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Focus Ireland update on Ireland’s homeless

Dear Machholz,

We wrote to you last year about the crazy situation where dozens of young people who have experienced homelessness are trapped in emergency homeless accommodation because their income is too low for them to afford to move on into independent living.

When the welfare rates to young people were halved in 2009, young people who had grown up in care were protected, recognising that they would need a full payment if they were to provide a home for themselves. However young people who become homeless after they reach 18, but were never in care, receive no such protection.

After a period in emergency accomodation, such young people are ready to move on with their lives, possibly with tenancy support services – but even if they can find a private flat and get rent supplement they cannot afford to take it up because after their rent contribution they would be left with only €70 to €100 a week to live on.

As a result they remain stuck in Emergency Accomm odation whose facilities they no longer need and which is more expensive than supporting them to find and maintain a home. . It is hard to get on with your life – take up education or apply for a job – when your address is an emergency homeless hostel. At present the only way out is to wait until they turn 25!Homeless1

Last year, Focus Ireland supporters sent over 2,000 e-mails to their TDs and Senators asking for action on this situation. This resulted in dozens of Dail questions and a very positive response by the Minister Joan Burton. But since then … nothing. There has been no change at all in the position of these young people.

305To help push this issue forward, Focus Ireland, in collaboration with other homeless organisations around the country, is holding a briefing session for TDs and Senators in the Dail on the 17th April. At thie briefing we will outline the problem and put forward a solution which will use the Youth Guarantee to assist these young people mo ve out of Emergency Homeless Accommodation and on into training, education, employment – and a sustainable home.

We are writing to you now to ask you to send a reminder to your local TD/Senators to attend the briefing and put their political weight behind finding a solution to this problem. There is an easy-to-use prepared letter here.

With thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely

Mike Allen Director of Advocacy Focus Ireland

We want our democracy back

The ordinary citizens of Ireland have had enough we want our
democracy back. Like so many cities around the world the citizens of Ireland have at last begun to take action .Taking the example from Occupy wall street we are now at the beginning of hopefully something big .The peoples of the world will no longer just allow themselves to be traded like goods.

Christine Lagarde named new IMF chief (More bad news)

This is very bad news for Ireland and we are now in deep shit,
this insider is willing to destroy the nation of Ireland just to keep German
and French banks from paying for their bad bets on toxic Irish banks. This she
hope to do by forcing small nations like Ireland to pay for their lack of due
diligence in their dealings with various banks around the EU. The German and French
banks broke their own rules to turn a quick buck and got caught out when the bubble
burst. So now the big bondholders have brought in their insider to secure the
final push to get the taxpayers of Europe to stump up for their losses .This is
a black day for Ireland and every other small nation in Europe. Last week Irish
Finances minster Noonan was warming up to her but she looks as cold as my
fridge  freezer and Noonan ‘s charm is
just as false and this Ice queen knows it !

Last week Irish Finances minster Noonan was warming up to her

but she looks as cold as my fridge freezer and Noonan ‘s charm is just as false

and this Ice queen knows it !


U2 and “Tax Havens”

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Dublin, Ireland. a protest outside the Department of Finance, nothing unusual there, only this time it was to do with Ireland’s most successful band. This protest saw members of the Debt and Development Coalition Ireland (DDCI) gathering Bono may campaign for a better deal for the world’s poor, but his band are taking advantage of the same tax avoidance schemes that rob impoverished countries of billions. outside the Merrion Street offices to voice their concern over U2’s tax avoidance. The coalition contains charitable organisations such as Trocaire and Oxfam (the world’s largest charity organisation) and they had clearly swallowed enough of Bono’s double standards. Nessa Ni Chasaide of Debt and Development Coalition Ireland said, “Bono may campaign for a better deal for the world’s poor, but his band are taking advantage of the same tax avoidance schemes that rob impoverished countries of billions.”

