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Michael D what about the Irish people and the Austerity Mongers in the Dail

Fighting stuff indeed from Michael D! But why isn’t he fighting for the health services in Ireland, the workers losing their Jobs, what about the unemployed  and their loss of dignity, what about the faceless moneymen destroying our country ,what about the wankers in the Government selling Ireland piece by piece .Why is he so silent on these and other issues?

I have been a long supporter of Michael D but since he was elected into office he seem to have lost his way to the Dail where he should be banging on the door demanding an end to the Troika dictatorship imposed on this country by corrupt politicians and their insider friends like (Peter Sutherland of Goldmann Sachs) and other international Banker friendly spokesmen and woman who infest the corridors of power?

We the ordinary people of Ireland want our president to come out of the Auras and put Fire under our own corrupt politicians in Lenster House.

We want our country back from the international faceless moneymen and their puppets in Dáil Eireann .

So what about it Michael are you up to the Job I voted you in for???

Mise le meas

Thomás Ó Cléirigh

Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining!

By Thomas Clarke

A finance ministry draft shows that Berlin is preparing a fresh bail-out to stabilise the Greek economy and stem EMU-wide contagion after a return to the drachma, should the country reject EU austerity demands. The funds would come from Europe’s rescue machinery but costs would be shared among all 27 EU members – not just the eurozone – on the grounds “that Greece has a right to Brussels crisis funds, like any other member state with its own currency”. The scheme aims to contain fallout from a Greek exit and “limit the losses of the European Central Bank” on the country’s bonds.’

The Big money men arranged to have the last government taken out in order to put in the new face  of so called change ,Not one red cent more to the Banks, Labours way or no way!  But what did we really get ??  Twiddle dumb and twiddle Dee political musical chairs as foretold by myself . One political party loses in the general election the other parties gets in ,The policies of the first party are still been carried out by Faceless Bureaucrats who owe their alliance to the people who got them their vastly overpaid salaries .All of the main political parties in Ireland are bought and paid for! Just look at my posting (Meet the real Taoiseach of Ireland “Peter Sutherland) the financiers have infected and infested Irish politics over the past 70 years and no one gets into high office in Ireland without the help from these unelected puppet masters. The political system is totally corrupt the party system is infested by people who are out to hold on to power and rule out change of any kind within the established system!

We the Irish voters are been warned we will be left out in the cold and will not be able to get any financial backing ,funds, or loans from anybody(hence the labour parties poster using the word “Stability”) unless we say yes in the coming referendum. This is now proven to be total hogwash. This treaty will only create instability by legally obliging any Irish government to impose even harsher austerity on our people in order to pay the interest on ever rising debts an unelected autocratic ECB financial dictatorship will accumulate


Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining!

Meet the real Taoiseach of Ireland “Peter Sutherland”

Goldman is doing the business in Ireland and is well placed within the Government as Peter Sutherland is the top advisor to Edna Kenny .Sutherland a former attorney general and EU commissioner, was also a board member at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) during the financial meltdown, is well placed within Fine Gael party and is Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs international.

What more can I say .We are truly screwed .Democracy is dead in Ireland the Banker dictatorship is in total control .It’s time for a second republic to replace the old leach infested and totally corrupt one .With unelected moneymen like this running around government offices advancing the Goldman agenda our country is no longer a democracy. Kenny is a front man, a mouthpiece, a puppet who is been manipulated along with his turncoat Labour champagne socialists who will agree to anything to stay in power. There is an air of change in Europe and the gutless blue shirts and their clueless Labour partners are about to end up with egg on their faces touting tickets for a match that is all but over.

A wave of revolt against German inspired Austerity  is sweeping Europe and the Germans are beginning to feel the heat .Merkel,s own party colleges in Berlin are openly calling for a change in direction .If the Irish government is not going to listen to its own people they will pay the consequences very soon and it won’t be pretty.

