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Protesters at Anglo Irish Bank


It appears the four people on ledger were arrested as well as two or three people who had been outside. All this took place in the space of ten minutes. Inspector Gannon who led the assault on Shell to Sea campaigners at Polthomas pier in Rossport was spotted among the Gardai and witnesses reported they had the clear impression that the Gardai were acting under orders that no further protests against the bank bailouts were to be tolerated.

Up to 100 Gardai are now around Anglo Irish bank with a second protest having being called by eirigi for 14.00 today. It has been confirmed that this protest will still be going ahead as will Tuesdays protest at the Dail.

We would call on people to join the anti-capitalist block at 19.00 at the Wolfe Tone statue on Tuesday (opposite Shelbourne Hotel) where we will discuss how to best respond to the attacks on bank bailout protests before proceeding to the Dail. 

Full report at source



At long last, the IRISH PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS are waking up from their long long slumber (self imposed)

We are now treated to wild howls of “shame on you”,”no never “and the ultimate “We will strike”

Normally this would be a welcome development but, for the obvious self interest that is being served here and I predict that the general public is not and will not support this exercise on self preservation

The general public are not as clueless as the Unions might otherwise think there are!

Firstly we can see the obvious discrepancies between the public and the private sectors,

Along with 200,000 other misfortunate’s, I have lost my pension, and Business and the prospects are not good going forward,

A job in the Public service would now be considered a lottery win by me and the other 500,000 unemployed

The gravy train in the public service as well in the Dail must be brought back to the levels that a small country on the peripheral of Europe must be done ASAP

The reawakened Unions concerns for the vunrable in our society is to be view with a grain of salt

Where were they when the Greens helped to sell us all in to financial slavery?

If they came out to defend the population from this obvious rip off of the ordinary people then they might get some support,

What about the corrupt bankers that is still in their big glass palaces in the IFSC and at AIB HQ and BOI HQ??? And the casino that is ANGLO IRISH BANK

The public still has not seen any of these Crooks from the financial institutions or corrupt politician being exposed and brought to the courts

These are the issues that concern the general public not Fat union bosses keeping their own plum jobs and perks

What pain are these union bosses taking???

The Public unions must wake up to reality and come down to the planet the rest of us are trying to live on

On this one I am with the hated Government side we must cut our cloth to meet our measure and if the unions are serious then they should call a general strike and let me and the millions of other citizens have our say through the ballot box






With a little help from my Friends

There won’t be a Fianna Fail leadership challenge

While 85% of the Nation citizens are totally dissatisfied with the Government and support for Fianna Fáil is at a record low of 17%.


With the Brian Cowen s own ratings slumping to 15% the lowest in history

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin has said the latest opinion poll results will not lead to a leadership challenge in Fianna Fáil.

This only shows that the gutless members of the current are not even up to challenging their own   incompetent Leader

They prefer to hold on to their perks and merks and hide behind the notion of a shambolic unity for the good of the country

This government is bankrupt along with their banker buddies and developer lackeys








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