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‘I had nothing to do with it,’ says former minister Martin Cullen

Martin Cullen one and only

Martin Cullen one and only (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE former minister responsible for buying the €54m e-voting machines — which have now been sold for scrap — claimed yesterday that the debacle had nothing to do with him.

Martin Cullen, who now lives in the US, refused to comment and said he didn’t want to “get into” a discussion.

Speaking to the Irish Independent at an art gallery that he co-owns in Naples, Florida, Mr Cullen said: “I had nothing to do with that. I don’t want to get into that.”

His refusal means that none of the three main players involved in buying the machines — which have now been sold for scrap for just €70,000 — will explain why they were purchased but never used.

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/i-had-nothing-to-do-with-it-says-former-minister-martin-cullen-3154088.html

The Household Tax update

Sent in to us today by Liam

The agency which runs the Household Tax for the Govt. has put out a press statement which is a Word doc which I’ve attached to this email. Below is a press statement from our campaign in response. Please note also:

PUBLIC MEETING this Tuesday 8pm in Kilford Arms Hotel, John St., Kilkenny

Speakers: Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan TD & Clare Daly TD

Please put the word out – this is an important meeting to prepare our response to the threatening letters coming from the council and put the pressure on government politicians.


Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes Hotline: 1890 98 98 00



924,884 Properties registered for the Household Charge and €92.9 million raised to date. Householders who have not yet paid will receive reminder letters.

884,602 properties were registered for the Household Charge on or before 31st March 2012. Since this date a further 40,282 properties have been registered and paid penalties and interest of between €11 and €13 in addition to the €100 charge. 17,219 properties have been registered for waivers. €92,917,309 has been raised to date and money continues to be paid in daily. Penalties and interest continue to accrue for those properties which have yet to be registered. The County breakdown attached shows how many properties were registered in each County. The Household Charge still has approximately  17,000 applications on hand waiting resolution.


People who wish to pay the Household Charge can do so online at www.householdcharge.ie

by credit/debit card or by cheque/Postal Order/Bank Drafts at their local authority office.  Or they can download forms from www.householdcharge.ie and post to Household Charge, PO Box 12168, Dublin 1.


A formal project group has been established to progress data sharing across the agencies listed in the legislation; Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR), the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB), Revenue Commissioners, Social protection and ESB Networks. The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) has begun the process of analysing data to identify householders who have not yet registered and paid the Household Charge.


A local authority has legislative power to bring legal proceedings for an offence. However, before any proceedings are commenced those who haven’t paid will be written to and given the opportunity to pay. Jackie Maguire, Chair of the Household Charge Project Board “encourages those homeowners who have not yet registered their properties to do so as soon as possible before additional penalties and interest charges apply”.


Jackie Maguire says “We are nearing completion of our first data set match and we anticipate that the results of this data set analyses will allow local authorities to send out their first batch of reminder letters next month to those homeowners initially identified in the data set as not having registered and paid. Over the coming months as further databases are compared, letters will issue to homeowners as they are identified, advising them of the outstanding charge on their property”.


Denying the O’Brien/Hogan meeting


OPINION: BARRING AN adverse ruling by the Competition Authority, the €45.5 million acquisition of Siteserv by the Denis O’Brien controlled Isle of Man-registered Millington, is a done deal.

Although only a small number of non-institutional shareholders turned up at the egm last week to vote on the deal, lingering questions remain.

To recap: Siteserv is a broadly based support services group that had revenues of €92.2 million in the six months to the end of October last and generated a pretax profit of €1.1 million. Siteserv includes companies such as Sierra, a provider of services to ESB, Bord Gáis, Sky and UPC; Roankabin, a specialist of temporary structures; and Deborah Services, a British construction services group. But it was struggling under the weight of €150 million of debt to Anglo Irish Bank built up during a boom-era acquisition spree.

The board of Siteserv called on shareholders to approve the €45.5 million bid from Millington, even though at least two other parties suggested they were willing to pay more. Siteserv’s corporate advisers have, however, suggested that there were conditions attached to the other deals, which were at a preliminary stage.

Under the deal, shareholders, including the current management team, would share €5 million, while the State-owned Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, which is managing the Anglo run-down, would get just €40 million of its €150 million debt.

In many ways the involvement of O’Brien and his long-time lieutenant Leslie Buckley is a distraction. Since the publication of the Moriarty report, which found then minister for communications Michael Lowry “secured the winning” of the second mobile phone licence in 1995 for O’Brien’s Esat Digifone, media scrutiny of all his activities has been intense.