For more follow link to source: http://www.makebonopaytax.com/


Tax avoidance and tax havens like the IFSC are helping individuals and companies to avoid taxation through loopholes in the law or even employ illegal tax evasion methods :

Governments need tax revenues for investments in public goods and services like infrastructure, education, health care and a social safety net. These investments are of great important for national welfare, a good enabling environment for the private sector and for economic development in general. It is important that all individuals and firms, who are benefiting from these public services, contribute to this by paying a fair share in taxes. 

Some companies nonetheless use aggressive methods to avoid taxation through loopholes in the law or even employ illegal tax evasion. The scope of worldwide tax evasion is enormous. In the book “Capitalism’s Achilles Heel”, Richard Baker, one of the most renowned American experts on the field of tax evasion and money laundering, calculates that every year US$ 200 billion of corporate revenues depart from developing countries without proper taxes being paid.
It has been estimated that more than half of all world trade is going through tax havens to avoid taxation. Tax havens play an important role in the worldwide problem of tax avoidance and evasion. They undermine development in other countries, including developing countries, in four ways:

  • Secret bank accounts and offshore trusts in tax havens provide wealthy elites and companies with the means to escape their tax obligations. The big international banks and accountancy firms lend a hand by providing trust and tax planning services in tax havens;
  • Multinationals’ ability to substantially lower their tax burden by routing capital flows through mailbox companies in tax havens provides them with unfair competitive advantages vis-à-vis their – often smaller – competitors in developing countries;
  • Banking secrecy and offshore trusts offered by financial institutions in tax havens make it possible to launder the proceeds of political corruption, illicit arms deals, and other crimes;
  • Tax havens have contributed to the rising incidence of financial crisis that can destroy livelihoods in poor countries. Tax havens have contributed to the rising incidence of financial crisis that can destroy livelihoods in poor countries.

Tax avoidance is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed. Both governments and multinationals should take action to counter this problem. There is also an important task for civil society organisations to stimulate public discussion around tax avoidance and tax havens.

Source   http://www.taxjustice.nl/?nid=63000

Public sector workers forced to look for welfare to survive

One third of households are now the ‘working poor’

Public servants are queuing up for social welfare in an effort to make ends meet. Clerical officers and staff officers are applying in their droves and qualifying for emergency social welfare assistance to meet mortgage repayments and household bills.

Ironically, while the Government is taking away with one hand in pay cuts and pension levies it’s having to fork out with the other as full time public sector workers are feeling the pinch and struggling to meet their financial commitments.

One well paid principal officer in the Department of Education told the Sunday Independent, “This is not at all unusual now, in fact it’s quite common, everyone in the civil service knows about it. Even staff officers with kids are getting hand outs from the social welfare. It’s amazing what’s going on and a bit strange that the Government are cutting wages and having to top them up with welfare payments. You would wonder sometimes, what’s the real saving.”

There is a raft of social welfare entitlements for which even people in work can qualify if they make a sufficiently strong case. The Department of Social Welfare, MABS the money advice bureau and citizen advice centres confirm that they are over run by families seeking assistance and applying for family income supplement (FIS) rent and mortgage allowances, school books and clothing subsidies and other emergency social welfare payments. Low paid public servants average about €450 a week.

The news comes as a further 70,000 SIPTU members joined the work-to-rule in the public sector last week, swelling the numbers from IMPACT, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, CPSU , Unite, the Public Service Executive Union and the three teacher unions already involved in the go-slow, to almost 250,000 public service employees.

One local authority official told the Sunday Independent that some people in the public sector are struggling and are no longer hiding it. “At one staff meeting this week a colleague announced, ‘I’m on family income supplement and I’m not afraid to say it. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of.’ These people have children, their partners are not working and they’re under the threshold to qualify for social welfare, there’s no question about it. But it’s a pretty crazy situation for people on a salary if they have to top it up with family income supplement, what’s the agenda? People are struggling, like lots of families are struggling, especially those who bought a house at the wrong time, they’re scared and at their wits end.”

This is borne out by the latest data from the Money and Budgeting Service (MABS) whose end of year report for 2009 showed the number of people seeking help with debt and mortgage repayments more than doubled last year to 24,800. The bulk of new clients were married, aged 26 to 40 with children and a mortgage.

