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The Department of finance is still stuffed to the gills with the old guard from the Fianna Fail

As highlighted on this blog a number of times we are now binging to see the long awaited attack on the unemployed of this country .The government spin doctors are attempting to segmented the ranks of the unemployed into various categories ( a divide and conquer strategy is now taking shape) In the first target area is the long term unemployed .Employers groups are appearing on the airwaves and are claiming that they cannot get long term unemployed to take up jobs because of the very generous benefits they are in receipt of .This is just a smoke screen these phantom jobs are not there and this is only an excuse for the government to cut the unemployment benefits for these unfortunate people .Long term unemployed are those of us who are registered as unemployed for more than two years .The New government have taken on this strategy from the last government  successful attack on the pensioners  medical card. We all know that their first attempt to withdraw the automatic right to a medical card to the over 70’s was a disaster as the pensioners came on to the streets in force and the incompetent government legged it back into the Dail to regroup, but they came back with a bang by segmenting the ranks of the elderly claiming some of the pensioners were indeed millionaires and did not need the medical card .At the time I believe the income limit was up to 36K euro per year. In other words if had a combined income (pension) of this amount you did not qualify for the medical card .I expect this limit to be lowered in the coming months for starters and you can expect prescription charges to be imposed along  with a set limit of use of the card perhaps you may have 10 free visits to your GP over the year and anything more you will be expected to pay for .Yes friends the Department of finance is still stuffed to the gills with the old guard from the Fianna Fail period and they are not going away anytime soon !Just look at the so called solution been proposed for the Quinn Group .Anglo Irish Bank the most corrupt, Toxic Bank in the world is been allowed to take over the running of this bankrupt business costing  hundreds of millions  to the taxpayers of this country beggars belief? Bankrupt gangsters bailing out Bankrupt gangsters!

Kenny tries to reverse last minute FF ‘jobs for the boys’

By Michael Brennan Deputy Political Editor

Thursday March 24 2011

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny is seeking legal advice about reversing the state board appointments made by Fianna Fail ministers during their last day in office.

Former ministers Mary Hanafin and Pat Carey appointed several Fianna Fail members to state boards just before Fine Gael and the Labour Party came to power.

In the Dail yesterday, Mr Kenny said the appointments were disgraceful and that he was getting advice from the Attorney General on whether it was possible to reverse them.

“I am interested in putting an end to the blatant cronyism,” he said. “It is a disgrace. . .”

The Government is pledging to end the right of ministers to automatically appoint people to state boards — by setting up an oversight committee where people who wished to serve would put forward their qualifications.

But a legal source said it could be extremely difficult for the new Government to reverse recent appointments, given that they were made by ministers exercising their legal powers.


Mr Kenny had been responding to Independent Dublin South TD Shane Ross, who said the outgoing Fianna Fail Government had appointed people on a blatantly political basis to the boards of semi-state organisations on its last day in office.

“Those appointments, and others like them, should be reversed immediately and the Taoiseach should make no apology for doing so,” Mr Ross said.

One of the Fianna Fail councillors appointed by Mr Carey to the board of An Post said yesterday he had simply sent his CV into the Department of the Taoiseach to be kept on file if any state board positions became available.

Cllr Peter Ormonde, based in Birr in Offaly, said he had not given any thought to stepping down from the board of An Post because he had just heard about Mr Kenny’s remarks.

But he pointed to his qualifications for the job, saying he had a degree in business management and had the experience of serving on the Eduction Finance Board — for which he received only travel expenses.

“I didn’t go around lobbying and looking for it,” he said.

Mr Ormonde was appointed by the communications minister Pat Carey on March 8– the previous Government’s last full day in office.

A Fianna Fail spokesman said the party had no comment to make as the appointments were made in accordance with proper procedures.

– Michael Brennan Deputy Political Editor

Irish Independent


Turfing these Fianna Fail cronies out of the plumb jobs and putting Fine Gael and labour cronies in  is not going to solve the problem of cronyism.

The new government will be more of the same!

The Peoples Convention would like to thank all those who supported our candidates and our programme for democratic renewal in this election.  We knew we were unprepared and under-resourced for this campaign, having only initiated our movement late in November, nonetheless we felt compelled to take a stand for what is right and are happy to have done so. 

