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Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ Group

Dear friend,

The following is a link to the statement released yesterday by Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group, commenting on efforts made last weekend to prevent leaflet distribution and the weekly stall operating on Patrick’s Street.


This anti-austerity and pro-democracy work has been developing for some time now, calling on the people to stand in defence of our own interests.

The basis of the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group is non-Party political and it does not promote any social outlook or ‘ism’/dogma, it is not merely a protest group. The group calls on people to unite based on our common interest to decide the future of our own country, regardless of social class, creed, gender or any policy or Party preferences (if any).  It calls on people to organise against the imposition of policy, including the recent Local Property Tax and the coming Water and Broadcasting charges.

The purpose of the weekly stall in Cork is to keep these issues before the people and to counter the lies and dictate that we must accept our lot.

The group is working for democracy, for the empowerment of the people, and is encouraging communities to select their own candidates in the elections next year – a nomination process will begin in September.

I would like to encourage you to join in with this activity, not as a ‘follower’ but as an equal and active participant – we have a civic duty to come forward and be counted.

If we empower ourselves and take responsibility for the future we will win, it is a decision for each of us to make – each can contribute in our own way, depending on our own circumstances.

If you are in Cork you are invited to join us outside Dunnes on Patrick’s Street between 1pm and 3pm this and every Saturday. If you are elsewhere we would encourage you to take the initiative or join others who already have – if you need advice or assistance please contact us.

Your sincerely,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla (Mobile 086- 3805005, @GraTire on Twitter) Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group c/o Ionad an Phobail                          (visitors welcome) 99, Sráid na Dúghlaise Corcaigh


Namawinelake closure


I do not know the reasons behind the Namawinelake decision to stop operations, but the announcement that the blog will cease publishing new material starting from tomorrow was a shocker for me.
I can attest from my own & others’ experiences that those of us who run anything independent of the officialdom mouthpieces (regardless of political / ideological orientation or even the lack of one) have near-zero support (moral or citations- and links-wise) from our internal (not to be confused with international) media and all businesses.
Those in our society, including the traditional media, who only benefit from the free analysis and the climate of openness and debate the independent analysts help to create prefer to endlessly endorse and support, including via advertising revenues, cross-links, citations and readership, those who offer no alternative but…….

full article at source:http://trueeconomics.blogspot.ie/

This is the real extent of the crimes committed by this government as they called for change and promised real change, but as we see, we got no change but more of the same “gombeen politics” and “stroke politics” when you are a member of the “insiders club” you get “looked after”
As for the rest of us we all get taken to the cleaners, to pay for the pensions and perks of the puppets now running our country !

The current political parties in government have no moral backbone and as such have no right to continue to govern .Allen Shatter outbursts about the latest murders in our streets is cold comfort to ordinary citizens who are watching the architects of our financial enslavement get rewarded by his colleagues in government. what hypocrites when will we see bankers and corrupt politicians get some street justice????  

NAMA Wine Lake

This information is already in the public domain but until now hasn’t been available online. It is correspondence which evidences the salaries paid to NAMA developers and it has just now been published by the Oireachtas Committee of Public Accounts, commonly called the PAC. It is correspondence received by the PAC in July from NAMA’s Martin Whelan – he’s the former CIF communications chief who was recruited as NAMA’s Relationship Manager in January 2012, though he seems to have recently acquired a bit of an empire and his title has become Head of Relationship Management. His job is to maintain good relations with politicians – NAMA recently refused in a parliamentary question to say how much the Relationship Department at NAMA was costing (us!), citing data protection – no, seriously!

The correspondence shows the gross salaries drawn by developers – referred to as “principals” by NAMA. The most eye-catching figures…

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(Some fun now) Silly Money – Investment Bankers (Bird & Fortune)

This guy would easily win a Dail seat in Ireland in the next general election!

Where now for Sinn Fein?


I’ve just read this excellent article on the course opened to Sinn Fein in Irish politics. However I would not agree that Sinn Fein should or would now turn into a copy of what we already have in the established political party’s .These “Parties have in my opinion lost their way and have turned into self serving institutions for selfish, corrupt, and self-serving individuals, who are only too eager to dump any promises to the people as long as they themselves are “looked after” with pensions, perks and whatever your having yourself! .No I do not hope Sinn Fein will strive or seek to be like these “assimilated” toxic corrupt gangster parties who have been running our country as if it was their private fiefdom. Hopefully Sinn Fein will have the intelligence not to look to the established corrupt political system for inspiration. My advice to them would be to listen to the people and serve the people.


I am not a member of Sinn Fein nor do I agree with most of what they stand for! However they have been consistent with my views on the Debt crises and the last two referendums.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Tom McGurk had some interesting points to play around with recently. In a column on how ‘SF will be sharply tested by a period of transition’ he makes some very thoughtful points, and a few that I’d take issue with. The latter can be dealt with immediately.

Of course is worth contextualising his ideas in reference to the Quinn issue and the way that has developed in the last week or so which points up problematical issues for SF in how it campaigns North and South and on an all island basis.

Anyhow McGurk argues that:

Sinn Féin is now facing perhaps the most difficult transition yet of the many it has faced: how to turn a party of radical protest into one of a realistic political alternative.

Problem is – for SF – that the orthodoxy is already splitting at the seams in terms of parties who have cleaved…

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Quote of the week

As recent history has repeatedly shown, the right to vote, by itself, is no guarantee of liberty. Therefore, if you wish to avoid dictatorship by referendum, break up modern society’s merely functional collectives into self-governing, voluntarily cooperating groups, capable of functioning outside the bureaucratic systems of Big Business and Big Government. Aldous Huxley

Thank God for Vincent Browne!

