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Joe Costello lying about the property tax and water charges

Comment: Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

This is sheer lies: Cutting through the political bulshit ,what this cute politician is saying is The government has taken the funds away from the local authorities in the first place to pay the interest on the Bank and bondholders bailout. This is why we are now forced to pay water charges ,property tax and a host of other hidden taxes and charges still to be announced later this year: this engineered shortfall in the local authorities budget is now supposed to be topped up by the property charge but in reality the local  authorities are only going to get 80% of collected taxes so a hidden 20% cut in local authority funding is on the cards according to this Mr. Joe Costello !

Well done to Bernie Hughes and Derick  for standing your ground and not “going inside “to have a “backroom chat”(enabling him later to use  “plausible deniability” )you should be working in RTE we need honest people like you asking the questions !

EVERY household in the country will be hit with a new Public Service Broadcasting Charge

Another Rabbit pulled out of  Pat Rabbitte,s hat!


“Every household in the country will be hit with a new Public Service Broadcasting Charge”

Nobody will be able to refuse to pay the charge because it will apply regardless of whether you have a television, computer or any other device that can pick up public information.

The new universal charge will be collected in a way that tackles the current very high evasion rates of the TV licence fee – suggesting the payment mechanism could be modelled on the new property tax.

Currently nearly one in five households does not pay the TV licence fee and this is costing the government €30m a year in lost revenue.

Announcing major changes to the way public service broadcasting is funded Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte today gave a commitment the new charge will not exceed the current €160 a year licence fee………….

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/every-single-home-to-be-hit-with-new-broadcasting-charge-29428338.html


By Thomás O Cléirigh


We are Paying for the lottery pensions of pampered and mindboggling arrogant politicians like Pat Rabbitte, Eamon Gilmore and the rest of the Leaches sucking us dry in the Dail. Now they want us to continue to pay the pampered Pre-Madonna’s in RTE their lottery salaries and their enormous pensions ,!

Labor’s Pat Rabbitte and the rest of the freeloaders in the Dail are the ones that have to go! Just look at his plumped up face from all that fine living at our expense!

This is the face of arrogance take a good look!

Enda Kenny to meet property tax hunger striker

by  Fiach Kelly, Political Correspondent


Tony Rochford took his hunger strike to the gates of Leinster House last week but is understood to have since been taken home by his family.

Mr Rochford (45) is from Trim, Co Meath, and has been on hunger strike since Monday June 17. His case was raised with Mr Kenny in the Dail today by Independent Waterford TD John Halligan.

While Mr Halligan says he does not agree with Mr Rochford’s approach, he was raising the issue because he was asked to do so by the 45-year-old’s family.

Mr Halligan also raised the difficulty self-employed people had in accessing the dole. Mr Rochford ran a business doing marble installations in houses.

full article at source:http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/enda-kenny-to-meet-property-tax-hunger-striker-29407631.html


Irish Poll tax (Household charge) demonstration in Dublin

So we the people of Ireland are paying the taxes these multinational corporations should be paying?

By Thomás O Cléirigh


So we the people of Ireland are paying the taxes these multinational corporations should be paying? As usual the Government are backing the rich and are threatening the downtrodden taxpayers of Ireland with the revenue commissioners .They have resorted to blackmail  and are trying to  hoodwink the citizens of Ireland ! This tax (Property tax= Irish Poll tax) is helping large multinational corporations to evade their taxes.

The tax haven (IFSC) in the Dublin docklands


helps gangsters and dictators and human trafficking to steal from their own nations. This tax helps to keep open the largest money laundering operations and tax avoidance scams in the EU! At the last count there was over two trillion Euros in “managed funds” swirling around in that haven for hot money! How much of this money is drug money from the Mexican cartels or money from Human migrant slave trade or prostitution??

One thing is for sure this money has blood all over it and any government minster here in Ireland that allows this to continue is equally guilty of the horrendous murders that are occurring all around the world each and every day! Kenny and Noonan are swimming in blood at this stage!

untitled Mexico-beheadings

But I say not in my name or in my children’s name! I do not support the tax avoidance of hot money and we the people of Ireland must stand up and demand an end to our country been used by murders and gangsters from around the world. Kenny and Noonan should tax these rich gangsters before they come looking to steal my few cents for a so called property tax! I will not pay this property tax.


I will defend my right to my home with whatever means from these puppets of the troika, Berlin and the IMF.

Budget is yet another botched job from our impotent Government

By David Mc Williams

JK Galbraith, the great American economist, said that the key job of a leader was to “understand the anxieties of the people, and do something to ease these anxieties”. The Budget is an opportunity to set out the stall of any leadership, to articulate a coherent policy and to get on with those policies that might assuage the anxieties of the people.

When judged from this standpoint, this Budget is an extraordinarily confused piece of financial gymnastics where the gymnast performs all sorts of tiny contortions, unconnected moves and ultimately lands unbalanced, pleading that the judges see some choreography after all the clumsy footwork.

If anything, it heightens the anxieties of the people because the people who have been hit most are mothers dependent on child benefit, homeowners already in huge negative equity and those who are paying PRSI which has been increased. In fact, one of the greatest myths from yesterday is that income tax has not been increased. What is PRSI, if not a tax?