The people have not been empowered in this election, the vested interests and their parties continue as the decision makers in our state … however, some change has taken place in the outlook of the people and this has been voiced.

From the outset we said that the main problem in our state was the lack of democracy, that the people had no say in deciding state policy.  We stated that the people had no effective way of participating in the decision making process, primarily because of its domination by the political parties backed by vested interests, who effectively exclude the people.  Our say as decision makers was limited to the few minutes we would spend completing the ballot paper. 

The discussions were restricted

Virtually the only discussions that people could participate in during the campaign were in ‘persuading’ the politicians to act in our interests, if they got elected – there were very few public forums or debates – where people could discuss together their concerns and needs and what they wanted going forward.

Did the media assist fair discussion?

In the TV, radio and print media, official bias was given to the ‘main’ parties – limiting alternative ideas or analysis.  The consequence of limiting the bulk of media time to these parties is to set the agenda for the people – the media has no right to do that – a broad discussion was needed. 

The press statements of the parties were carried faithfully, their every twist and turn was reported.  It seemed at times that statements were coordinated on the different issues – all would address the jobs crisis on a particular day, next day they would all comment on the issue of banking and the credit crisis etc.  Each day we were told how well each of the parties performed on a particular issue – when they had actually done nothing – the picture of a struggle of ideas and policy was painted, but it never existed.

One could easily consider that RTÉ in particular were co-ordinating the debate within pre-defined limits, there was almost no serious challenge of the spokespeople interviewed – all their basic assumptions were accepted as given.  It seemed like the debating charade was even rehearsed in advance – no one was to be caught out!  Everything was nice and cordial, no really difficult questions, it is only the lives of you and me and our children that was at stake, it only involved the future of our state!

Journalism is in a sad state in our country – when virtual criminals go unchecked and are allowed to repeat their same old lies without challenge.

One choice was easily made …

Fianna Fáil and their Green partners got the answer they should have accepted long ago, the people wanted neither their corruption nor their anti-people budgets nor the sell-off of our sovereignty.  People have voted them out of power and almost out of existence in the hope that some stability will bring a change in the fortunes of our nation and that improvement in our condition will result.  At the same time significant support was given to some independents and emerging parties, showing that the people are looking for different solutions – this is good.

The new government will be more of the same!

We have a new Dáil Éireann now, but it is not controlled by the people, the parties have once again taken power from the people and will continue the same policies of the last government.  There are no plans to reverse the worst cuts made by the old government and there is a promise of even more cuts to come.

All last week the Fine Gael and Labour Party were “in negotiations”, discussing whether there will be 30,000 lay-offs in the public service or whether it will be just 18,000 – is this what they meant by “Getting Ireland back to work”

Meanwhile the mortgage crisis deepens and increased interest rates are promised; meanwhile Bank of Ireland reveals their €60 million bonus payments to senior managers that they had previously lied about to government; meanwhile in a last minute act outgoing Minister Pat Carey signed-off on the Corrib Gas pipeline for Shell.  Oh sad sad the manoeuvrings and deeds of these parties!

What shines clear from the current situation is the continued exclusion of the people from the decision making in our own state.  This, therefore, tells us what we must do as a people – we must empower ourselves, we must work to dethrone the political parties and the vested interests they serve!  The work of building The Peoples Convention must continue, we must create new ways of reaching people, of spreading and developing the ideas, we must build the networking between people so that we can all learn on this journey into the future!

source: http://www.cppc.ie/blog/article/we_took_a_stand

Fianna Fail crushed at polls in Ireland


 Pat Carey, outgoing Gaeltacht Minister


By Jasper Hamill

27 Feb 2011

The Irish electorate destroyed the incumbent party only months after the humiliating €85 billion (about £72bn) bail-out from the IMF and EU.

Exit polls suggest opposition party Fine Gael have won 36% of first-preference votes, just short of the majority needed to form a single-party government.

The polls indicate Fine Gael won 72 seats, while Fianna Fáil managed only 20, fewer than the resurgent Labour Party’s 38. Fine Gael is now expected to seek the backing of independents or Labour to form a coalition.

