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Why should we now vote for something the Germans clearly do not believe in ?????

A Picture paints a thousand words

Dass es schlimm kommen würde, hatte man schon befürchtet. Dass die CDU in Nordrhein-Westfalen mit ihrem Spitzenkandidaten Norbert Röttgen aber dermaßen abschmiert und noch weiter abstürzt als erwartet, damit hatte niemand gerechnet. Das desaströse Ergebnis von 26 Prozent für den größten CDU-Landesverband wiegt so schwer, dass es auch an Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel nicht spurlos vorbei gehen dürfte.

full article at source: http://www.handelsblatt.com/meinung/kommentare/analyse-warum-roettgens-desaster-merkel-staerkt/6627312.html

The Irish must now add their voice and say Austerity is just shutting down trade in the country

Vote No

New election blow for Germany’s Merkel –

Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s conservatives have suffered heavy losses in an election in Germany’s most populous state, exit polls suggest.

Support for the Christian Democrats dropped from 35% to 26% in North Rhine-Westphalia, with the Social Democrats set to return to power with the Greens.

It is the Christian Democrats’ worst result in the state.

Analysts say many voters rejected Mrs Merkel’s tough line on fiscal discipline as a cure for state debt.Voters in Greece, France and Italy also recently rejected austerity policies.

In another development, the exit polls suggested Germany’s Pirate Party had won seats in North Rhine-Westphalia, making it their fourth state parliament.

The Pirate Party has grown in strength recently with its calls for transparency and internet freedom.Nationally, Sunday’s election will not change the balance of power, whatever the outcome but opposition leaders warn it may send an important signal ahead of national elections expected in late 2013.

full article at source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-18048942

Berlin.             Von Röttgen lernen heißt aus Fehlern lernen – die Landtagswahl in NRW wird sich auch auf die Bundespolitik auswirken. Zwar wird die Schlappe der CDU eindeutig mit Norbert Röttgen identifiziert – das Wahlergebnis ist für Bundeskanzlerin Merkel dennoch alles andere als tröstlich. Eine Analyse.

Bei Landtagswahlen bleibt sie am Sonntag immer im  Hintergrund. So hielt es Angela Merkel auch am Sonntagabend. Jede Abkehr von der Routine  wäre als Panikreaktion gedeutet worden. Sie wird nach diesem Ergebnis, das die  “schlimmsten Befürchtungen” übertrifft (Peter Altmaier), unerschütterlich weiter  machen. Es hilft der Kanzlerin, dass die Niederlage der NRW-CDU so eindeutig mit  Norbert Röttgen identifiziert wird

source:  http://www.derwesten.de/thema/nrw_landtagswahl_2012/was-die-nrw-wahl-fuer-merkel-und-den-bund-bedeutet-id6654522.html


The Germans themselves now know that Austerity isn’t working and they have sent a strong message to Berlin saying that they must now listen to the people of the PIGS nations .The Irish must now add their voice and say Austerity is just shutting down trade in the country

Vote No

David Mc Williams in his latest posting Memo to ECB: print money

David Mc Williams in his latest posting Memo to ECB: print money

Highlights the conundrum the Germans now find themselves in!

As the paymasters of Europe, they are not happy in this unforeseen roll and the opposition in Germany is growing as we see with the loss of North Rhine-Westphalia see article here

In last week’s elections in Germany, by the ruling party of Angela Merkel.

Where this leaves the Euro is another question, I think too much has been invested in the Euro enterprise, so much so that I don’t expect to see the Germans just ditch it anytime soon!

The latest support package for the beleaguered Euro is testimony to the fight the Germanys are still prepared to put up, to save their investment in the single currency.

But what have the Europeans really agreed to?

From here it looks like a giant NAMA solution! Yes we have arrived at the unthinkable, a NAMA for Europe .this of course is just as bad if not even worse that our own Irish NAMA ,but with much worse consequences. All over the air waves to-day we hear that the Euro has been saved and the markets initial reaction is positive but the markets are prone to swing at a moment’s notice and I would not put faith in any initial reaction.

Where are all these billions going to come from and what is the Irish government’s contribution going to be now ,from my estimates we could be asked to stump up 5,000.000.000 billion. (Under the loan package, euro-area governments pledged 440 billion euros in loans or guarantees, with 60 billion euros more in loans from the EU’s budget and as much as 250 billion euros from the International Monetary Fund.)

Where are we going to get this kind of money? Am I the only party pooper?

Surely spending this sort of money replicates the reckless actions that got us here in the first place!

Someone somewhere is going to ask the question what are we going to have to do the get this money? Give up more sovereignty, in the form of a new Lisbon 3 referendum.

Either way this is not good news and this will dawn on the people of Europe in the coming months!

Just think if NAMA is bad for Ireland ,then Euro NAMA cannot be good for Europe !

Unless the Germans start to experience real pain, and their economy starts to go into depression ,and they then come on to the streets, I expect that things will die down and we will see perhaps new attention been brought on to the dollar again! Why? Because the Americans are much further down the road with their printing presses, and the American Jumbo Debt comes to focus on the world stage again!

The thing about debt is that it has to be faced up to at some stage !



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