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Taxi Driver Norwegian Prime Minister

Enda Kenny is an Irish Gombeen – politician, and has been the Taoiseach since 2011.He wouldn’t last 5 minutes in any public place without the cops protecting him.

He has lied through his teeth and the other gangsters in government would also piss in their pants ,if they found themselves among the ordinary people .They have sold us off to become financial slaves to faceless bondholders who themselves are gangsters, who blackmail small countries into paying their gambling debts! Kenny is just a puppet and a collaborator just like the “Vichy” government in France during the 2nd world war.

This is the Irish version of a Government Minster (Minister B Howlin) as he meets up with the Irish Public!   see the difference????

This video shows the stark difference of what a real democracy should be as it clearly demonstrates the accessibility of ordinary people to the leaders in Government! If you have money and are famous you have access to our Irish government but the ordinary Joe soap is frozen out!



The photo ,taken in Dublin sums it up for most people 2/3rds of the citizens .The other 1/3 are in the pay of the state and are the cheerleaders of the current corrupt political élite!


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