O’Brien’s bid for Siteserv came as a surprise, given that most of his investments are in media and telecoms. But Sierra’s business supplying services to telecoms and cable companies could benefit O’Brien, while Eventserv’s experience in infrastructure for outdoor events might have benefits for his radio and other media interests.

then we have this from the story

Denying the O’Brien/Hogan meeting


From the Department of the Environment press office on April 4 after a query relating to an alleged meeting between Denis O’Brien and Phil Hogan a couple of weeks ago and any mention of Sitserv as it relates to any future water metering contracts/tenders.

The Minister had no meeting with Denis O’Brien in recent weeks or recent years for that matter.  As regards, water reforms – including the Prog for Govt commitment to install water meters, this is very much a matter for Govt and the Minister will be bringing forward proposals on same for consideration of Govt in the coming weeks.

full article at source: http://thestory.ie/2012/04/10/denying-the-obrienhogan-meeting/


What do you expect from Gombeen politicians ? This stinks to high heaven! Backroom deals ???



McGuinness would not be good for Ireland says FG Minister Hogan!

The Environment Minister Phil Hogan says while it is open for anyone to contest the election the Sinn Fein candidate has too much baggage.

Martin McGuinness hit out yesterday at what he called the “West Brit” elements in the media and political parties that are trying to damage his campaign for the Aras.

see link to interview on Newstalk:http://www.newstalk.ie/2011/news/1fg-minister-mcguinness-would-not-be-good-for-ireland50/


What an Idiot you have just secured Mr.mc Guinness election or at least given him a boost , as most of the people of Ireland are disgusted with Fine Gael and labour for reneging on their promises of not putting more billions into the banks .Mr. Hogan you promised change in Irish politics and you have delivered more of the same Smuck!
Personally, I will be voting for Dustin the Turkey as none of the candidates
come up to the standards of the ordinary Joe Soap!

The Irish democratic system

This article was sent into me  this morning

by Donal Buckley.

My theory is that we have the means , the Irish democratic system,  has been hijacked by the current power elites. These elites have become corrupted ( absolute power over decades etc). We have been educated away from doffing the cap etc.‘Problem I identify is that there are so many groups and individuals who desperately want to act but cannot see viable options.Therefore they opt to go it alone. But to where? How?

The mechanism for democracy is there we must claim it by using it .This democratic machine has been lying idle for decades.No one has ever tried to restore it. There is little or no local democracy .County councillors are over- paid and afraid of county officials who control by how much and when.These E 68,000 per annum bods will not represent your views to the council unless it is harmless, non confrontational.The elected TDs ditto, just Party cannon fodder, moved like chess pieces by the Party hierarchy. Dumb, blind and deaf to the needs of the electorate who put them there to represent the people.

The answer is local agitation, correspondence and civil demonstrations, confront these idiots and coerce them into democratic representation. Check up on any claims they make of representation, activity etc.‘Same at national level, a recent example is Denis Naughton and local interest groups and Roscommon Hospital demonstrations.The Dail whip system and the Ceann Comhairle are obstacles to representation by TDs and democracy  within the Dail.Are TDs elected to serve the electorate or to serve the Party?There are examples of this interest group representation working. To-day Phil Hogan has climbed down in the face of IFA representations on septic tank charges.Legal profession, Medical profession, teachers and academics, vets and accountants etc are all adept at using the lobby system which is democracy at work.Of course the public service and trade unions are experts … having direct access to decision makers.

It goes on,and on .

It’s official: Ireland is no longer a soveren independent state, the republic is no more!

It’s Official:  Ireland is no longer a Sovereign Independent Republic!

That’s right Ireland is no longer a sovereign independent Republic
and this is now official and the confirmation comes from none other than Minster
Phil Hogan the serving Minster of the Environment in the current puppet government
of the IMF and EU financial terrorists .The current Government minsters are all
puppets and are now officially the mouthpieces of the mew masters of our nation.
Now that we have got that clear what are you going to do about this?

Wake up Ireland!

A new temporary “household charge” of €100 per year.Yeh! Yeh!

Photo machholz


By The Irish Times

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has announced a new temporary “household charge” of €100 per year.

The new tax, viewed as a forerunner to a property tax and a water charge, will be levied on the estimated 1.8 million householders in the State, potentially raising €160 million in revenue in 2012.

Commercial properties and social housing as well as charity-run and sheltered homes are among properties exempt from the tariff.

Younger people struggling to make home loan repayments, who qualify under the mortgage interest supplement scheme, can also qualify for a waiver.