Sunday Morning

Greetings  from Lubeck!

Here is a perfect example of a politician not answering a simple question All of the current established political parties are really the same .In it for what they can get out of the system. This Twit was voted in to office by idiots’ and the same idiots’ are now complaining about the incompetence of the current crowd of gangsters in the government. Until the Irish people get up off their knees and start demanding  100% accountability from the politicians they elect we are only going to continue to get gombeens like this twit on TV waffling crap .Why are we not out on the streets burning down this rat infested building called Lenster House ????The ignorance of this particular politician is mind boggling.

Ordinary people are left to fend for themselves, the old and the sick are been tossed aside ,critical social services are been cut back and I have no doubt that people have died as a result. We have an obligation to look after the less well off in our society .The social services and community services are crucial to the well being of any community .we must not tolerate gombeens  and  cancers  like this politician to try and put a veneer of respectability on the wholesale robbery of our Nations finances. The true disaster for our country is the emergence of a political class who have absolutely no loyalty to the people, they have one loyalty and that is to themselves and their vested interests. These politicians using names like the” Labour party” (for example) are akin to wolves in sheep’s clothing.

None of the established political parties represents the interests of the people; they are all self publicists, arrogant and downright liars. Remember “not one red cent more to the Banks” .Or “Labours way or no way “.No my friends we are alone and these public leaches are feeding on our live carcases. We in the small communities must pull together and get real honest decent people to represent us in a new modern parliament that will have all the checks and balances perhaps some like the Swiss have, we the people must take action and we must now dispense with these spineless, gutless political leaches that infest the Dail.

The billions that have been paid out have been stolen from the future of our children.  Thousands of our citizens will be leaving our shores in the weeks and months to come because of no vision or realistic future in their own country. The everlasting game of blame the last crowd is now worn out and we need to see to it that honest decent trustworthy people are elected to defend our rights enshrined in our constitution.

Citizens of Ireland,

Get up off your knees and take back your country from the likes of this career political leach!

The Peoples Convention

Diarmaid O Cadhla diarmaid.ocadhla@cppc.ie

Dear friend,

Attached is a .PDF copy of a statement issued on my behalf by The Peoples Convention.

The statement is important because it is an attempt to expose the role of the party system in our democracy as against the right of citizens.

We have highlighted the fact that there is no mention in Bunreacht na hÉireann of “party”.  Article 16.2.1 states that the Dáil should be composed of people who “represent constituencies”, it does not provide for anyone to represent either themselves individually or any party.

This presupposes that TD’s should seek mandate from their constituencies on all issues, it also presupposes that private clubs should not be allowed to usurp either the selection or election process, and they should not be given state funding or preferential status.

To highlight this issue, I have refused to complete the Statutory Declarations required by the Standards in Public Office (SIPO) legislation, something required by my involvement in the General Election (2011).

Either the SIPO legislation means something or it is a sham as declared … if it means anything then I should be prosecuted – and we get to debate this question in open court.

You can assist in this matter by publicising this issue, via social network links, forwarding this email, discussing with your friends or in any organisations you have involvement with.

Please contact me if any clarification is required or if you can help in any way,

Is mise,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla :

2012-04-02 Press Release on SIPO

Website: An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention Follow CPPC_IE on Twitter LIKE the page on Facebook

PS Please note dates for Constituency based meetings:

Lucan, Co. Dubin Wed. 18th April and Blackrock, Cork on Wed. 25th April.

Gombeen politicians still in charge??? up date

Gombeen politicians still in charge???

By citizenliam

James Reilly (in front of microphones). Lucind...

James Reilly (in front of microphones). Lucinda Creighton (third from right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Couldn’t agree more. The problem is that most Irish voters have a sneaking admiration for gangsters of this type (witness Michael Lowrey in Tipp North). Is it that these eejit voters think some of the ill-gotten gains will rub off on them? We know it’s not any kind of “good on ye’ mate” because that is not the Irish way (begrudgery replaces that). Is it that these peasants have a slave-like adulation of their masters (legacy of 700 years of occupation?)?. Is it plain stupidity? I defeats me anyway.
I’m 62 now and I’m mesmerized at the imbecility of the Irish voter – the idea that Fine Gael would offer a viable alternative to the FF…er party beggars belief. FG are more crooked, not less than FF! Labour have taken the soup (and smoked salmon) and are, in the words of Gilmore (referring to Frog Cowan), economic traitors to their electorate.
But who will take the pensions off the criminal TDs / MEPs? …Other TDs? …I doubt it – they know only too well that such a move may rebound if they engage in dog-eat-dog tactics. Just as Irish doctors don’t challenge their peers and Irish lawyers didn’t challenge their peers when they are proved corrupt I cannot see shister-TDs doing any different. It’ll alway be the inside-elite -v- the decent people. The only way is to remove the insider-elite from power via a ULA-led government. Next time? We can hope I suppose. Maybe the Irish will wake up and vote in their first ever left-wing government who will represent their interests (rather than the interests of tyhe insider-elite)? Currently, Ireland is the only country in Europe that never had a left-wing government!!!

Wicklow Weather and the presidential debate

Wicklow Weather

yesterdays rain storm we have to-day beautiful sunshine  at least for now !

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presidential debate

After last night’s  presidential debate I said that I was not changing my mind and now I can reveal  who I will be voting and it’s Got to be Michael D  .I never met the man and I am not a labour voter but he sticks out and in my humble view he is old enough not to have to worry about pleasing the government of the day I think he really does understand
the soul of Ireland and her people and I trust he will stand by the people and
not just hand us over to the new Banker autocracy the is engulfing Europe and
the rest of the world . I belive he is our best hope that last barrier of defence of our independence.

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