Fianna Fáil is estimated to have only 8% support in Dublin and may have failed to win a single seat in the capital.

Taoiseach-in-waiting Enda Kenny said the humbled Fianna Fáil party had lost touch with the Irish people.

“The lesson from this general election is that government should never remove themselves from the people,” he said. The people have voted with vigour and strength … This is a great day for the Fine Gael party.”

Senior figures in the centre-right party were bullish about their prospects and suggested a coalition government was far from inevitable.

According to an early count, Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams won in Louth after giving up his Westminster seat north of the border to run in the Republic of Ireland’s election.

 He said: “If Enda becomes Taoiseach, I wish him well.

“We will support him when he is doing things that we think are good and progressive, and we will oppose him tooth and nail when he is doing things that are not in the common good.”Conor Lenihan, a Fianna Fáil candidate who stood in Dublin South-West, was one of the first to admit defeat.“Clearly the tide was out for Fianna Fáil in Dublin,” he said.Pat Carey, outgoing Gaeltacht Minister, said: “There’s no shame in losing – the shame will be if we didn’t learn from it.”Fine Gael promised “Smaller, Better Government” during their campaign, promising to reduce the deficit by cutting waste rather than hiking up income tax.

Fianna Fáil has governed for 60 of the past 80 years and guided the country towards its Celtic Tiger economic successes. It has since been blamed for the subsequent recession which has gripped Ireland for three years.



Fine Gael promised “Smaller, Better Government” during their campaign, promising to reduce the deficit by cutting waste rather than hiking up income tax.

Well we will see, I expect an emergency Budget and tax hikes and wholesale selling off of state assets, further job losses and further cuts in health services and introduction of water charges, family home taxes, closing down of some of the Banks and job losses there too for starters and an increase in emigration. All this will be for nothing as I still expect us to default anyway. I will be betting that the government will last only tops 24 months any takers?

Nationalized Anglo Irish Bank is gorging on you money!


Nationalized Anglo Irish Bank

Which will receive more capital from the Irish Taxpayers in the coming weeks, and after reporting the highest ever losses in Irish corporate history,

This den of corruption and Black hole of the Irish economy has awarded pay increases to 70 staff.

Yes again awarded pay increases”

Salary increases have been paid to 40 of the bank’s 800 staff in Ireland, 20 out of 370 staff in the UK and 10 out of 80 staff in the US where the employees’ jobs have changed following the voluntary redundancy plan under which 230 staff left the bank.

Newly promoted Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs Pat Carey

Last night defended the pay award.

The increase concerned a small number of non-senior specialist staff in England that had been recruited on a contract basis,

Anglo is expected to post losses of almost €12 billion for the 15 months to December 31st, 2009


Next week when the bank releases financial results for the first time since May 2009. Losses on bad loans amounting to about €14 billion mean that Anglo will report the highest losses ever reported by an Irish company

These Crooks must go to Jail and if they don’t there will be blood on the streets

Still the same incompetence!

Cowen’s cabinet line-up


Brian Cowen

Tánaiste and Minister for Education and Skills 

Mary Coughlan

Minister for Finance 

Brian Lenihan

Minister for Health and Children 

Mary Harney

Minister for Transport 

Noel Dempsey

Minister for Justice and Law Reform 

Dermot Ahern

Minister for Foreign Affairs 

Micheál Martin

Minister for Social Protection 

Éamon Ó Cuív

Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport 

Mary Hanafin

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government 

John Gormley

Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources 

Eamon Ryan

Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation 

Batt O’Keeffe

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 

Brendan Smith

Minister for Defence 

Tony Killeen

Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs 

Pat Carey

Attorney General 

Paul Gallagher

We see again that incompetence is ignored at the very top of Irish Politics

Cowen is rewarding his buddies and to hell with the rest of the people!

By surrounding himself with this clapped out and worn out bunch

We the people are going to be at the receiving end of yet more pain.

The Greens have now all but thrown in the towel and have being totally consumed in their self interest in big jobs and pensions for themselves

It is so sickening to see their blatant scramble over the crumbs from the Fiannia Fail Table

Talk about a bunch of wasters and sell outs

It’s just sickening!

When will the people rise up and get these leaches off our backs?

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