The Government does not seem to understand that the ticking time bomb in this country is the problem of mortgage arrears, which is primed to go off as taxes rise and incomes fall. This Budget makes the average young worker considerably worse off. These are the very people who are part of the 128,000 who are in arrears, unable, not unwilling, to pay their mortgages. This figure is rising. Their anxieties must be heightened this morning…………..

full article at source: http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2012/12/07/budget-is-yet-another-botched-job-from-our-impotent-government?utm_source=Website+Subscribers&utm_campaign=332552d2f8-22112012&utm_medium=email

Irish Labour ministers resort to bare-faced lies on national finances

By Namawinelake

“ I want to tell you Claire that that is a lie, and it should be nailed once and for all, now over to Stephen and he is an independent journalist, that isn’t true. The Shinners, the Shinners  and the party that negotiated it, Fianna Fail, come out from meetings and say “well, that’s not what they’re saying to us”. I’m saying that that’s what they’re saying to us and that’s what Fianna Fail negotiated”   Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Pat Rabitte on 1st December 2012, the Claire Byrne show on RTE – podcast here, from 42:00

He was responding to this comment from presenter,  Claire Byrne.

“But Stephen [journalist, guest], can I ask you a question, has it [the property tax] been imposed by the IMF, because the other political parties who meet with the Troika representatives on a fairly regular basis, say they don ‘t care where the money gets the money from, they’re not saying ”

This is what the Memorandum of Understanding with the bailout Troika says with respect to Budget 2013.

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/labour-ministers-resort-to-bare-faced-lies-on-national-finances/

Two weeks before new property tax is announced

By Namawinelake

The IMF thinks it should be levied at yearly 0.5% of a home’s market value, Minister for Finance Michael Noonan indicated that it will be closer to 0.25% and because the IMF was using out-of-date figures for local authority rates and stamp duty, the view on here is that it should be closer to 1% of market value to bring our property taxes in line with OECD countries.  And the betting on here is that by 2015, it will be closer to 1% than the 0.25% hinted at by Minister Noonan.

But for 2013, when Budget 2013 is announced on 5th December 2012, you can probably expect an average property tax of €300-500 equating to about €500-600m in a full year, and given the necessity of having some exclusions and waivers and the ending of the €70m second home levy and the cost of administration, it is more likely to be an average of €400-plus on a €160,000 home with a 0.25% flat rate apply to bands of property values eg less than €50,000 to pay €125, home valued between €100-200,000 to pay €500. The Government has signaled that the new tax will be collected from mid-2013 but don’t let that fool you into thinking you’ll get a 50% discount in 2013, you’ll have the pay the full annual sum by the end of 2013!

full article at source:http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/two-weeks-before-new-property-tax-is-announced/

Petitioning Minister for Finance

Finance Minister, Michael Noonan: Stop the government imposing an unfair residential property tax in the 2013 Budget.

Petition by

Site Value Tax – smarttaxes

Dublin, Ireland

Thank you for signing the petition “Finance Minister, Michael Noonan: Stop the government imposing an unfair residential property tax in the 2013 Budget.”

Multiply your impact

Turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign.


Policy makers, including the Finance Minister Michael Noonan, are preparing to implement an unfair residential property tax in the 2013 Budget.


This residential property tax will be collected on every home in Ireland. The rate you will pay, under this system, depends on the full value of your property including the building. The square footage, the number of bedrooms in your home, energy rating, are some examples of the features that assessors will use to set your taxation rate. Under this type of residential property tax, your payable tax will rise alongside any improvements you make to your home and garden. You will also pay more under this kind of property tax because the owners of development sites and zoned land are excluded.

There is an alternative, smarter and fairer tax system available, but the current government is not considering it. We are asking that this alternative be seriously considered before the 2013 Budget is implemented.

full article at source: http://www.change.org/petitions/finance-minister-michael-noonan-stop-the-government-imposing-an-unfair-residential-property-tax-in-the-2013-budget

Oh Eamon, how power changed you…

Oh Eamon, how power changed you…

By Shaun Connolly 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How many U-turns does it take to make a hypocrite?

That is the awkward  question tormenting Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore after a  thundering leaflet from his Democratic Left days emerged denouncing those twin  evils — water charges and property taxes.
“How Many Councillors Does It  Take To Turn Off The Water Tax?” the 1994 missive demanded to know before  helpfully providing the answer that it just took Outraged Eamon and 14 others to  sink the tap tax.
And who could argue with Gilmore’s logic that “water  charges are another tax on workers on top of PAYE, PRSI and levies”.

Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/oh-eamon-how-power-changed-you-190933.html#ixzz1sUCSUaqf


This is another champagne socialist, who has gotten fat and blubbered around the face and waste line .A life where Eamon will never have to put his hand into his own pocket, the taxpayers obliges everytime, Gone are the daft ideas that the state should be there for its citizens and in are the Austerity champions and new labour leads the way.

Gilmore another P**** on the gravy train in the Dail!

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