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Irish FiskalPakt rejectors are now 13/8 on favourites at Paddy Power


Quote from the SLOG. Paddy Power has odds on that the Stability Referendum will fail:

As well as France’s rejection of the ozy in Merkozy last night, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right coalition lost power in the state of Schleswig-Holstein…and Irish FiskalPakt rejectors are now 13/8 on favourites at Paddy Power. But having a French President demanding growth, an ECB boss saying we need growth, and a Greek electorate saying ‘no more cuts’ still isn’t bringing home to the more zealous europhiles that the euro crisis has (a) demonstrated a dangerous failure of the currency, and (b) consists of far more than lazy Meds who borrowed too much and now can’t be arsed to pay the loans back.

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Exposing the golden circle


A network of 39 individuals held powerful positions in 33 of 40 top public organisations and

Private Irish businesses in three of the critical Celtic Tiger years (2005-2007), and held more

Than 93 directorships between them in these companies during this period; as well as an

Average of ten directorships each in other companies.

Focused on the years 2005-2007, the research shows that each of the 39 members of this

‘Director Network’ held multiple directorships on at least two boards across 33 of the 40

companies concerned.

More than a quarter (eleven) of the 39 members of the Director Network were particularly

well-connected. They had ten or more links, via these multiple directorships, to other

members of this Network and/or sat on three, four or even five boards of the top 40 companies


In addition to holding multiple directorships, a significant proportion of the Director Network

held very senior full-time positions, either as CEOs or executive directors or equivalent


Over half of the members of the Director Network held board positions in at least one of

Ireland’s four largest financial institutions: Anglo Irish Bank, AIB, Bank of Ireland and Irish

Life and Permanent. The three most tightly-interwoven of all 40 boards were all financial


Full PFD report a must read! Map of Golden Circle


Paula Clancy, Nat O’Connor & Kevin Dillon




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