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By indymedia.ie

Listen folks, do your homework. Goldman Sachs has taken over Ireland and the Irish Government. Research the people they have put in place around the EU to manage the takeover of other countries. Peter Sutherland is their man on the ground in Ireland.  People must now wake up to the fact that this banking dictatorship has plundered the middle classes and caused increased levels of poverty in this country and others.  If the people of Ireland in particular do not start fighting back through a policy of non – compliance we are all finished. We need our government to get the message that we know who pulls their strings.  The only way we will ever break free of the Goldman Sachs parasitic financial tyranny that has enslaved Ireland is to refuse to pay back any money owed to a financial arm associated with Goldman Sachs, and force the government not to comply with them, or their demands. It will be hard at first, granted, but the long term result will be freedom from the tyranny we now live under. One of the main reasons why this Government (and the last one) refused to take back the Oil and Gas the resides of the west coast of Mayo is that the Goldman Sachs financial policemen, the IMF and ECB, threatened to cut off the bailout funds if Ireland reversed the contracts granted to Shell and the other Oil companies who are stealing our resources at present. Please!, for the sake of children make some change that will mark the end of this nightmare, because if you don’t you will have to defend your cowardice to them when they start asking hard questions.

full article at source: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/100982


Goldman is doing the business in Ireland and is well placed within the Government as Peter Sutherland is the top advisor to Edna Kenny .Sutherland a former attorney general and EU commissioner, was also a board member at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) during the financial meltdown, is well placed within Fine Gael party and is Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs international.
What more can I say ..Democracy is dead in Ireland. The Banker dictatorship is in total control .It’s time for a second republic to replace the old corrupt one .

Euro-Irish Public Policy

So, Berlusconi was eventually removed, like Papendreou, by external forces in the ECB alongside European technocrats and anonymous bankers. The money markets decided that Italy must pay a premium on its bonds for having Berlusconi as head of government. Within days he was gone. We don’t know the fine details of the communication between ECB, international finance actors and domestic technocrats in Italy. But, we do know that it was not the millions of furious Italians that brought Berlusconi down. It was the political pressure of markets. Central to this nexus of political power is Goldman Sachs.

 What do Mario Monti (new Italian head of government), Lucas Papademos (new Greek head of government), Mario Draghi (new head of ECB) and Peter Sutherland (hugely influential in Irish public policy) have in common? They all worked for the American investment bank – Goldman Sachs. This is not a coincidence, there is a subtle takeover taking place in Europe, oriented around elite networks of business plutocrats…

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By Christopher M. Quigley B.Sc., M.M.I.I., M.A.

Lastweek, on “black Thursday” the Irishgovernment in essence finally nationalized Allied Irish Bank. In response to the horrific national financial picturepainted by Mr. Brian Lenihan, Ireland’s finance minister, Peter Sutherland, former Irish attorney general, hit the media road. Mr.Sutherland’s mantra was similar to that previously presented by his acolyte Mr.Honohan (head of the Irish Central Bank). This mantra stated that though the figures were lamentable they were “manageable.”Now I have had a great deal of respect for Mr. Sutherland but as current events unfold I must respectively question hisjudgment. He points out that Ireland is not in “desperate” shape. He points outthat: “Ireland has funding up to 2011 and has 24 billion Euros in its Sovereign Wealth Fund.”  Thus, in his estimation,Ireland will not go broke until 2013, at least. According to his policy it is“OK” for the government to continue to fully guarantee, and pay as they falldue, “retail” banking bonds. It is my argument that these bonds should have been negotiated down in September of 2008 when the Irish bank guarantee wasfirst issued ( See article: “ A Bank Guarantee Too Far”). Should we adopt the course advised by Mr. Sutherland it is quite conceivable that Ireland will go completely bankrupt around 2013-2014, with no practical strategy for recoveryon offer.

This gruesome fact has even been acknowledged, publically, by nonother than Mr. Bill Clinton former President of the United States of America.

The former attorney general’s approach flies in the face of alternative prudentcouncil and public opinion. This council takes the view similar to that of aged grandparents who have saved all their lives and wish to present a legacy totheir grandchildren. These grandparents want these savings fostered, cherishedand grown. However, Mr. Sutherland wants to treat this treasure as if he were as a spoilt teenager. He seeks to squander it immediately and gamble this resource away on reckless bailing out of bondholders who lent money on risky land deals.Public opinion and international experts have pointed out that these sovereignwealth funds are the base through which Ireland could build its future. These funds could be used to set up a new, free and unencumbered National Irish Commercial Bank. This bank would get Irish credit and Irish commerce moving again. And the maths of this strategy makes sense. Under the new Basle banking agreement banks may lend up to 33 times their unencumbered cash base. This means that thesovereign wealth fund could be used to create credit in the amount of 24Billion multiplied by 33, which equals 792 billion. Almost a trillion Euros.This is the productive legacy the grandparents want for their savings. Not the squandering of hard saved assets wasted on transient speculators. These assets are Ireland’s Phoenix resource. The sovereign wealth fund is a pension fund not a teenage holiday stipend.