The charge, which was agreed by Cabinet this morning, will be introduced in January next year, with householders given three months to pay up. Late payment penalties have been set at €10 a month.

At a briefing in Government Buildings, Mr Hogan said the new levy was an interim measure ahead of a fully property tax, based on a property valuation system, and was separate from planned water charges. The water tax is to be introduced in 2014.

The Cabinet met to agree a busy agenda before the Dáil summer recess. Among the issues discussed was the timing of the presidential election in October and which referendums will be held on the day.

Following the Fine Gael selection convention earlier this month Taoiseach Enda Kenny named October 21st as the date of the election. However, the date may pose difficulties for completing the legislation that will back the presidential election and the two referendums expected to be voted upon on the day.

There is also uncertainty as to whether the Dublin byelection can be held on the same day.

Proposals from Minister for Enterprise and Jobs Richard Bruton to reform wage-setting mechanisms were also discussed. These may involve reductions in pay and conditions for workers in catering, hospitality, cleaning and security sectors.

A decision on two of the most senior positions in the Civil Service was also due to be taken at today’s meeting. But the Government may delay the naming of the new secretary general to the Department of the Taoiseach and to the Government and that of the Department of Justice and Defence until later in the week.


“You will be assimilated resistance is futile”

Has anybody noticed that every time bad news comes out regarding new charges or taxes, we get the same old spin from the reverent Minster that it is in the program for government and it was agreed with the EU/IMF agreement? So it was this afternoon when Phil Hogan decided to come on the radio and tell the people of Ireland we are going to have to pay for our water. So to recap the EU and the IMF are now dictating domestic policy. What Taxes we pay, what laws we must abide by. So what use are the likes of Phil Hogan and the rest of his sell out band of stooges in the so called new Irish Government to the Irish people? None! .There are no more than “Implementers of Policy” for our new masters in Europe .Last night I watched a documentary on Roman History and their use of hostages. The similarities are striking. Established Roman policy of drawing subjugated people’s into the administration of their own territories by Roman influenced natives was highly successful, the populations were thus Romanized and made compliant to the Roman imposed taxes and laws in this way.

Aren’t we now in the same situation?

We get Government ministers quoting IMF and EU agreements, (that were forced on us in the first place) as justification to impose new taxes and austerity measures on our people and our voice in Europe at the same time diminishing by the day. Listen to Minster Hogan here http://www.rte.ie/player/#v=1099645

Our country and its resources are been carved up and we are just sitting back and looking on while collaborators in the Irish government enrich themselves .

Another promise bites the dust!

By Michael Brennan and Paul Melia

Thursday May 05 2011

 THE Government will only cut the number of sitting TDs by a maximum of 16, in a significant U-turn on a key Fine Gael election promise.

The pledge to reduce the number of TDs by 20 to 146 had been a key part of Fine Gael‘s famous five-point plan, published just three months ago. But there was no such pledge in the Labour Party‘s election manifesto.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan yesterday announced the reduction in the number of TDs would be in line with the requirements of the Constitution. This will make it impossible to cut the number of number of TDs by 20.

The Constitution requires at least one TD per 30,000 population. Figures from the Central Statistics Office show that as of April last year, the population stood at 4,470,700.

This means there must be at least 150 TDs, so the Government can only cut the number by 16 — unless the 2011 census shows a radical change in the population size.

Mr Hogan last night ruled out putting the question to a referendum.

He said: “We believe that by putting a proposal to abolish Seanad Eireann and reducing the number of TDs, we will achieve this 30pc reduction in the number of members in the Oireachtas from the beginning of the 32nd Dail.”

The minister said the Government would set up a Constituency Commission and give it guidance on the maximum and minimum number of TDs it could cut under the Constitution to save an estimated €10m.


It would then be up to the commission to make the final decision on the number of TDs to cut — and on which constituencies would lose out.

However, the number of TDs cut could be even less than 16 using the “30pc-reduction” target mentioned by Mr Hogan yesterday.

Fine Gael’s ‘Strategy for New Politics’ election document said it would reduce the number of politicians by 35pc — which would have eliminated the jobs of 20 TDs and all 60 senators. The 30pc-reduction target would only allow for the cutting of 12 TDs and 60 senators.

Fianna Fail environment spokesman Niall Collins said it was clear that Fine Gael and Labour could not agree between them what the actual reduction in TDs should be.

“We’ll be keeping an eye on Minister Hogan to see he doesn’t interfere in the independence of the Constituency Commission,” he said.

However, he welcomed plans announced by the Government to introduce legislation requiring all Dail by-elections to be held within six months.

