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“Get up off your knees Ireland”

Famine memorial dublin

Famine memorial dublin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our ancestors braved the Black and Tans the great famine, Cromwell and countless British atrocities. Are we now going to allow gutless cowards in the Dail to steal our heritage as well? Are we going to lie down and comply with the unjust demands placed on our shoulders by faceless absentee landlords who have conned us out of our own country .Wake up Ireland, where are the sons and daughters of the of our once proud Celtic Nation ? Brake away from the chains of financial and economical bondage that our incompetent politicians  helped to subdue our entire nation with .

I am a  descended of a ssurvivor of the Famine and I will not allow gutless politicians sell me and my children into financial slavery !Who will join me ???  Like so many of our great patriots of old, I dare to get up off my knees and say enough is enough! This is the land of the Gael . Our elite political class have lost their way and sold us out to faceless bureaucrats and vested interests .They have taken the 30 pieces of silver  and are tearing down the fabric of our communities.Our old and sick are dying ,our youth are been hounded out of our country in search of work and a livelihood. all because of interest payments on odious debts we the citizens are not responsible for.

Its time to shout stop! Enough is enough.Its time to rid ourselves of the political leaches in the Dail and their masters in Europe!

Ireland and its begging bowl

“German consumer confidence has increased again, its sixth rise on the bounce. The country’s GfK index has increased to 6.0, its highest level since March 2011, as households said they felt significantly more positive about the prospect for their incomes”.

What is been concealed to the German public is the fact this bailout for Ireland is in fact a bailout of the corrupt German Banks who lent vast sums of money to equally corrupt “Private Irish Banks”. The failure of the Deutsche Bank to carry out “due diligence” before powering billions into the various corrupt Irish banks is in itself a gross dereliction of duty to the German public who have trusted them to look after their pension funds .The greatest con job that has been carried out is the placement of these private commercial German Bank debts on to the shoulders of the Irish taxpayers .Effectively placing private gambling commercial debts and socializing them by forcing the taxpayers of Ireland to take responsibility for them. These deutsche Bank debts are not the responsibility of the Irish taxpayers.

As a result of this successful fraud on the Irish public the bondholders have incurred vast profits using CFD,s  and other unregulated derivative tools . .No wonder Germany is booming when you can force other people to pay off your gambling debts and strip the assets of that country at the same time you are in a win win situation! Our gutless and traitorous politicians that are now in government have sold out their own people to a generation of debt enslavement and I am counting the days when we the Irish stand up and take back our country from these mouthpieces of the new absentee landlords. We are now serfs in our own country, the last time this happened Oliver Cromwell was in town with his men ,now it’s the Troika!

See also link  http://www.internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article2267

Wake up Ireland!

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