If Peter Sutherland’s views continue to be adopted as policy by the Department ofFinance, Ireland without its sovereign wealth fund intact, will be broke and vulnerable. In its inevitable bankruptcy Ireland’s “family silver” will eventually be put on the auction block by the IMF and theECB. Irish banks, airports, power plants, power grids, sea ports, roads, airspace, semi-states, media assets, railways, forests, lakes, water, remaining mineral rights, all will be up for grabs. The only folk with money or credit to fundsuch acquisitions will be the friends, associates and financial alumnae of Mr.Sutherland who, as you may know, is the non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International, one of the biggest “vulture” banks in the world.


_________________________________ Christopher M. Quigley B.Sc., M.M.I.I., M.A. QuigleyCompany@gmail.com



An excellent piece of work But I would go further Mr Peter Southerland is nothing more than a carpetbagger and a Goldman Sachs insider . see  http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-great-american-bubble-machine-20100405 “we need Mr Southerlands imput in the irish financial disaster  like we need the plague”!

Our leaders are either insane or indifferent to our Country’s plight

sent in to us  by

Paul Maher, Roscrea, Co.Tipp

Our leaders are either insane or indifferent to our Country’s plight. They hired Goldman Sachs,at a cost of 7.8m euro, to advise our government on how to recapitalise our banks! Anglo owed GS 4.5 billion euro. (I’m sure FF paid all of it before we kicked them out). Do you suppose GS would have advised our government to default?

Bertie and Biffo are still having afternoon tea at the K Club, with Peter Sutherland ( head of GS European operations and all round patriot)



Paul Maher, Roscrea, Co.Tipp

Pat Cox ”The perfect insider”

It is absolutely ludicrous for Pat Cox to present himself as an alternative candidate for the Irish presidency.  Mr Cox still hasn’t explained his presence at the secret and elitist Bilderberg Meeting in May 2003 at the invitation of Peter Sutherland,
This is the same Pat Cox, who while President of the European Parliament agreed with Romano Prodi that the investigative report into wholesale abuse and corruption of the EU budget, called the EUrostat scandal, be kept secret.
‘Only a select group of MEPs were permitted to see the audit and report, and then only in a darkened room, under surveillance from security guards, having been denied the use of a photocopier, camera or even mobile phone, and after having been forced to sign a declaration promising not to reveal the contents of the report. When a hearing was held to discuss the results, it was Cox and Prodi who ensured that the results of the use of taxpayers’ money never became public. He is a member of the Comite d’Honneur of the Institute of European Affairs.
In 2006 he was elected President of European Movement, an international pro European lobby association.
In June 2009 Pat Cox temporarily stepped down as President and took over the position of the campaign director for the pro Lisbon treaty initiative, Ireland for Europe.
Pat Cox is a paid advisor for Microsoft, Michelin and lobbying consultancy APCO.

He is also lobbyist for Pfizer the Pharmaceutical giant, who were recently hit with a record US court fine in the amount of $2.3 Billion for healthcare fraud.
Mr Cox has also been involved with two lobby firms that are known. One “Strategic Consulting firm “CAPA Ltd” and “European Integration Solutions”, Mr Cox also enjoyed the fruits of having the top job in Europe “President of the European Parliament” – that’s a big job with a big salary. Yes my friends this is an Insider ,”The perfect insider” and judging by the way he is promoting himself he obviously believes we the little people of Ireland will be forever gratefully to him for taking the time out of his busy schedule and will consent to live in the park for the next seven years. While he’s at it, he might as well have the next Bilderberg meeting at the Áras. Heck why not have Goldman Sacks rent a few offices in the park as well so then Cox can have breakfast every morning with them!

Pat Cox Hell No!

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