved in the processes of running our country! Leaving it up to the musical chairs politicians has be a disaster for our country and the crimes committed by the current lot of gangsters in the Dial will go unpunished as has the previous shower of gangsters who were in before them and are about to get hold of power again!

My faith in the written word and in the current totally corrupt political system is now gone!

I am actively looking at alternatives to bring the fight to the people of Ireland.

We are now financial slaves being dictated to by faceless unelected money men who‘s power stretches all the way to Berlin and paddy is happy to eat the crumbs that he is allowed to scoop off their boots!

EVERY household in the country will be hit with a new Public Service Broadcasting Charge

Another Rabbit pulled out of  Pat Rabbitte,s hat!


“Every household in the country will be hit with a new Public Service Broadcasting Charge”

Nobody will be able to refuse to pay the charge because it will apply regardless of whether you have a television, computer or any other device that can pick up public information.

The new universal charge will be collected in a way that tackles the current very high evasion rates of the TV licence fee – suggesting the payment mechanism could be modelled on the new property tax.

Currently nearly one in five households does not pay the TV licence fee and this is costing the government €30m a year in lost revenue.

Announcing major changes to the way public service broadcasting is funded Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte today gave a commitment the new charge will not exceed the current €160 a year licence fee………….

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/every-single-home-to-be-hit-with-new-broadcasting-charge-29428338.html


By Thomás O Cléirigh


We are Paying for the lottery pensions of pampered and mindboggling arrogant politicians like Pat Rabbitte, Eamon Gilmore and the rest of the Leaches sucking us dry in the Dail. Now they want us to continue to pay the pampered Pre-Madonna’s in RTE their lottery salaries and their enormous pensions ,!

Labor’s Pat Rabbitte and the rest of the freeloaders in the Dail are the ones that have to go! Just look at his plumped up face from all that fine living at our expense!

This is the face of arrogance take a good look!

Justice Minister Alan Shatter defends garda handling of Ryan funeral

By RTE News

Mr Shatter said those on duty had to make “proper and mature” judgments, adding that there were people at the funeral who would have been happy to bring about “a major confrontation”.

He said that innocent lives could have been lost if gardaí had intervened.

The minister repeated his description of some of the events at the funeral in Dublin at the weekend as scandalous and unacceptable.

A garda investigation is under way after shots were fired into the air as the 32-year-old’s coffin was being removed from his home at Grange Abbey Drive in Donaghmede.

The paramilitary-style funeral, which took place on Saturday afternoon, was also escorted by masked men and women in black berets and military clothes.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio this morning, Minister Shatter said what happened “took us back to the dark days of the troubles”.

He said an investigation is now under way and he has full confidence in the Garda Commissioner to take appropriate action.

full article at source: http://www.rte.ie/news/2012/0910/alan-shatter-alan-ryan.html


Bullshit Mr Shatter,

You have allowed this military style funeral to take place where  shots were  fired in broad daylight, and they were not from the Gardaí. These illegal weapons were in full view and the Gardaí did nothing to confiscate the firearms or arrest the culprits. This action only supports the allegations  that this man and his colleagues were allowed to extort money from legitimate business in and around Dublin’s north inner city, business had to take on a doorman nominated by this man and his “security company” (“or else”) ( see article  link ,


Racketeering, and extortion was allowed and the law enforcement turned a blind eye just like they did at this man’s funeral.

Mr Shatter, you are now going to be held responsible for any murder’s carried out by any of the weapons .I believe we won’t have to wait too long before someone will pay with their lives because of you cowardice and incompetence. God forbid a member of the Gardaí is forced to pay with his or her life because you did not have the balls to face up to these so called “real republicans” You are a disgrace and should resign immediately along with the rest of your gutless government colleges.

We are now truly a banana republic!

Glendale Estate in Tullow in Carlow sale

By Namawinelake

NAMA isn’t saying, but according to RTE, the owner of the 63-house Glendale Estate in Tullow in Carlow was Glendale Estates Limited. And according to Iris Oifigiuil, the receiver, Jim Hamilton of BDO Ireland, was appointed to Glendale Estates Limited was at the behest of AIB in February 2011. AIB is one of the five NAMA participating institutions and the property in Tullow is a development property if ever there was one, which would place it in NAMA’s remit. Not only that, but the owners of Glendale include Anton Hunt and Paul Collins,  and NAMA recently had receivers appointed to companies owned by these individuals eg Camion Developments Limited, Neidin Developments Limited.

On the other hand, the property is not apparently listed in the latest NAMA enforcement list, but as we have seen in the past, that list is riddled with errors.

The 63-house estate would have been worth €12.6m-plus at the peak if each of the 63 houses were fully completed and sold for €200,000 apiece. As it happens, the homes need kitchens, but will apparently still fetch €100,000 today when completed. There is also planning permission for an additional 58 homes on the 14-acre property.

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/was-the-glendale-estate-sold-for-e10000-a-house-a-nama-sale/

Central Bank not printing punts, just euro

The Central Bank of Ireland has said it is not printing Irish punts and is only printing euro at the moment.

The bank said it would not comment on what it called “speculation” in today’s Wall Street Journal that it is evaluating whether or not it needs to secure additional access to printing presses in case it has to print new bank notes to support a “reborn” currency.

The US newspaper quotes “people familiar with the matter” and says other central banks have started to weigh contingency plans to prepare for the possibility that countries leave the eurozone or the eurozone breaks up entirely.

On RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Seven Investment Management analyst Justin Urquhart Stewart said talk of Ireland printing punts was coming from a number of sources.