“We are seeing more and more people seeking advice and support from low pay categories who are in difficulty with paying for utilities and other debts. We help people who are finding it hard to make ends meet whether they have a wage or not, we wouldn’t know where they work as we don’t collate that kind of information,” explained MABS spokesman Michael Culloty.

On Wednesday the Government confirmed that the unemployment figure for last month was 436,936, a rise of 13,000 since December and a jobless rate of 12.7%. Data from the Department of Social Welfare also revealed that unscheduled social welfare payments by the State in 2009 rose by €244 million to a total of €1,048m, an increase of 23%. €508m of this went on rent supplements and related payments.

Father Sean Healy of Social Justice Ireland Father Sean Healy of Social Justice Ireland

In a policy statement this week Father Sean Healy of Social Justice Ireland called on the Government to recognise the problem of the “working poor” which accounts for 39.6% of all households, a total of 116,000, where the head of the family has a job.

Family Income Supplement (FIS) is a weekly tax-free payment available to married and unmarried employees with children. It is designed to give extra financial support to people on low pay and the income threshold varies according to family size. If you are getting FIS you may also be entitled to the fuel allowance and the back to school clothing and footwear allowance


Focus Ireland

Dear Machholz,
Many thanks for taking the time to e-mail Minister for the Environment John Gormley calling on him to honour his commitment to protect the budget for homeless services.
This was our most successful on-line campaign to date with 773 people e-mailing Minister Gormley over four weeks.
As you all know by now Budget 2011 was the harshest in decades. Widespread cuts were made across all Departments and spending programmes.
While it is regrettable that the Department of Environment budget for homeless services was cut by 4.6%, it is clear that homeless services were spared the level of cuts experienced by many other spending programmes.
We have no doubt that this was influenced by your e-mail directly to the Minister, highlighting the high level of public support for providing vital services for people experiencing homelessness and for a strategy to end homelessness.
Th e exact impact of these cuts on homeless services and on people experiencing homelessness will not be clear until next year.
Focus Ireland will be do everything in our power to minimise the impact of these funding cuts, and of the cuts in welfare and other services, on people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
We will also continue to advocate on behalf of people who do not have a place to call home, and will be relying on your support again in the new year.
Many thanks for your support, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Mike Allen
Director of Advocacy

Dr Deagle Show 101215 – JOEL SKOUSEN


I put up news from the US all the time because we here in Ireland we be expecting our economy to grow mainly from the US  multi nationals currently keeping their operations in Ireland  so events and particularly Tax changes in the US will have a major impact on their operations in Ireland.

Personally I believe waiting for the US multi Nationals to pull Ireland out of the rescission is flawed

We should in fact be supporting local small /medium Irish business supplying local Irish demand and export

union fat cats at the honey pot

Sunday October 24 2010

Source  Sunday Independent

The union fat cats who have landed plum jobs, and the other quangos with union hands tugging at the tiller

Dublin Institute of Technology

Jackie Kelly is Ictu’s appointment to the governing council of the DIT, which got State aid to the tune of about €117m, according to its most recent financial statement. She’s also on the standing orders committee of the Impact union.

Bord Gais

Siptu general secretary Joe O’Flynn was paid €16,188 in board fees from Bord Gais in 2009. The former mechanic and mayor of Cork represents the employees share ownership scheme. He’s also the treasurer of Ictu.

Failte Ireland

Our State tourism promotion body includes Ictu ex-treasurer John McDonnell as one of its long-standing board members, who shared €207,000 in fees and expenses in 2008.

Courts Service

We gave the Courts Service €122m to run the courts last year. Board members include Ictu industrial officer Liam Berney.

Sustainable Energy Ireland

David Naughton, secretary of the Ictu/Esb group of unions, sits on the board of green energy quango SEI where directors shared €231,837 in fees plus €11,082 in miscellaneous expenses, according to the annual report for 2008.

