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Ref:Save Loughlinstown A&E Wicklow action group

This fight is only starting as the new vision for Europe is now clear we are to be incorporated into a 4th Deutsche Reich and we are not going to be at the table where decisions are made we will be told what to do and our first instruction has already be giving we are to change our constitution in favour of a dictate from the German and French mouthpieces of the Big Banks in Europe.
All financial matters will now be dictated to us and with the constitutional changes we will be nothing more than debt slaves .The republic is no more thanks to the stooges in the Dail !
Health, Education and a Roof over your head are a fundamental rights and it is a crime to steal these services under the guise of health and safety. We must renew our efforts and expand beyond what was for now normal activities. These are our services and not the bequest of governments to take away whenever they so chose .People of Ireland wake up we are been fleeced.
Stand up for your rights for God sake! Don’t wait until you need to go to an A&E!

A&E services must be taken away because of Health and safety concerns?

By  RTE News

About 5000 people have turned out in Portlaoise this afternoon, to protest over plans to downgrade the Midland Regional Hospital in the town.

It comes amid concerns that a shortage of junior doctors would see the removal of 24 hours emergency services from the hospital.

Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan has insisted the Midland Regional Hospital will not see any curtailment of services.

The HSE say they will be able to maintain 24 hour emergency services from 11 July, pending a number of remaining junior doctor posts being filled as anticipated.

Speaking at the protest this afternoon, Chairperson of the Portlaoise Hospital Action Group, Kathleen O’Brien called on the Minister for Health James Reilly to upgrade and maintain services at the hospital.

Source : http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0703/portlaoise.html

Comment :

There appears to be a pattern here, any services that a
local authority or in this case the HSE do not want ,they maintain that is
because of a Health and safety risk .What a laugh!

Wicklow hospital ,was closed because of such triumph up concerns.
We have allowed this Health and safety lark to destroy entrepreneurship. I
wanted to set up a business along the coast here in Wicklow but had to give up
because of health and safety concerns and the enormous costs of public liability
insurance .But allowing the government to use this health & safety lark to
close down hospitals is going too far. Nowhere else in the world would the
people put up with this absolute crap? As previously called upon I call again
to all workers in the various hospitals around the country to come together and
force the government to back down .Get your Unions to make a stand.

The Health services we have struggled to create must now not be taken away from us because of incompetent politicians who are serving their true masters in Brussels and
in the IMF. These cuts are been implement because there are  no more Funds available to keep the hospitals going .After they continue to bail out toxic and corrupt banks .The current government promised “not one red cent more”yet next
week they will be pumping another 5billion into the corrupt institution  AIB .
 It has nothing to do with better services or centres of excellence this is the spin we are been fed .The bottom line is if you want these services close to you, You must get up off your arse and stand with the rest of us that seem to do all the fighting for our local
services and send a message to your local TD’ and make it clear this is the
last straw ,no more spin no more promises of centres’ of excellent  we want to keep our local hospital services or else !

Tell them  to take “CUTS” in their own Salaries and those of the outrageously overpaid consultants!

The new Government have reneged on their promises to the public and even
today I see Eamon Gilmore stating that there will be more cuts on the way .This
madness of pumping billions into criminal toxic banks is insane. This is downright
treachery of the Irish nation!


Some reasons why you should vote for me!

Dear Resident my name is Thomas Clarke and a vote for me is for:


·         A vote for me is a vote to stop the madness of powering billions into black holes, no nonsense legislation such as over regulation in health and safety and common sense.


·         A vote for me is a vote for a better deal for the self-employed and entrepreneurs  reversing the penal taxes on commercial vehicles and giving access to the same social benefits as the PAYE workers


·         A vote for me is a vote for more accountability and for vigorous prosecution of white collar crime


·         A vote for me is for the abolition of the universal social charge


·         A vote for me is a vote for a jobs stimulus plan that will address the needs of the unemployed and local business and not the needs of pen pushers in FAS


·         A vote for me will cost you 66% less than other TD’s as I will work for the average industrial wage


·         A vote for me is a vote for proven local commitment and for common sense! 


·         For more information please log on to www.wicklowindependent.net


·         Thomas Clarke  thomasclarke3@gmail.com


 If I did not manage to call to you it was because I physically did not manage to get to your door with 130 ,000 voters scattered all over the Wicklow County to get to talking to everybody for 2 minutes there is just not enough time to get to every door

Thomas Clarke  

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