He said because the banking crisis in Ireland had already been managed, Ireland could be better off and more cost effective outside the euro.


I don’t know about you but I do not believe a single word that this corrupt state body says!

They have shown that they can’t even do simple addition and I am sure they are lying now. With the immanent collapse of the euro you can be sure there boys are printing as fast as they can!

Wicklow Up-date

For the last 36 hours we have been experiencing rain fall
and drizzle rain For most of the day we had the lights on in the House as it
was quite dark .The news this morning is that we have had in the last 6 hours the equevelent of one months rain .and it is still raining .Well I have my waterbikes ready

I might just get some buisness out of all this rain yet!I watched the presidential debate on the Front line program  last night and
I am increasingly depressed by the seven candidates .Gallagher is turning out to be the Fianna Fall Galway tent fixer and seems to be some sort of money collector for the party. (Click on text to see video of clip)Hats off to the moderator Pat Kenny. (I am not a fan of his) he is doing a good job but the platitudes and
the political babble is depressing coming from  the seven. My Mind was mad up a few
week ago and I haven’t heard anything to make me think again .I believe the
nation does deserve better but have we better? Perhaps the best have already left
the country. Today’s demonstration from 8 previous AG’s is very telling their opposition
to the proposed changes to the Constitution is hilarious
as some of them were
in fact in the driving seat whilst the economy was driven off a cliff .I think
they have a cheek to stick their collective heads out .Pity we haven’t got The guillotine handy they would be my
first choice to demonstrate the people’s justice!

flight of private sector deposits from Irish banks in July 2011

By Namawinelake

You really have to hand it to institutions in this country. Last week RTE unmasked what it claimed was a Garda informant – it gave his name, his age and his address. And yesterday RTE reported that a prisoner had absconded from the Mid-Western Regional hospital. Did RTE bother to reveal the prisoner’s name, description or photograph? Of course not, why would the national broadcaster want to do something as helpful as that. It reminds me of the comedy sketch where someone being interviewed who wants to have their identity protected, and should therefore have their face pixilated, ends up being presented with the face perfectly visible and identifiable and the background pixilated.

read full article from source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/no-let-up-in-flight-of-private-sector-deposits-from-irish-banks-in-july-2011/

Crazy Eddie/Michael Noonan

The Irish Minister of Finance Michael Noonan recently called
on the Irish consumers to go out and spend, spend, spend .

see http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/lets-go-shopping-to-boost-recovery-noonan-2804924.html

Maybe he would have done better if he made a commercial like this.A Bit more passion Michael

Remember the last Government Minister (Berti Ahern) who told us to buy houses  look where that  got us SMUCK!

“The job isn’t even half done yet”

uploading image of Irish Govt buildings. My im...

Image via Wikipedia

By Namawinelake

Yesterday, Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan was probably the first senior minister to broach the truth. Speaking to RTE following the publication of the June 2011 Exchequer Statement, he indicated that the adjustment needed in 2012 would be in the order of €4bn, up from €3.6bn “The job isn’t even half done yet. Next year, even though the overall figures are about two-thirds of this year’s adjustment, it may be more difficult to achieve … A lot of the low hanging fruit has been picked.” He apparently didn’t provide a reason for the greater austerity, but the most likely reason is a downward revision to economic growth in 2012 which will mean less taxes,more unemployment, more welfare.

full article at sourcehere: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/07/05/%e2%80%9cthe-job-isnt-even-half-done-yet%e2%80%9d-%e2%80%93-minister-noonan-prepares-the-ground-for-2012-austerity/


The axe will fall and fall hard why we should believe a
single word these politicians say they seem to be stricken by some mystery disease
that is making them forget what they have said only a few weeks ago .We are not
fools and we know that the books (such as they are) are full of holes and there
is no way these gombeens are going to balance these books with empty promises
they will have to face reality soon enough and I expect that they are busy
creating the relevant spin they will have to announce to us the people of Ireland
.Of course they will raise taxes and cut public services and they will also
look after their friends .Has it ever been any different ?

An announcement today by Minister for Public Expenditure


By Namawinelake

Just to boost your rage-levels which might be flagging mid-week, there has been an announcement today by Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Brendan Howlin that what RTE refers to as the

(1) “general” pay level for

(2) “future” appointments to

(3) “higher positions” in the public service

The pay will apparently be capped at €200,000 but for chief executives the cap will be €250,000. For existing employees and office holders, the government is to seek voluntary reductions to these two cap levels. There is surprisingly no commitment to publish the names of those who volunteer reductions – presumably those good people would be quite happy to have their names published. Given that there are moves afoot to hold a referendum to reduce the salaries of judges including sitting judges, it is not clear why the scope of the referendum is amended with a couple of sentences to encompass all public servants.

full article at source:http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/uninspiring-government-announcement-to-reduce-some-senior-public-sector-pay-levels/


It is just amazing that this government have been in power
now for over 100 days and nothing has been done about the lottery salaries
various top civil servants get not to mention what the government ministers get
themselves .Far from cutting salaries this new government have hired some of
their pals and dished out jobs for the boys. Between the high-powered jobs
available to the insiders at NAMA and the rest of the government advisers  one would be forgiving in thinking Fianna Fail were pulling the levers of power. What will it take for the public to wake up and smell the rotten leaches feeding on the carcass of what was once the Celtic tiger.

The Irish voters are indeed Deaf Dumb and  Blind if we are to belive the poll results out this past weekend.This latest announcement is just an attempt to fool the public into thinking that something is been done when in fact nothing is been done from the do nothing brigade that now needs to get a good cattel  prod up the jaxicy to get them moving  

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