Railway Procurement Agency

Former Ictu assistant secretary general Tom Wall is among the directors paid €13,000 at the RPA last year.


Ictu is represented on the board of jobs training outfit Skillsnets by its industrial officer Peter Rigney, and Siptu’s National Women’s Committee member Nuala Keher.

Public Appointments Service

Dan Murphy, general secretary of the 10,000-strong Public Service Executive Union, is a director of the agency which fills top-level jobs in the State sector.

Pensions Board

Non-executive directors of the Pensions Board saw their fees cut from €9,000 per year down to €8,400 last year. Ictu has not one but two seats at the table, with Siptu national equality secretary Rosheen Callender and industrial officer Fergus Whelan part of the group.

National Roads authority

Charged with spending over €16.5bn on roads by 2015, the National Roads Authority includes Siptu’s Eric Fleming as a board member.

THE National

Qualifications Authority of Ireland

With a State handout of over €14m, according to its latest accounts, the NQAI monitors training and qualifications for a variety of non-university sectors. Board members include Technical Engineering and Electrical Union general secretary Eamon Devoy.

Further Education & Training Awards Council

Fetac’s board room includes Siptu official Ron Kelly.

National Social Work Qualifications Board

We’d never heard of this tiny quango either, but board members include Impact’s Helen Hanlon and Margaret Groarke. The NSWQB got State funding of €569,000 last year.

Company Law

Review Group

Siptu’s national industrial secretary Michael Halpenny sits on the board of the quango that considers how to change or tweak Ireland’s company law rule book.

Health & Safety Authority

Some €84,000 was paid out in various board member costs and expenses at the HSA, according to the 2009 report. The trade unions are well represented on the top floor with bearded TEEU general secretary Eamon Devoy (also on the National Qualifications quango), Dessie Robinson, assistant secretary general of Impact, and Ictu’s Esther Lynch.

Taxi regulator

Siptu’s Peter Rogers sits on the board of the Taxi Commission’s Advisory Council.

source  Sunday Independent


If you really want to spoil your few days off then get the latest book Wasters by Shean Ross and Nick Webb it is guaranteed to upset you by finding out that the Unions have their hands in the honey pot ,just like their political colleagues ,enjoying their junkets and perks at our expense

Now you know why the country is in such a mess with these Leaches sucking us all dry!


Anglo Irish Bank is dragging us all down!

Wednesday, September 29 · 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Location St Stephen’s Green

Created By

More Info The Right To Work Campaign will be joining the Irish Trade Union Congress protest at the Dail on Wed September 29th- we will be marching from Anglo Irish Bank at 12 noon and then joining the Congress protest at the Dail at 12.30pm.Sept 29th is the 1st day back for the Dail and is also the 2nd anniversary of the banking guarantee.The 23 Billion we gave Anglo Irish Bank is enough to employ everyone on the Live Register for 3 years on 33,000 a year!Get this government out!
No more Anglo Irish Bailouts!
We want jobs and services!
Stop the Cuts!For leaflets and posters contact 0872604143Let’s make this a real focus for all the anger out there against this incompetent government!



 As a non-aligned and  advocate for the middle ground and free enterprise I strongly believe that the support the government is giving this corrupt and clearly bankrupt private Bank in not the responsibility of the Irish Taxpayers and I also firmly believe that the Irish government has created a fatal disaster for the country by bailing out their friends .One has to now ask questions why this disastrous course was ever taken .This stinks to high heaven and fraud is written all over this action by lenihan and Cowen  .

This must stop now and criminal charges must be brought against the architects of this national disaster.

The Full story has still to come out from the Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Ireland again I call on them to come clean on their derivatives positions.

I intend to go to this demonstration to-morrow as

 I believe we in the middle ground should be seen and on the ground and we need to become vocal otherwise we will be left behind nobody else will fight our cause and our cause is the peoples cause.

Now more than ever we need to stand united against this blatant attack on our democracy by the political elite and their cronies.


Anybody in Wicklow looking for a lift contact me at e-mail provided before 10.30  29.09.2010




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