Mr Hogan said it was designed to end “farcical situations”, such as 17-month delay in holding the Donegal South West by-election.

Meanwhile, the spending limits for the presidential election in October are to be cut from €1.3m to €750,000.

Candidates will be able to claim back a maximum of €200,000 in expenses — down from €260,000.

“This allows campaign teams to plan well in advance of the election for a more frugal campaign,” Mr Hogan said.

– Michael Brennan and Paul Melia

Irish Independent


Well what did I tell you?

These boys don’t give a dam they are enjoying their massive salaries and perks and don’t have to call on you for the next 5 years and by then you will have forgotten all the broken promises because they will arrive at your doorstep with new ones. What a great con job !

At this rate Fine Gael and their Labour support will run out of promises to renege on .I believe we haven’t seen the last of the broken promises ,before long we will see new taxes and more pain as they continue to implement Fianna Fail policies. Still happy you voted in this crowd?

Lowry divides Coalition parties


Divisions have emerged between the Coalition parties in their respective positions on the political future of the Independent Tipperary North TD Michael Lowry in the wake of the Moriarty report’s damning findings against him.

Fine Gael pointedly declined to respond to the comments of Tánaiste and Labour leader Eamon Gilmore yesterday that it was his view Mr Lowry should resign from the Dáil following the publication of the report.

“It’s my view that any public representative, any TD, who is the subject of the kind of criticism that Mr Lowry has been subject to in the Moriarty tribunal . . . should consider resigning,” said Mr Gilmore.

However, when asked about Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s view on Mr Lowry’s position in the wake of the adverse finding, his spokesman in Government said that he would not give a “knee-jerk response to the question now”. He said the Taoiseach would fully deal with the matter next week when the report was debated by the Dáil over two days.

He said it seemed the views expressed had been Mr Gilmore’s personal views. However, a Labour spokesman later made it clear he had been speaking on behalf of the party. He said that while no formal position had been adopted, Mr Gilmore was party leader and Labour’s chief spokesman.

The Fine Gael spokesman said Mr Kenny had given “two emphatic responses” to the report yesterday by referring it to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Garda Commissioner on the one hand, and also by greatly expediting the holding of the Dáil debate.

Mr Kenny had also described the 2,200-page document as a “serious report”, he said, while also fully accepting it was “wrong” of Fine Gael to accept a donation of $50,000 from Telenor, a member of the consortium that was awarded the second mobile phone licence.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin last night strongly criticised Fine Gael’s refusal to comment on Mr Lowry’s position, repeating his claim that the Government’s response to the report was a “deafening silence”.

Mr Martin told The Irish Times  that Mr Kenny’s position on Mr Lowry was entirely consistent with his approach in the Dáil yesterday – “to keep the head down, try to pull down the shutters and hope that with the European summit coming up the agenda moves on. We are not going to allow it,” he said.

Earlier yesterday Mr Martin called on Mr O’Brien to “withdraw” from attacking the judiciary and warned of the danger this represented to democracy. “Given the interplay between the media, politicians and the judiciary, going down that path is very dangerous for our democracy. We must respect and honour the independence of the judiciary.”

Mr Lowry said last night he had no intention of resigning his Dáil seat despite calls for him to do so.

He also told The Irish Times  he was pleased the report was being referred to the DPP.

“There is a huge difference between the evidentiary trail that will be applied by the DPP’s office, as well as the burden of proof that is required. I think it is grossly unfair that an opinion of one individual can actually damn as many members of the public service and myself as Moriarty has done in this report,” he said.

In a similar vein, businessman and Esat founder Denis O’Brien, also the subject of adverse findings in the report, said he welcomed the referral to the DPP.

“I believe the desperately flawed nature and troubling modus operandi of the Moriarty tribunal will be quickly laid bare when subjected to an independent examination by a proper authority. The sooner that this is done the better,” he said.

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan dismissed as groundless Fianna Fáil demands for him to consider his position in the light of the report’s findings. At the public hearings, there was a conflict of evidence between Mr Hogan and auctioneer Mark FitzGerald, the latter insisting he had been present at a meeting attended by Mr O’Brien.

Mr Hogan said he could not recall having been present. Fianna Fáil TD Billy Kelleher said it was clear Mr Justice Moriarty accepted the evidence of Mr FitzGerald over Mr Hogan. But Mr Hogan said the judge was silent on this matter and did not come to any conclusion. “It clearly showed that I had no influence over the licence process and had played no hand, act or part in awarding the [phone] licence,” he said. Mr Kelleher’s claims were “semantics from a political party that had been hammered in the elections”.

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